Best Bat Pokemon in the Franchise

What Pokemon looks like a bat? 

 Woobat, evolving to Swoobat, Zubat and its evolved forms Golbat and Crobat, Gligar, who evolves to Gliscor and Noibat evolving to powerful Noivern, are all famous Bat Pokemon, thanks to their appearance and skills. The legendary Lunala is also an epic magical bat-like creature!

1. Woobat - these adorable bats are based on real life baby Honduran white bats - can they get any cuter? Woobat is a Psychic/Flying-type introduced in generation 5 to populate the dark forests and dark and mysterious cave systems of the Unova region. Preferring fruits and insects to human blood, these are sweet cuddly looking bats with heart shaped noses you can't help falling for. When inside a cave, if you look up and see many heart shaped marks lining the walls, it's an indication that Woobat live there.

2. Swoobat - Woobat evolves to Swoobat through happiness levels, as it develops a close bond with its trainer. They don't differ too much from their younger selves; although they are a lot faster in their adult form, they sport decent power with a few key wins, with more adult 'bat' proportions, they still keep their heart shaped nose. It is again based on the Honduran white bat and is still sure to melt the heart of pretty much everyone!

3. Zubat - this OG bat Pokémon from the first generation has been a staple of Pokémon memes before they were even called memes! It is a dual type Poison/Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation 1 and is often the most commonly thought of bat Pokemon - there's no denying it is 100% bat! Zubat also uses soundwaves to navigate, just like a real bat. Zubat appears everywhere where sunlight is not - it covers every square inch of every cave in the Johto and Kanto regions. Possibly the reason we'll never walk in to a cave again without repel! It evolves in to Golbat at level 22...

4. Golbat - cuteness meets scary in this next level bat Pokemon! Golbat harbours the cuteness of Swoobat (although not quite!) while hunting and drinking the blood of its prey, thanks to its four sharp fangs. A little unusual looking, it's sure to spook enemies while still being cute enough for you to want to tuck it in your pocket and keep it there forever (although maybe not a good idea). At max happiness it will evolve in to Crobat!

5. Crobat - was later introduced as a Generation 2 Pokemon, an ultra cool looking, super fast, flying critter! The evolved version of Golbat, he can learn to fly in most games, meaning he can take you town to town on your adventure. This Pokemon is definitely fierce and fast, able to be completely silent, he is one of the best hunters and a blood drinking bat at that!

6. Gligar - Introduced first in generation II, dual type Ground/Flying Pokemon Gligar are technically not bats, but flying scorpions! Even so, they exibit many bat-like features, including traditional fangs and bat wing capes that allow it to glide through the air without making a sound. Its Hyper Cutter ability keeps its opponents from lowering its pretty solid Attack stat and its defensive stats are amazing, especially for a non evolved Pokemon - plus its Ground/Flying type is super unique and useful! It evolves to Gliscor after enough battles, but the requirements are that it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang. 

7. Gliscor - possibly the most vampire bat-lookalike of them all! It retains an exceptional defense stat, but now is levelled up with great speed and pretty good attack too. An amazing bat Pokemon that will carry you through many battles and look incredibly edgy, cool and scary at the same time, as you can imagine a flying scorpion bat hybrid might be. What makes it even cooler is that being inflicted with poison (a valid strategy to wear down Pokémon with lots of Defense) will actually heal Gliscor. 

Is Gliscor a bat?

 Gliscor is a mix between a bat and a scorpion - although thought to be more bat than scorpion. It has the fangs associated with a bat, wing capes and bat ears. It evolves from Gligar, with its traditional fangs and wing capes, with the requirements for evolving being it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang.

8. Noibat - with Generation VI we get Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokemon! Its concept revolves around echolocation, the technique real life bats use, using sound to find their way in the dark. Its cool design features huge ears that are perfect for this purpose. A dual Flying/Dragon type Pokemon from the Kalos region, it later evolves in to Noivern when fed 400 candies. As a baby form, it prefers to dine on fruit rather than warm blooded prey, so small pets are safe, for now!

Does Noibat evolve?

 Noibat evolves in to Noivern when fed 400 candies and takes on a much more dragon-like form. Although draconic, it still resembles a bat with its traditional fangs, fur instead of scales and wing caped like wings, along with its huge ears for echolocation, a sensory tool bats use in real life to navigate when they cannot see.

9. Noivern - the evolved version of Noibat gains more dragon like qualities and looks as epic and powerful on the outside as it is on the inside. It's safe to say it loves a battle and it is extremely combative towards any that wander too near, being powerful enough to subdue and consume smaller Pokemon. It has amazing speed and overall solid offensive capabilities, with useful moves such as taunt, tailwind, roost and super fang. You'll feel a little nervous taking this Pokemon through the Unova region - travelling won't be peaceful again! However, though it is mighty, its weaknesses are Fairy, Dragon, Ice and Rock types. Nevertheless, it will make an amazing addition to your team.

Is Noivern a good Pokemon?

Noivern is a good Pokemon to have on your team, in the sense that it is so powerful with amazing speed, overall solid offensive capabilities and useful moves such as taunt, tailwind, roost and super fang.

10. Lunala - who can forget the majestic form legendary Pokemon that is Lunala! This Pokemon has got to be the most amazing bat themed creature in the whole franchise, channeling the light of the moon to give it formidable feats of power. Think bat meets moon, meets mythical creature, Lunala is a psychic/ghost type known in the Alola region as a divine “Emissary of the Moon”, as well as literally pretending to be the moon by releasing all that stored-up energy. It’s the final form of Cosmog in Pokémon Moon, making it one of the two legendaries with an actual evolutionary line. It's one of the most fascinating and magical critters in the whole franchise and definitely makes this list!

Playing Pokemon wouldn’t be complete without a swarm of annoying bat-like creatures attacking you every couple of steps in the maze like caves! Aside from being known as cave dwellers, these critters are formidable partners in battle and have some of the coolest designs in the whole franchise, edgy, ruthless and plain scary! From flying types to poison types to dark types, there is no limit to creativity in the franchise where these babies are concerned! There is something for everyone, from cute bat Pokemon to scary vampire bat Pokemon lookalikes.

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