15 Best Snake-Like Pokémon in the Franchise

Snake Pokemon are some of the most epic Pokemon of all time, their unique ways of attacking in battle and how creepy and adorable they are at the same time! Here are the best Pokemon who look like snakes.

Best Snake Pokemon in the Franchise
 15. Ekans - its name backwards spells snake! Ekans was introduced in Generation 1 and is one of the coolest OG Pokemon going. Here is the original snake Pokémon, with its purple scales and yellow tail that resembles a rattlesnake. It evolves in to Arbok at level 22 and from the way it slithers through the grass to how it preys on Pidgey eggs, there is no denying that this is the Pokémon universe’s equivalent to a common snake in the grass. 

Best Snake Pokemon in the Franchise
 14. Arbok - the cobra pokemon! A more frightening and venomous cobra creature, its name spells 'kobra' backwards, which is pretty indicative. Just like how many snakes in real life have unique patterns on their scales, the pattern on Arbok’s hood has over 20 possible designs, all of which make them even more scary looking, but this is so cool too. Like how real snakes catch their prey, Arbok uses its body to coil around opponents and crush them to immobilize them.

Top 22 Best Otaku & Gamer Girls In Anime

Otaku has evolved in interesting ways over the years, perhaps it can simply be defined in the Western world as a person who enjoys anime culture. But often we like to think of someone who is Otaku as a geek! Perhaps a gamer - a geeky, game lover, cosplayer, even though there's so much more to it, NEETS, Gamers, hikokomori are all related personalities with shared interests. But if you're looking for characters that come under the umbrella of geeky anime girls, look no further! Here are the best geeky anime girls and the best otaku and gamer girls in anime! 

Best Otaku Anime Gamer Girls

 22. Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon - before Sailor Moon became Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon was herself a fangirl and a big fan of Sailor V at that: a superhero and pop culture icon that had her own show and game. Usagi Tsukino was a big fan and aspired to become a superhero just like Sailor V. She would often frequent the arcade to play the new Sailor V game with her crush, it's fair to call her a gamer girl, even if she wasn't well practised at playing games, so she gets her own cute little mention in this list!

Best Grass Pokemon in the Franchise: The Cutest Green Pokemon Ever!

This post is about the best grass type Pokemon in the franchise - the coolest, strongest and most popular grass type Pokemon to have on your team!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 25. Victreebel Grass-Type Pokemon - it is dubbed the Flycatcher Pokemon and based on real world pitcher plants, which are carniverous and attract prey by emitting a sweet fragrance, before catching and digesting them slowly. Sounds vicious! In the case of Victreebel, the more prey it dissolves the sweeter it smells, sweeter than honey - therefore the more creatures it can trick into becoming its dinner. Victreebel is the second evolved form of Bellesprout and evolves from Weepinbelle. It has some solid offensive capabilities that are well complemented by its Chlorophyll ability, but its design really steals the show, it's just epic and really encapsulates the real life pitcher plant, whilst managing to be something completely different at the same time.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 24. Tangrowth - a really interesting looking tanky creature evolved from the OG Tangela. The concept behind this unique critter reminds me partially of a sheep, partially a jellyfish! There’s no denying the value of Tangrowth in combat. Not only does it have amazing defense and some great offensive stats as well, but its Regenerator ability is incredibly useful in any team composition. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

23. Ludicolo - perhaps adorable or creepy - you decide! It boasts a lily pad sombrero, a duck like bill, a love for dancing and works as a barista in Detective Pikachu. It’s known as the Carefree Pokémon but in combat this monster makes use of its solid Sp. Attack and great same-type moves like Hydro Pump to deal massive damage. Its Swift Swim ability can also boost its Speed greatly, making it into a menacing sweeper as long as it’s raining. It's a water grass dual type and it evolves from Lombre and is the final form of Lotad.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 22. Meganium - with the power to revive dead patches of greenery with its breath, this magical Grass Type Starter Pokemon from the Johto region is just adorable, with its beautiful flower and mild mannerisms. It's a pretty passive Pokemon in combat. The fragrance of Meganium's flower soothes and calms emotions, which is just adorable. In battle, this Pokémon gives off more of its becalming scent to blunt the foe's fighting spirit. Meganium can be a very resistant fighter in the single-player campaign with moves like Giga Drain and Synthesis keeping it healthy while slowly but surely wearing down its opponent. It is the evolved form of Bayleef and super adorable Chikorita!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

21. Vileplume - this peculiar looking fellow, a dual Grass/Poison-type, is a veteran from the original Kanto region, reknowned for having the biggest petals in the Pokémon world. It’s based on the real world Corpse Flower, which is a giant flower with meaty petals found deep within the Amazon. It's especially well known for its retch-inducing scent that smells similar to a rotting animal carcass. Vileplume’s greatest value in battle lies in its solid survivability coupled with its Effect Spore ability, which can inflict either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis on any Pokémon that comes into contact with it. Super creative and unique - and definitely poisonous!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 20. Rillaboom - emulating a real life Gorilla with a leafy mane, this Galarian Grass-type starter definitely looks like it means business. It is a solid fighter in Pokémon Sword & Shield thanks to great Attack, plus powerful same-type moves like Wood Hammer, and the Overgrow ability boosting its power when under 33% HP. Its special skill is drumming and by doing this, Rillaboom is able to tap in to the power of its special tree stump. The roots of the tree stump follow its direction in battle.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 19. Whimsicott - a dual Grass/Fairy type Pokemon from Generation 5, often known as the Windveiled Pokémon. Not only cute and sheep-like with sweet curly horns, it brings a lot of utility to any team composition by dealing solid damage with decent Sp. Attack and access to great same-type moves such as Moonblast. But what makes it epic is that its high Speed and Infiltrator ability make sure nothing can stop it from actually getting an unobstructed hit in. A Whimsicott with the Prankster ability can weaken foes with moves like Charm and Cotton Guard, then you can switch to a more offensive pocket monster to finish the job. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon
 18. Leavanny - a dual Bug/Grass type Pokemon from the Unova region and Generation 5 that has a special place in this list - not only is it known as the Nuturing Pokemon, it also weaves small clothing for small Pokémon to protect them from the elements, possibly the cutest trait ever!! It is the evolved form of Swadloon, the Leaf Wrapped Pokemon, which is just as adorable in appearance alone - Google it, you won't regret!  

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

17. Trevenant - a Ghost/Grass dual type that definitely looks scary. The Elder Tree Pokémon Trevenant may be notoriously slow, but watch out if it catches up to you as it hits like a wrecking ball thanks to its high Attack stat. Other than that Trevenant is a very resistant fighter that won’t easily be bogged down by status ailments - this is mostly due to its Natural Cure ability which dispels any major status conditions on switching out of battle. It is a Generation 6 Pokemon and evolves from Phantrump when traded.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 16. Lilligant - who decided to make Grass type Pokemon so adorable? Whoever it is wins a prize. This little critter is from Generation 5 and along with serving looks in the aesthetic department, it’s also a decent sweeper thanks to its excellent Sp. Attack and high Speed, which can be further improved under intense sunlight by its Chlorophyll ability. It boasts regal looks and the beautiful blooming flower on its head, which earns it the title of Flowering Pokémon. It also means you just want to hug it.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 15. Virizion - looking a little like an alien tree from space and a power ranger, with horns as sharp as blades and a super confident expression, Virizion is a ray of hope, aesthetically and in combat too. Along with Terrakion and Cobalion, Virizion is part of the Swords of Justice. This is a group of Pokémon loosely based on the real world story of the Three Musketeers, sworn to protect the pocket monsters of the Unova region. Virizion is the Grass-type with the highest Sp. Defense of them all, but it also has all-around great stats!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 14. Shaymin - possibly a tiny, adorable floral hedgehog, Pokemon don't really come cuter than this (almost). It is known as the Gratitude Pokémon, a mythical creature from the Sinnoh region with the power to cleanse the air from toxins and completely magically transform natural landscapes in minutes alone. It's a pure pocket creature of positivity! It has a secondary form it can transform in to (it does not evolve) known as the deer-like Sky Forme, which makes it a dual Grass/Flying-type boasting incredible Speed and solid Sp. Attack. This secondary form can be activated by using a Gracidea flower in the daytime.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 13. Breloom - a mid-level starter Pokemon in the anime, this dual grass/fighting-type is not only menacing due to its exceptional Attack, but because it can endure prolonged fights through powerful draining moves like Drain Punch and Leech Seed. It appears as a shroomy dinosaur, a part mushroom, part dinosaur like critter. Its Mushroom Pokémon’s Poison Heal ability comes in handy, allowing Breloom to focus on pummeling their opponent, while its health gradually recovers at the end of each turn.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 12. Chesnaught - this crazy critter looks like an adorable mix between a hedgehog and a horse chestnut, with its spiky shell. It is the final evolution of Gen VI’s Chespin and a Grass/Fighting-type with a full-body protective covering that earns it the title of Spiny Armor Pokémon. With super-high Defense and great Attack, Chesnaught is a good fighter to depend upon, in that it can take a beating and deal one in return. Happily, its Bulletproof ability protects it well from ball and bomb-related moves.


Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 11. Lurantis - a super pretty pink flying grass insect Pokemon commonly known as the Bloom Sickle Pokémon, this fabulous Grass-type critter from the Alola region pretends to be a bug to protect itself from  any predators. It can use its flower like appearance and aroma to lure in opponents. It also appears to wear stripey flares! If battle becomes unavoidable, Lurantis can successfully hold its own thanks to its decent all-around stats and sustainability moves like Synthesis, which can heal half of its HP each time it’s used. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 10. Roserade - a glamorous looking dual Grass/Poison type classified as the Bouquet Pokémon. It grows beautiful red and blue bundles of flowers growing at the end of each of its arms but appearances can be deceiving because these bouquets hide Roserade’s main weapons – thorny tendrils that can be used to bind and poison its opponents. This amazing creature is a true asset in battle, it has excellent Sp. Attack and decent Speed, which allow it to deal massive damage given the right same-type move. It can also set up useful entry hazards like Spikes. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 9. Torterra - a Grass/Ground type Starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, or rather a Tortoise carrying an entire living ecosystem on its back! It is commonly known as the Continent Pokémon as it bears a unique uncanny resemblance to an island floating on water! It is the evolved form of the tiny Turtwig, one of the classic starter choices from Generation 4. Torterra is an amazing companion to bring with you on your Pokémon journey through the Sinnoh region, it can hold its own nicely in combat with its high attack and defense.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 8. Kartana - a small Ultra Beast that appears like an origami human, Kartana is an ultra powerful dual Grass/Steel type Pokemon that boasts the highest Attack stat in the game, it’s incredibly fast, and it has access to some super powerful moves like Leaf Blade. For another thing Beast Boost ability means it grows stronger the more Pokémon it takes down in battle. Ultra Beasts are mysterious creatures introduced in gen VII that seem to hail from a vicious dimension. The hostile environment from which they came shaped these creatures in to extraordinary powerhouses, and Kartana is part of this crowd.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 7. Venusaur - this extraordinary creature looks like some beautiful creature that has just walked out of the Amazon rainforest! It is a dual Grass/Poison type and the evolved form of Ivysaur. Venusaur is a force to be reckoned with thanks to solid Sp. Attack and balanced stats that make it a super versatile beast. Venusaur is definitely a top 10 grass choice, plus its design is so creative and just genius!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 6. Celebi - appearing as like an onion or shallot, this critter is commonly known as the Time Travel Pokémon - or a guardian of the forest thanks to its Psychic/Grass dual type and there are records of it appearing throughout history thanks its “time traveler” reputation. Its solid offensive stats and great typing, which gives it access to devastating same-type moves like Psychic, make Celebi into an incredibly fearsome sweeper that could down your whole team in the blink of an eye if you're not watching. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 5. Leafeon - is what happens when you train your Eevee close to a Mossy Stone in the Sinnoh region. If there are no such stones in your area, you can also bring it forth by giving Eevee a Leaf Stone. Leafeon may not be the strongest Eeveelution around, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. This cute critter has amazing Defense, Attack, and Speed, which becomes quite menacing when coupled with solid same-type moves like Leaf Blade – especially if it buffs itself with Swords Dance first. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 4. Decidueye - a tall, avian Pokemon that closely resembles an owl! It is a Grass/Ghost dual type Pokemon that first appeared in Generation 7 and is commonly known as the Arrow Quill Pokemon. It has such an incredibly cool appearance, it's pretty majestic on all accounts - plus has a trick up its sleeve. In combat, Decidueye can take advantage of its typing by bringing along Shadow Ball, which can be incredibly powerful if it gets a chance to cast Nasty Plot first to heighten its Sp. Attack first. 

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 3. Serperior - known as the Regal Pokemon, this grass snake style Pokemon critter is nothing short of majestic. It also possesses amazing battle prowess that comes from its Contrary ability, which makes stat lowering moves raise them instead, and vice-versa. This lets Serperior spam their opponent with the powerful same-type move Leaf Storm, which, rather than lower its Sp. Attack, raises it sharply. This Grass-type truly is a devastating sweeper and looks the part too, it's definitely 'Serperior' by all accounts!

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 2. Ferrothorn - a Grass/Steel dual type Pokemon that looks like an alien spaceship, for real! One of the coolest and most creative designs, while still being able to be defined by 'that big grey thorned Pokemon', this beast from gen 5 has become quite ubiquitous in the competitive scene. It has an amazing defensive typing, but its Defense and Sp. Defense are both excellent, allowing it to do anything it wants for several turns without worrying about being knocked out. In this time it can choose to either slowly chip away at its enemies using moves like Leech Seed, or can focus on setting up entry hazards on the field with Stealth Rock and Spikes, piling pressure on the opposing team. Summing up, it is pretty epic.

Best Grass Pokemon Best Green Pokemon

 1. Sceptile - the Grass type Starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region, this fan favourite was introduced in Generation 3 and has been lucky enough to achieve huge notoriety from its main feature in the anime. It also possesses great viability in competitive play thanks to its excellent sweeper stats and access to Mega Evolution. Mega Sceptile can be an incredible asset due to its massive Speed and Sp. Attack, along with a Grass/Dragon-typing that gives it access to the same-type move Dragon Pulse. It's for sure one grass-type that embodies everything - a cool appearance, lots of popularity, and massive power in battle.

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Top 30 Most Underrated Anime Series of All Time

If you’re looking to explore some underrated anime across many genres then here’s a list of my recommendations to check out. Some titles might sound familiar, others will have gone almost totally undiscovered! There are so many new journeys to go on and so many new adventures to be had!

30. Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation anime - a young man meets a girl who has a passion for examining bone specimens. This is such a cool mystery series where we follow the characters as they work to resolve the many unsolved incidents in the area, a situation which gets more and more suspicious. It is lamented to have a few plot holes but there is still a really fascinating element to this anime as it teaches and investigates how different bones are examined and teaches a lot along the way. If you are a mystery lover you will love this one!

29. Gugure! Kokkuri-san anime - A really good comedy anime with super good characters and a solid amount of jokes and gags. Though it’s mostly a comedy, the series does have a good amount of emotional moments as well. It's a little in your face and out there but a whole heap of fun, definitely worth watching if you can appreciate the sense of humor here. The tale involves a self-proclaimed doll and a fox ghost, which takes us on one rather interesting ride. 

28. Ushio and Tora anime - With the classic style and feel of original anime, the premise of this series is a young boy finding a powerful spirit in his basement, a menacing youkai impaled by the fabled Beast Spear. There are so many familiar elements here, from the stubborn hero with a stubborn partner, to the super intense action scenes. This anime is a little older and it has plenty of classic shounen vibes is nice. Even though we already have a number of solid shounen pieces, this one stands out by miles, the characters and clichés really work. This one is sure to keep you entertained! 

27. Welcome to NHK - a series that is both a drama and a dark comedy at once! It's kind of a psychological drama comedy and it combines all of those elements via a male protagonist named Tatsuhiro Satou, who is convinced that he is being forced as a NEET due to an evil organization and struggles to leave his flat or get a job. It's a wild ride, and perhaps a little cringe at times but it is both fascinating and relatable in that it explores the struggles of one who wants to change their state of living. This is a really entertaining watch!

26. Flip Flappers anime - Magical girls anime are always a classic, but this one always seems to slip under the radar. Not only are the characters and their names super cute (and make you really want to name your pets after them... maybe that's just me) but it has an adorable story also. Here, average middle schooler Cocona happens to meet a strange girl named Papika, who invites her to an organization called Flip Flap. As the story goes, the two girls, Cocona and Papika, are dragged into another dimension and must battle against evil forces. The series is adorable with a kooky and weird backdrop. It's full of magic, mystery, adventure, it’s got everything. Maybe it seems generic on the surface - but watching through it you’ll notice it’s anything but generic!

25. Hamatora Hamatora anime - inspired by the superhero comics of Marvel and DC, this murder mystery series is one to watch. We meet a pair named Nice and Mursaki who run a private investigative agency and we get a 'fly on the wall' view of their cases as they work to solve each one. The plotlines are so good and the characters are strong, lovers of mystery will adore this as it's so gripping, it keeps you hooked on both the tensions and twists. While Hamatora has more of a “superpowered characters” theme to it, the fact that it takes on a mix of a mystery theme is a refreshing twist and not to be missed!

24. Tamayura anime - At first glance you might assume this is another typical “moe” anime featuring the antics of a group of girls. But looking further, it's a healing tale that follows a girl who adores taking photographs, an in depth masterpiece that not only features photography in a different light, but follows the thoughtful perspective of a young girl on life, with an all female cast too. It completely flips the whole cute girls doing cute things idea on its head! It's a relaxing, comforting and deeply thoughtful way of exploring joy and beauty through photography. It’s rather short with it being an OAV, but it’s a real gem and really worth a watch!

23. Angels of Death anime - a super cool mystery series - we're dropped into a mystery that means the chills set in quick. There’s so much to question in this series that you’ll need to watch the next episode, and the next, and then the next… you get gripped easily. Protagonists Zack and Angel pretty much bring you on a wild ride involving crazy characters and a mystery of missing memories to figure out the secrets within. It's an exciting and brilliant adventure with some dark themes too. If you like a dark mystery, give this one a go!

22. Space Dandy anime - a pretty kooky series, the plot revolving around hunting mysterious and wacky aliens. We meet Dandy, our alien hunter - with a mission to get hold of and register every kind of alien out there. And there is of course the different worlds that Dandy explores and the characters he meets. These are so much fun for creative writers and artists who gather inspiration from anime shows. It's wacky, funky and a real oddity to enjoy. You'll be left with so many memorable parts even when it's finished!    

21. Zombie Loan anime - maybe an acquired taste, we meet a girl who could see her time before death, and two undead males who are trapped by a contract. It's a totally different take on zombies with tons of solid action and fun characters to enjoy, even though it is short. It's short but sweet and a mega fun series that gives a different approach on the zombie genre we usually see in the media, super clever and modern, and makes for a really unique addition to your watch list. 

20. Tsuritama anime - a fishing anime is one of the most unusual themes I have come across in anime. But it really works! Can you save the world by fishing? Shy student Yuki is immediately paired with eccentric Haru and along with fishing expert Natsuki Usami, the boys must tackle a mysterious alien threat that is emerging in the ocean. With its bright colors and art style, it is such an enjoyable and heartwarming adventure. It’s one of those anime that few know about, but it has a wonderful story and characters if you get into it. It offers so much in development, even though it is a short series, spanning 12 episodes, but you won't be able to stop pressing play on the next one!

19. Silver Spoon anime - another quirky theme is an agricultural school anime! Just like with any underrated anime, a kooky premise can lead to something incredibly interesting. This is the story of Yuugo Hachiken in the unfamiliar world of an agricultural school. It's a brilliant coming of age story and the characters are so good, we follow Yuugo as he struggles to keep up with his talented class mates and he is so relatable and funny. Plus it even has some interesting cooking moments if you’re a foodie too. Go check out a few episodes, you'll love it. 

18. Princess Principal anime - a spy story done really nicely! This series has way more layers to it than you might have expected. The storytelling is all in a different order, which only adds to the mystery as you go along. And it also helps that the action scenes are brilliant. There’s a lot of ingenuity to be found with the story, it’s incredibly well written and very in depth. It’s like on big jigsaw puzzle and each episode leaves you with a little more - but still guessing in some way. 

17. Rozen Maiden anime - a darker anime where you will find dolls coming to life and battling one another! This premise may seem strange, but it really is a pleasure to watch. The animation is fantastic, especially the battles. Rozen Maiden is great at fusing emotional and dark moments together, but somehow finds a way to be pretty lighthearted by its humor throughout. This has a rather classic anime feel with an original plot and not too many clichés - but at the same time it's different with its story and setting.

16. Tiger and Bunny anime - perhaps a little similar to the anime Boku no Hero Academia but with a different focus. While Tiger and Bunny has some popularity, it did not become anywhere near a hit when you compare it to other shounen anime, which is why I think it's underrated. This series is so cool in that it examines and considers how heroes would work in a modern world. The characters are so good and the different perspective of a hero - and the realistic perspective of being one in the modern world - makes it such an epic anime to watch. 

15. Hell Girl anime - this has slowly become more popular over the years, but there was a time when this anime was overlooked, perhaps overshadowed by larger animes that were released at the time. As a horror series, it takes on the premise of people wanting revenge. As the story goes, Hell Girl is someone who can be summoned at midnight for those who wish to send someone to hell. As like anything, there is a price - which is what makes the series so interesting. Different stories are discussed in each episode and it explores various exciting ideas, psyches, and endings. It's a real thought provoking anime! 

14. Mononoke anime - this series completely flips the concept of youkai and spirits, well just about! For one thing, the “rules” and spirits introduced and what they are contrast to how spirits “work”. The art style is so beautiful, a style similar of traditional Japanese art, but with a twist. It really hooks you in and keeps you engaged with a unique art style and some brilliant animation wrapped up over some neat mystery storylines. 

13. Flying Witch anime - this is a healing laid back anime that combines fantasy and the supernatural without anything too confused or bizarre. It's easy to follow, which makes it the perfect easy and fun watch for when you want to unwind. That's often unusual when it comes to this genre, which makes this a real one of a kind watch, the way it explores magic in a care-free way adds to the charm.

12. Shounen Maid anime - a super heartwarming comedy story about a young boy being turned into the maid of his rich uncle. It’s so underrated and so much better on the inside. It makes for such a great family story, with incredibly good character depth, character dynamics and relationship development. There is good comedy throughout but what really stands out and makes it super enjoyable is the family relationship between protagonist Chihiro and his uncle. Definitely a must watch!

11. Kids on the Slope anime - a musical series about jazz, follows three unique individuals brought together by their mutual appreciation for jazz, with a really cool retro feel that only adds to the charm. It also has fantastic character development. It’s got some classic drama to it as well, but it’s presented in a way that isn’t cliché. It tells the story of two males of opposite personalities befriending one another through jazz. Definitely one of the best underrated anime series out there, I have no idea how this one managed to sneak under the radar somehow!

10. Big Windup anime - with expected comedy and sports cliches, comes this funny tongue in cheek, uber relatable sports anime, that fleshes out characters and situations really well, it has such good characters and is so well thought out. Like many underrated anime series, the original premise being cliche may have been why it ended up on the backburner of the sports anime genre - but it's genius once you get in to it! What makes the series so good is the way it fleshes out characters and situations. The depth of the main characters really stands out and owns the show. 

9. Mushishi anime - a deep, thought provoking underrated anime series that explores man's relationship to nature and the natural world. Mushishi explores a different sort of spirit called “mushi” and brings a really thoughtful side to the supernatural genre. It offers a different take on the idea of spirits, although could be described as a rather soft series because you get different stories with each episode, which is good because you can pick it up from anywhere. It delivers a lot of feels and is definitely thought provoking. You'll probably find yourself thinking about it every time you take a shower.

8. Dennou Coil anime - one of the first anime to tackle augmented reality (fans of Ghost in the Shell might love) plus is a full brilliant mystery series that also somehow reminds me of Stranger Things. It shows how virtual reality could affect the real world and follows a group of kids investigating a case of disappearing people. It might have a slow first half, but it draws you steadily deeper and builds as it goes. It also takes time to create a clever atmosphere as it builds up the characters and the shroud of mystery. A really epic and gripping story that is a bit like sinking sand - it draws you in more and more the further you go!  

7. Death Parade anime - this darker anime explores the idea of purgatory and life after death, set in a world where there is no heaven or hell, but rather a bar to decide your fate in the afterlife. It's a really thought provoking premise, although isn't perhaps well known because I think it caters to a smaller audience. Even if you're not really in to dark storylines, once you start watching you can’t help but be drawn in with the sense of mystery building. If you can't resist a mystery and a thought provoking storyline, this is for you. 

6. Samurai Flamenco anime - a young man aims to become a superhero - but this is difficult when you have no special abilities and you more often than not end up in trouble. What seemed to be a pretty standard shounen idea turns in to something totally different! Masayoshi Hazama is our ambitous protagonist and there are so many twists and turns, some kooky comedy too, but the series shows solid development as it progresses.

5. Kaiba anime - stars a world where one can live forever by storing their memories in chips. But there is more - this underrated anime series introduces a whole new perspective in that we’re seeing this story through the eyes of someone who has no memories. Very cool! But also a bit bizarre, but also genius, the unique art style, build up of mystery and super expansive world are all incredibly clever. It introduces a completely different world unlike any other. Each episode brings different stories that all have something thought provoking to them. Perhaps it's a little too obscure to attract a large audience, but there's so much to enjoy here. It's worth watching twice, so you can take everything in and understand everything a little more the second time around.

4. Ergo Proxy anime - a cyberpunk theme that doesn’t feel overdone, how refreshing. Ergo Proxy is a rather complex piece so I can see why it is a lesser known anime. But it has some great artwork and a relatively unique story. Actually you could call the series rather experimental with the mix of genres it has, along with a setting in a post-apocalyptic world with elaborate “domes”/cities and humanoid robot beings. The show is quite a journey where you either fall or settle into its depth. It’s a tale of self-discovery with different characters and some romance mixed in. 

3. Eden of the East anime - one you might have missed that you just need to watch. Its premise is a survival game, featuring a young man named Takizawa Akira; he along 12 other contestants are tasked to make use of 10 billion yen to save Japan. We are thrown an interesting mix of survival, politics, and psychological suspense as it shows how different characters are affected in this “free for all game”. There is so much depth to the series and it's riveting, it will leave you at the edge of your seat. I wish I had found out about it sooner than I did. Definitely give the pilot a watch and go from there!

2. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit - this underrated anime is something different entirely. It’s a tale of impending destruction involving a call for a savior, a demon possessed prince, and a female mercenary tasked to protect him. The plot is super engaging, let's talk warriors, ancient myths and water demons, to name a few, plus Balsa is an incredible and strong female protagonist. It's a cool reverse on the “rescue the princess” scenario, which is a super refreshing change. This series is the perfect piece of escapism and you'll find you can escape wholly within it.

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 anime - a common theme found in many anime, this series is all about a kid that’s forced to grow up fast through trauma - but there's a whole other level to it. A young girl named Mirai finds herself learning how to survive alongside her younger brother in the face of a magnitude 8 earthquake. This is a completely different anime from the rest and is incredibly striking, not to mention especially as this show was made just two years prior to the 2011 earthquake that measured at a 9.0. It's an emotional ride that conveys so much in just eleven episodes, covering the reality of such a large earthquake like this, and it offers a distinct somber remembrance of how rough mother nature can be. This piece is one of a kind and connects to reality in a way that is unseen until now.

There are so many anime recommendations for almost every genre. There is so much anime out there, it’s easy to overlook some awesome anime series that just don’t get the attention they deserve. There are so many amazing underrated anime series that fly under-the-radar that most fans would adore if they knew about them. The most entertaining anime shows you'll be obsessed with may be just out of reach. I hope you'll be able to find a new favourite here!

Best Tomboy Anime Characters of All Time

This post is all about the best Tomboy Anime Characters of All Time - let's go! Don't forget to check out these Top Fantasy Anime series picks to find your new favourite!

20. Android 18 from Dragon Ball - twin sister to Android 17, she is the eighteenth creation of Dr Gero. Although perhaps not really human, she is distinctly tomboyish, being a cool, confident and carefree character, especially in battle, with some boyish traits. She is outspoken and spunky, although her humour might not always be tactful and she lacks a certain sensitivity towards others at times. She is cool and laid back, which is represented in her casual, laid back and 'cool girl' outfits.

19. Yuuko from Nichijou - a brilliant pranker and joker, Yuuko is silly, cheeky and carefree, wearing short pale chestnut-brown hair, dark-umber eyes and the schools standard girls uniform. She is such a cute character and can be understood as being tomboy from her carefree attitude and outgoing, boyish traits. Ninchijou translates to 'Everyday Life' and she is the perfect fit as the main character for this series!

18. Hajime from New Game - Hajime presents as a traditional tomboy character, with a love of sports and athletic activities. She loves to ride her bike and is loud, friendly and outspoken. She is also a huge Otaku, with a huge collection of toys, models and figurines, a huge love for anime and an adoration for the detective series 'Dandy'. Hajime becomes the lead game designer in the second season, after pitching a mecha dodgeball game.

17. Kei from Akira - cutting a super powerful, strong, masculine figure, she is a member of the Resistance, the anti Government force. Her energy and passion are boundless but she is also incredibly smart, protective and loyal. Before being arrested she finds out that she has psychic powers, an important skill in Akira. However, she cannot use them herself, so has to channel them through others. With a little help from Kaneda, she is able to escape and return to her beloved resistance activities.

16. Misty from Pokemon - her gym leader title is 'tomboyish mermaid' but is she really a tomboy? Although there are threads on the internet protesting against it, if we adhere by the simplest definition of a tomboy that is a girl that acts and dresses pretty masculine - then Misty is one heck of a tomboy! She is such a powerful and headstrong member of the original Pokemon anime trio and such an epic character. In the anime she is an aspiring Water Pokemon Master and Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym and is decked out in her iconic outfit of sneakers and suspenders.

15. Eiko Aizawa from Squid Girl - Eiko is a tomboyish high school student who also runs the Lemon beach house in Kamakura Kamakura with her sister Chizuru. She loves sports and isn't afraid to speak openly, and is always decked out in sporty outfits. She is headstrong too, when Ika Musume, known as the squid girl, appears from the depths of the ocean to take over the world, Eiko is able to reign her in and forces Ika to become Lemon staff in order to pay off damages from her invasion.

14. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan - strong, hot headed and fearless, Misaka is one of the army’s best soldiers. Mikasa is also one of the last of her kind, one of the world’s last Asians, which has caused her trouble and suffering as a child. As a result, she is powerful, passionate and fearless, yet loving and loyal; she is not afraid to protect the boys when needed, even when fighting against literal zombie giants.

13. Kaori Makimura from City Hunter - she is a powerful character, co-founder of the City Hunter team as well as being a hitman-assassin-bodyguard, with her powerful body and strong frame. She is a tomboyish character to the extent that she often gets confused for being a man, which can lead to awkward situations. She has a large build which is perfect for her job and can handle herself expertly in fights with her large array of weapons. She has a love interest in Ryo Saeba, who she formed the City Hunter team with, but unfortunately it is unrequited as Ryo cannot love her back.

12. Haruko Haruhara from FLCL - a fierce, ferocious and often unpredictable character perhaps prone to violent tendancies, she is a member of the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood with a feverish intent to track down the notorious space pirate, Atomsk. Although she isn't technically human, her powerful personality traits are enough to make her infamous and land her on this list. As the plot goes, she becomes the Nandaba household's maid while working to find Atomsk, the most powerful space pirate in the galaxy.

11. Seishirou Tsugumi from Nisekoi - a traditional, stereotypical bad boy tomboy type  Even at school, she dresses as a boy and introduces herself a boy. Adopted by Claude Ringheart, leader of the notorious Bee Hive Gang, Seishirou (typically a boy’s name) trained as a hitwoman and is fiercely loyal to the gang. Having mastered every weapon under the sun, those who cross her path better be prepared. 

10. Sora from Digimon - the only girl in the school's soccer team, Sora is portrayed as the typical tomboy, she is cunning and selfless and partnered with digimon Biyomon. Throughout the series we witness incredible character development as she gradually learns to love herself and feel comfortable in her abilities. She has a troubled past that deeply impacts her emotions throughout the franchise. She was frequently told off for playing football as a kid, and grew up in a fractured family. We see her grow from a child (she is 11 in Digimon Adventure) to an adult (she is 22 in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) which makes it such a great coming of age anime and she is such a fun character to grow with.

9. Nagisa from Pretty Cure - the school’s star lacrosse player who receives multiple love letters from admirers. She is sporty, spunky and outspoken, a particular contrast to Honaka, who is carefully spoken, gentle, feminine and beautiful. Her Pretty Cure ego is Cure Black. She wears a flame coloured, sweeping fringe and is the main heroine of the series.

8. Amanda O'Neill from Little Witch Academy - a headstrong, fearless, sporty character who loves to impress with her physical tricks, which often land her in hot water with teachers. In Amanda O’Neil and the Holy Grail, she transforms into a boy to sneak into the all-boys magic-hating Appleton Academy in Handsome and elegant. No one thinks her out of place! She is also a fantastic sword fighter, managing to defeat many fencers without any need of her wand. She has flame coloured short locks and bright green eyes and is much more comfortable in combat than anywhere else.

7. Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena - a tomboy character who wants to become a prince and to take the hand of Rose Princess Anthy by combat! She is an epic swordfighter and manages to beat all other suitors, fulfilling her dream as prince - but there is more to contend with than she first anticipates!

6. Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma ½ - a character that often crossdresses throughout the anime, making it such a fun exploration of gender roles. Ukyo is introduced as a male student when she dressed up as a boy to join an all-boys academy, although she regularly skips school to learn from restaurants in order to become the world’s best Okonomiyaki chef. Later in the series she finds Ranma again, falls in love, and decides to become feminine to get his attention… but only temporarily, as she eventually returns to her tomboyish style.

5. Kobayashi from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid - as a 9-5 office worker, she struggles to find her purpose. She finds herself not quite knowing where she belongs, her cool demeaner, pragmatism and suggestively masculine traits paint her as a tomboy, but she's not quite one of the bros either. One drunk night, she saves the life of a female dragon in distress, by pulling a sword out of her back. The dragon then shows up the next day and begs to be Kobayashi’s maid. As the series progresses, Kobayashi is thrust into adoptive motherhood, becomes guardian of earth and then a magician in the later manga chapters.

4. Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist - childhood best friend, love interest and main competition of Edward Elric throughout the series, Winry has many roles but her main passion is her work as a teenage mechanic. She has many stereotypically masculine traits and interests, she helped to create Edward's mechanical arm and possesses the mechanical and medical knowledge to fix and mend it multiple times after the many military injuries Edward receives. She aspires after her Grandma Pinako, who is also a genius mechanic, but Winry's amazing skills means she finds herself amassing a large and loyal clientele when she and the brothers move to Rush Valley. 

3. Bulma from Dragon Ball - Introduced in the first Dragon Ball episode, Bulma is the one that introduces Goku to the power of the Dragon Balls and takes him out of the mountains and into the city. She takes on a main pivotal role in that her genius mind, wit and tenacity are irreplacable, she is a brilliant scientist and is the second daughter of Capsule Corporation's founder Dr. Brief. She is the perfect accompaniment to Goku in the anime, their relationship akin to an 'older sister, younger brother' one, although they are not related. She is fierce, headstrong and a great leader in the anime, a role which was really only fulfilled by a male character in the years it came out. For her time, she is an epic tomboy character.

2. Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon - One of the most famous and epic LGBT characters of classical anime, Sailor Uranus is an openly lesbian power rocket, who in the past has stirred up enough controversy to fill out whole swathes of the internet, which can only mean she's a powerful and deeply fascinating character! Indeed, Sailor Uranus, or her secret identity, Haruki Tenoh, dresses as a male, has Sailor Neptune as a love interest, is a racecar driver and a swordsman. But at the same time she’s elegant, she’s protective, fearless and totally comfortable in her sailor/princess personas. An episode of Sailor Moon Crystal recently revealed that Sailor Uranus is actually a transgender character, or intersex, in that she was born with both male and female parts, but is able to switch between the two at will. What is really evident, however, is the power and passion she wields as a supernatural fighter who protects the Solar System from evil.

1. Ryuko from Kill La Kill - such a fascinating, strong and in depth character, her fury to find out the reason behind her father's death propels her to show up as an exchange student at Honnoji academy, meaning to gain access to the school's villainous council president Satuski Kiryuin, to gain her information. Though she is quickly turned upon and defeated by Satuski's henchmen, she manages to escape back to her childhood town, where the blood from her wounds awakens Senketsu, a sentient sailor uniform created by Ryuko’s late father. Initially uncomfortable Initially uncomfortable with their revealing magical girl transformation, she slowly begins to learn the power she holds, becoming one with her new identity and also her past, in order to defeat Satsuki and learn the truth about her father. She is strong, powerful and headstrong, but there is so much humanity to her character, which makes her so relatable throughout the series.

It's so interesting exploring concepts of gender and personality traits, alongside robot humans, alien duo types and completely out there, madly creative human hybrids. Just like in real life, there are so many shades of tomboy from the girl who dresses like a boy, to the feminine but powerful fighter, to transgender men, to those who change gender every other episode (I’m looking at you Ranma). Regardless, the tomboy (and all related character archetypes) is a mainstay of anime characters - they represent the perfect blend of the whole gender spectrum. They can be sexy but reserved, powerful but feminine, shy but sporty, the androgynous everybody and the star of the show, but always totally endearing.

Best Bat Pokemon in the Franchise

What Pokemon looks like a bat? 

 Woobat, evolving to Swoobat, Zubat and its evolved forms Golbat and Crobat, Gligar, who evolves to Gliscor and Noibat evolving to powerful Noivern, are all famous Bat Pokemon, thanks to their appearance and skills. The legendary Lunala is also an epic magical bat-like creature!

1. Woobat - these adorable bats are based on real life baby Honduran white bats - can they get any cuter? Woobat is a Psychic/Flying-type introduced in generation 5 to populate the dark forests and dark and mysterious cave systems of the Unova region. Preferring fruits and insects to human blood, these are sweet cuddly looking bats with heart shaped noses you can't help falling for. When inside a cave, if you look up and see many heart shaped marks lining the walls, it's an indication that Woobat live there.

2. Swoobat - Woobat evolves to Swoobat through happiness levels, as it develops a close bond with its trainer. They don't differ too much from their younger selves; although they are a lot faster in their adult form, they sport decent power with a few key wins, with more adult 'bat' proportions, they still keep their heart shaped nose. It is again based on the Honduran white bat and is still sure to melt the heart of pretty much everyone!

3. Zubat - this OG bat Pokémon from the first generation has been a staple of Pokémon memes before they were even called memes! It is a dual type Poison/Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation 1 and is often the most commonly thought of bat Pokemon - there's no denying it is 100% bat! Zubat also uses soundwaves to navigate, just like a real bat. Zubat appears everywhere where sunlight is not - it covers every square inch of every cave in the Johto and Kanto regions. Possibly the reason we'll never walk in to a cave again without repel! It evolves in to Golbat at level 22...

4. Golbat - cuteness meets scary in this next level bat Pokemon! Golbat harbours the cuteness of Swoobat (although not quite!) while hunting and drinking the blood of its prey, thanks to its four sharp fangs. A little unusual looking, it's sure to spook enemies while still being cute enough for you to want to tuck it in your pocket and keep it there forever (although maybe not a good idea). At max happiness it will evolve in to Crobat!

5. Crobat - was later introduced as a Generation 2 Pokemon, an ultra cool looking, super fast, flying critter! The evolved version of Golbat, he can learn to fly in most games, meaning he can take you town to town on your adventure. This Pokemon is definitely fierce and fast, able to be completely silent, he is one of the best hunters and a blood drinking bat at that!

6. Gligar - Introduced first in generation II, dual type Ground/Flying Pokemon Gligar are technically not bats, but flying scorpions! Even so, they exibit many bat-like features, including traditional fangs and bat wing capes that allow it to glide through the air without making a sound. Its Hyper Cutter ability keeps its opponents from lowering its pretty solid Attack stat and its defensive stats are amazing, especially for a non evolved Pokemon - plus its Ground/Flying type is super unique and useful! It evolves to Gliscor after enough battles, but the requirements are that it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang. 

7. Gliscor - possibly the most vampire bat-lookalike of them all! It retains an exceptional defense stat, but now is levelled up with great speed and pretty good attack too. An amazing bat Pokemon that will carry you through many battles and look incredibly edgy, cool and scary at the same time, as you can imagine a flying scorpion bat hybrid might be. What makes it even cooler is that being inflicted with poison (a valid strategy to wear down Pokémon with lots of Defense) will actually heal Gliscor. 

Is Gliscor a bat?

 Gliscor is a mix between a bat and a scorpion - although thought to be more bat than scorpion. It has the fangs associated with a bat, wing capes and bat ears. It evolves from Gligar, with its traditional fangs and wing capes, with the requirements for evolving being it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang.

8. Noibat - with Generation VI we get Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokemon! Its concept revolves around echolocation, the technique real life bats use, using sound to find their way in the dark. Its cool design features huge ears that are perfect for this purpose. A dual Flying/Dragon type Pokemon from the Kalos region, it later evolves in to Noivern when fed 400 candies. As a baby form, it prefers to dine on fruit rather than warm blooded prey, so small pets are safe, for now!

Does Noibat evolve?

 Noibat evolves in to Noivern when fed 400 candies and takes on a much more dragon-like form. Although draconic, it still resembles a bat with its traditional fangs, fur instead of scales and wing caped like wings, along with its huge ears for echolocation, a sensory tool bats use in real life to navigate when they cannot see.

9. Noivern - the evolved version of Noibat gains more dragon like qualities and looks as epic and powerful on the outside as it is on the inside. It's safe to say it loves a battle and it is extremely combative towards any that wander too near, being powerful enough to subdue and consume smaller Pokemon. It has amazing speed and overall solid offensive capabilities, with useful moves such as taunt, tailwind, roost and super fang. You'll feel a little nervous taking this Pokemon through the Unova region - travelling won't be peaceful again! However, though it is mighty, its weaknesses are Fairy, Dragon, Ice and Rock types. Nevertheless, it will make an amazing addition to your team.

Is Noivern a good Pokemon?

Noivern is a good Pokemon to have on your team, in the sense that it is so powerful with amazing speed, overall solid offensive capabilities and useful moves such as taunt, tailwind, roost and super fang.

10. Lunala - who can forget the majestic form legendary Pokemon that is Lunala! This Pokemon has got to be the most amazing bat themed creature in the whole franchise, channeling the light of the moon to give it formidable feats of power. Think bat meets moon, meets mythical creature, Lunala is a psychic/ghost type known in the Alola region as a divine “Emissary of the Moon”, as well as literally pretending to be the moon by releasing all that stored-up energy. It’s the final form of Cosmog in Pokémon Moon, making it one of the two legendaries with an actual evolutionary line. It's one of the most fascinating and magical critters in the whole franchise and definitely makes this list!

Playing Pokemon wouldn’t be complete without a swarm of annoying bat-like creatures attacking you every couple of steps in the maze like caves! Aside from being known as cave dwellers, these critters are formidable partners in battle and have some of the coolest designs in the whole franchise, edgy, ruthless and plain scary! From flying types to poison types to dark types, there is no limit to creativity in the franchise where these babies are concerned! There is something for everyone, from cute bat Pokemon to scary vampire bat Pokemon lookalikes.

If you are wanting more Pokemon fun then definitely check out these super fun Pokemon ROM hacks and fan games!

Top Pokemon Rom hacks and Fan Games Ever: The Ultimate List

 Here are tons of ROM hacks and fan games - these are perfect to play if you love Pokemon and are looking for your next adventure in the franchise!

1. Pokemon Revolution Online

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

You can meet people, form or join a guild and explore the magnificent regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinoh, all while training up your Pokemon! There is so much packed in to this game, so much to do and see, it's unreal. It's such a good adventure with an amazing amount of mini games and extra activities to try out while you're training up your Pokemon and it's also free. You'll fall hooked, line and sinker for this one!

2. Pokemon Insurgence

Best Pokemon ROM hacks fan games

This is more of an adult game, with a gritty and scary storyline that involves cults and acts of cruelty on Pokemon, but has a dark and fascinating narrative. There are new features like Delta Pokemon, Armored Pokemon and there are extensive ways to customise your character and experience the game through different perspectives. It's a fascinating treasure of a game waiting to be explored.

3. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Best Pokemon Fan Games

Set in the Hawthorne region with an amazing extensive storyline, that is based on the decisions you as a player make. It's super interactive and so much fun, there are new Mega Evolutions and even a new kind of creature, Relic Pokemon. No wonder it's one of the most popular fan games gaining momentum at the moment!

4. Pokemon Showdown

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

With one of the largest playerbases, this is perfect for you if you're in to competitive play. It is regarded as the best way to battle with trainers online, it follows tournament rules closely and gives every Pokemon the same stats as it has in the latest official game. As it so closely emulates it, this is the best place to start if you're looking for something multiplayer, but closer to home.

5. Pokemon Brown (2014)

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

A hack of the original Pokemon Red and one of the first ever completed ROM hacks! It allows players to visit the industrialized region of Rijon, where there are five new elemental types to discover: Sound, Wood, Gas, Wind and Abnormal, plus 73 new Fakemon can be found. A much upgraded version of this exists now, released by the original creator in 2014, which is the best version to play.

6. Pokemon Prism

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

The sequel to Pokemon Brown, this picks up from where Pokemon Brown left off, on the region of Naljo - where there are 28 Pokemon exclusively native to the area! There are also some areas that can only be explored by Pokemon, putting you directly in control of your team.

7. Pokemon Rejuvenation

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

Set in the region of Aevium in the Pokemon World, the story follows the efforts of locals to repair the area after it was destroyed by a terrible disaster event some years ago. It's up to you to stop the villainous Team Xen from causing and creating chaos, with help from Pokemon up to gen 7! The story is fantastic and the graphics are just like gen 3, which makes it even better that we get a huge range of Pokemon!

8. Pokemon Reborn

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

Here the Reborn region has fallen in to chaos, disarray and crime and it is up to you to bring order and peace to the lands. You get to pick from 21 starters and there are Pokemon here up to gen 7 - you will also get to enjoy custom music by GlitchxCity, which is crazy good and really lifts the whole game!

9. Pokemon Orange Islands

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

Is based on the anime episodes from the Indigo series, which takes place in the Orange Islands and is a ROM hack of FireRed. The amount of detail is incredible! This hack contains all the 151 Generation I Pokemon along with other bonuses. When you start the game you play as OG Ash Ketchum, you get Pikachu as a starter and have a chance to catch all of Ash's party pretty early in the game.

10. Pokemon Uranium

Best Pokemon ROM hacks

Although one of the most pursued games by Nintendo, to take it down and erase it completely, Pokemon Uranium has survived and is even easier to access now. There are 190 critters altogether, which include some Fakemon too and it boasts beautiful and polished graphics which are similar aesthetically to Gen IV. It's one of the most complete and professional fan games you can play and it's a joy to experience.

11. Pokemon Planet

Best Pokemon creative fan games

A MMORPG, this gives players a chance to meet up and take part in exciting multiplayer events, while aiming to make all regions available for exploration, meaning you will be able to catch critters from all generations and find them in their natural habitat. It only takes a quick registration and you will be able to play this game in your browser in no time, so much fun!

12. Pokemon Clockwork

Best Pokemon creative fan games

Set in the Rosari region of the Pokemon World, this game is full of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes and amazing storylines and quests. Your mission is to save the Rosari region from the evil schemes of Team Epsilon, and there are Pokemon from the first four Generations to catch! 

13. PokeMMO

Best Pokemon creative fan games

This is pretty much what it says on the tin, if you love Massive Multiplayer Online games and Pokemon you might just adore this! A place where players can come together to enjoy Pokemon Black, Pokemon Emerald and FireRed too with their friends, there is online PVP and an extensive collection of clothes and accessories to customise your character with. It's incredibly popular and regularly updated. Give it a try, it's so much fun! 

14. Pokemon Godra

Best Pokemon creative fan games

Such a complex, branching storyline which is based around the decisions you decide to make, so it is much more of an interactive experience. It puts pressure on your shoulders as you engage with the conflicts within the Godra region. There are so many roles to try and choices to make, plus a massive 128 starters to choose from here - it's the ultimate customisable Pokemon game experience!

15. Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition

Best Pokemon creative fan games

A FireRed ROM hack that is incredibly complex. It takes place in the Kanto region and the crime ridden streets below the surface, with the story running parallel to Red's original adventure. The character detail is so great and it is a hack that delivers a whole new perspective on, well, pretty much everything!

16. Pokemon Sage

Best Pokemon creative fan games

Heavily influenced by Latin America, this game takes place in the colourful Urobos region. These lands are culturally rich, with folklore and even new Pokemon that are rooted in this culture. It may be incomplete, but maybe it is because there is so much to explore and try.

17. Pokemon Adventure Red

Best Pokemon creative fan games

A retelling of the amazing Pokemon Adventure manga, in game form! It follows the exploits of Red from Pallet Town, an amazing Pokemon battler, and the protagonist from the first generation games. It features Red's travels across the different regions, even Alola, and you can catch Pokemon from ALL regions too! There are even Fusion and Shadow Pokemon, a Day/Night mode and a 225 level cap. It's so, so detailed and fans of the manga will adore this.

18. Pokemon Fire Ash

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

Such a complex and content heavy game that will keep you enthralled for hours! There are over 50 gyms in this game and more than 800 Pokemon to catch, plus you get to play as Ash as he embarks on a huge adventure from Kanto to the Alola region, to the Orange Islands too. It's the sequel to Pokemon AshGrey.

19. Pokemon Clover

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This FireRed ROM hack goes completely off on a tangent of its own! It's so ambitious it even has its own project website and steers away from the original Pokemon franchise with fan made content, tons of Fakemon, inside jokes, fan fiction and incredible and elaborate storytelling. It definitely makes the list for its ambition and level of detail, it can be lots of fun but can contain unregulated and undesirable fan made content that may be offensive to some.

20. Pokemon Theta Emerald RENEV

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

There have been three entire releases of Pokemon Theta Emerald, the original, the EX version and now this one, the RENEV version. It boasts the most extensive Pokemon collection yet, with brand new moves and features, new forms for some critters and the possibility of fusing Pokemon!

21. Pokemon Light Platinum

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A modification of the original Pokemon Ruby, we are presented with a whole new concept as this game overhauls the Pokemon League by replacing all the gym leaders and the Elite IV, with a Pokemon World Championship event that awaits you after completing the League.

22. Pokemon Dark Rising

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

Very narrative driven, with fantastic storylines! This hack is so in depth and takes you on a whirlwind adventure - Pokemon from multiple generations are present in this and the 'Dream World' abilities are really exciting! Game of Thrones fans may adore this.

23. Pokemon Gaia

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This is such an exciting historic Pokemon adventure! Learn tales of a bygone golden age by exploring ancient ruins and learning about the Pokemon World's rich history. It's fascinating, uncovering the ancient secrets of the Orbtus region in incredible detail, boasting a fantastic soundtrack plus an inclusion of assorted Pokemon from the first six generations.

24. Pokemon Snakewood

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A zombie themed take, this Ruby ROM hack is set years after the Gen III storyline. The protagonist is the younger sibling of the main character, trying to find their older sibling while trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, scary stuff! Starter options are the poisonous Paras, Koffing and Baltoy and there are tons of Fakemon to collect, including zombified versions of the originals!

25. Pokemon Saffron

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

The story of Pokemon Saffron takes place deep within the Azira region in South America, popular with tons of Pokemon species on their yearly migrations. When migratory patterns intertwine every ten years, the area goes crazy, buzzing with life. It's such a rich biodiverse territory, there are over 280 of the most popular Pokemon roaming around! There are monsters from every generation, including Sword and Shield. It's so much fun, there's so much to see! 

26. Pokemon Glazed

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This Emerald ROM hack includes both Johto and the mystical Rankor region, where Pokemon from all around Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos can all be found.

27. Pokemon Blazed Glazed

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

Two new Eeveelutions are present here, Def-Eevee and Off-Eevee, as well as new overhauls of rival trainer teams and Pokemon movesets that were present in Pokemon Glazed. 

28. Pokemon MMO 3D

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

There is nothing better than the fan games that let you play online with friends, so you can explore the Pokemon World together - but this one beats them all in the graphics department with fully 3D graphics! If you like connecting with friends through Pokemon you will love this! It also gets updated regularly and real time battles are also a new concept here. A favourite!

29. Pokemon Flora Sky Story

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A really adorable hack that features 386 total Pokemon, everyone from the fourth and fifth generations! Along with an in depth storyline, which revolves around helping Shaymin stop Groudon and Kyogre from destroying the world, there are more super cute features that flesh it out nicely, like lots of mini games, a day and night system and plenty of daily events. 

30. Pokemon Ash Gray

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A Pokemon Fire Red ROM hack that recreates Ash Ketchum's anime adventure in game form! Featuring the beautiful Orange Islands, there are so many story events set all round the region, which are based on characters and events in the anime. 

31. Pokemon Black

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This is the Gen I ROM hack, not the official game that shares the same name! A little bizarre and 'out there', this is perfect for those who are wanting something intruiging and unusual - plus it's based on one of the first creepypasta stories ever!

32. Pokemon Mega Adventure

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This is one of the most popular and well known Pokemon fan games, heavily combat focused and based in the beautiful Akito region with its jaw dropping places. It has less story but makes up for it with a huge variation of 721 Pokemon, Mega Evolutions and its beautiful graphical style which is based on Gen 3 titles.

33. Pokemon Little Cup Red

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A great challenge, where your Pokemon can't win exp, gain levels or anything of the sort. Every critter in the game is reduced to level 5 and any that didn't have an "infant form" are replaced with a similar creature. It's a hardcore strategy game but not impossible!

34. Pokemon Orange

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

A Crystal ROM hack that lets you explore and discover the wonders of the Orange Islands, part of the Orange Archipelago, located near Kanto in the Pokemon World. As a kid from Valencia island, you are tasked by Prof Samson Oak to bring him the mysterious GS ball, encountering Pokemon, fighting villains and enjoying the scenery along the way! 

35. Pokemon TPP (Red Anniversary)

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This was made in 2015 specially to celebrate the exciting phenomenom of Twitch Plays Pokemon - it lets players vote on commands to put in to the game, meaning all can get involved and collaborate and get in on the action on a platform level. This is a super beefed up version of Pokemon Red, with all 151 Pokemon available, plus much stronger trainers.

36. Pokemon Polished Crystal

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

This rom hack captures the joy of Pokemon Crystal and makes all 251 Pokemon fully catchable, which is so exciting! Not to mention, there are all the new types up to Fairy and it even includes the new Eeveelutions we didn't see in the original games. 

37. Pokemon Pink

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

Such a cool hack that lets you play as Kris, the Pokemon Crystal female protagonist, with Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Vulpix in place of the original starters. There are also the newer Dark, Steel and Fairy types included in the game, such a cool project and unique twist on Blue.

38. Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

You might have read about this in Best Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks and Fan Games from Gen 3 - a mega hard hack created by the infamous SinisterHoodedFigure, really takes the game to a whole new level as the trainers are much more aggressive, their teams are stronger and best yet, there are some extra treachorous routes with increased ambushes by Teams Magma and Aqua along the way. Definitely for those who want a challenge!

39. Pokemon Eclipse RPG

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

An online Pokemon adventure where you can play Pokemon together with friends as opposed to just connecting two GBA's together to battle and trade - here you can go questing together and catch Pokemon together out in the field, such a cool fan project! You just register and play in your browser!

40. Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Best Pokemon Fan Games ROM Hacks

Play as a villain in this evil Pokemon adventure, a fantastic and exciting ride. You have to go through the game beating Gym Leaders and the Elite IV alike, competing against your sibling as two novice Team Rocket members.