Best Wishiwashi Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Wishiwashi Nicknames ideas
Let's look at all the WishiWashi nicknames 101! WishiWashi is the perfect example of the little guy in anime, weak and vulnerable and just trying to keep up, until it gets a massive and cool transformation. Because WishiWashi aren't just a single fish on their own. They have a whole other form, that is one of the biggest and most feared in all the oceans in the Pokemon realm! Deceptively small, it is known as the Demon of the Sea due to its ability to form clever formations with its kind in order to fight off strong foes. Introduced in Generation 7, it is also known as the Small Fry Pokemon. On its own it may be weak and easily preyed upon by both humans and aquatic predators but when threatened this dual Poison and Water type Pokémon can call on a mass of other Wishiwashi to form a school around it, meaning it can form a single entity in battle and greatly boost the creature’s combat capabilities. In a school formation, Wishiwashi possess incredible stats in both offensive and defensive areas.

Tallest Pokemon Ranked

Tallest Pokemon Ranked
Let's take a look at the Tallest Pokemon of them all! Here are the Tallest Pokemon ranked by height, some of the most outrageously creative Pokemon with the coolest designs to date. Here are those Pokemon so tall they pretty much constantly have their head in the clouds! Hello, up there!

Best Anime Moms and Mums in Anime Shows

Best Anime Moms and Mums in Anime Shows
From the hottest anime mums and moms in anime shows, to the cutest moms in anime, here are all the best mum or mom characters in anime! There are so many fabulous mother characters in anime, from MILF characters and dominatrix anime moms, moonlighting as villains and superheros alike, to the sugar sweet loving and caring anime moms trope, to the most strict anime mums, to anime foster moms and anime stepmoms, and all of them inbetween, let's take a look at the amazing array of different mother figures in anime shows! These amazing characters are incredible in their own right and many anime moms are the sole reason some people watch anime! And yes! I’m talking about Kakyoin from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Who's your favourite anime mom?

Best Reshiram Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Reshiram Nicknames ideas
Best Reshiram Nicknames ideas
Here are our favourite nicknames for Reshiram! This beautiful all white angel like Legendary Pokemon hails from Generation 5 and is a dual Dragon and Fire Type known as the Vast White Pokemon. Pretty iconic in its own right, being the only Fire Type Pokemon to be robed in snowy white, it has the power to scorch the world in fire and desires to help those who want to build a world of truth. When Reshiram's tail flares, the heat energy moves the atmosphere and changes the world's weather.

Best Nicknames for Luxray (SUPER Unique!)

Best Nicknames for Luxray
Lots of Luxray Nicknames ideas 101! These are perfect for naming for your feline friend, or rather Electric Type beast from Generation 4, also known as the Gleam Eyes Pokemon. Able to see through solid objects, it will instantly spot prey trying to hide behind walls, even if the walls are thick, an ability that comes in handy when it is scouting for danger. It has a badass design and resembles a fully grown lion, complete with luscious, spiky shaped, jet black mane and golden tipped tail.

Best Koffing and Weezing Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Koffing Nicknames ideas
All the Koffing nicknames 101! Here are our favourite nicknames for Koffing, aka the Poison Gas Pokemon - and for good reason, it adores polluted air! Its body is made out of polluted gas and it appears as a floating, murky purple orb, the prevolved form of Weezing and a Poison Type Pokemon from Generation 1. 

Best Bug Type Pokemon Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Bug Type Pokemon Nicknames
Let's talk best Bug Type Nicknames for Bug Type Pokemon of big and small stature! These are perfect for your Cutiefly, Caterpie or weeny little Dwebble, and make good nicknames for small Pokemon too!

Best Nickit Nicknames ideas for Red Pokemon

Best Nickit Nicknames ideas for Red Pokemon
Tons of good nicknames for Nickit 101! This sneaky looking Dark Type Pokemon from Generation 8 is known as the Fox Pokemon and appears just like its namesake, with burnt russet red coloured fur, a super fluffy tail and huge, tall ears. Cunning and cautious, this Pokémon survives by stealing food from others. It erases its tracks with swipes of its tail as it makes off with its plunder. 

Best Sneasel Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Sneasel Nicknames ideas
Tons of nicknames ideas for this small and creepy Pokemon! Let's look at good nicknames for Sneasel, a dual Ice and Dark Type Pokemon from Generation 2, known as the Sharp Claw Pokemon. It hosts a particularly evil, gleeful expression to reflect its cunning yet savage disposition. It waits for parents to leave their nests, and then it sneaks in to steal their eggs. Its paws conceal sharp claws and it seems to have a wicked nature that helps it to survive, the prevolved form of Weavile.

Best Yungoos and Gumshoos Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Yungoos Nicknames ideas
Check out these nicknames for Yungoos and Gumshoos! This hungry, toothy Pokemon is a lot like a mongoose in design, has a long body and wonders around in a constant search for food (me apart from the mongoose bit). Although it will eat anything, it prefers fresh living things, so it marches down streets in search of prey. No wonder it is hungry as its stomach takes up most of its long torso! A Normal type Pokémon introduced in Generation 7, it is known as the Loitering Pokémon and the prevolved form of Gumshoos.

Best Nicknames for Abra (SUPER Unique!)

Best Nicknames for Abra
All the good Abra nicknames ideas for your funny yellow Pokemon! A Psychic Type Pokemon from Generation 1, it is known as the Psi Pokemon. It may sleep as much as a newborn baby, up to 18 hours per day, but is surprisingly on the ball as it is able to sense impending attacks and teleport away to safety before the actual attacks can strike. This Pokémon is known to use its psychic powers while it sleeps and the contents of Abra's dreams affect the powers that the Pokémon wields.