Under the Palms

This is a very summery candle  The fragrance is described as "Like cool, refreshing shade... a lush, green scent of sea grass, palm leaves and island coconut". It's quite a light scent so is quite 'almost there' when burning it, but it works nicely being delicately scented, like the smell of sea air.

Here are also some of my photos from Tobago, a beautiful Caribbean island that is twinned with Trinidad. I stayed here for 10 days last autumn; although it was the rainy season, the weather still reached over 30c!
The smell of the candle reminds me of all of it but especially being near the sea. They have glass bottom boats to see all the bright fish rushing about below. It reminds me of the turquoise waters of the nylon pool, the prickly palm leaves and the baby coconuts hidden in the sand. I would definitely recommend visiting Tobago: it is one of the places I have dreamt of visiting in a lifetime and is such a peaceful, naturally beautiful place. My favourite part is that everyone on the island nearly knows one another!

Where is your favourite place to travel?