Best Battles in Pokemon Anime

Best Battles in Pokemon Anime
Let's talk about the best battles in Pokemon anime! These are the battles that got us excited about battling our own Pokemon through the many video games available, and reliving the excitement and heat of the battle through our own screens. These battles are inspiring to say the least and never fail to keep us on the edge of our seat time and time again! We just know that if Vikings were around today it would be the stories of these momentous matches and tense and magnificent battles that they would be telling through song for generations to come. This is where Pokemon meets Anime!  

Best Sceptile Nicknames ideas for Green Pokemon

Best Sceptile Nicknames ideas for Green Pokemon
Looking for good nicknames for Sceptile? You are in the right place! Here we have tons of cute Pokemon nicknames for this funky lizard critter that looks like it emerged straight from the jungle. The Grass type Starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region, this fan favourite was introduced in Generation 3 and has been lucky enough to achieve huge notoriety from its main feature in the anime. It also possesses great viability in competitive play thanks to its excellent sweeper stats and access to Mega Evolution. Mega Sceptile can be an incredible asset due to its massive Speed and Sp. Attack, along with a Grass/Dragon-typing that gives it access to the same-type move Dragon Pulse. It's for sure one grass-type that embodies everything - a cool appearance, lots of popularity, and massive power in battle.

Best Palkia Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Palkia Nicknames ideas
Best Palkia Nicknames ideas
Tons of good nicknames for Palkia 101! Described as a deity in Sinnoh-region mythology, this dual Dragon and Water type Pokemon possesses the ability to distort space, with an appearance just as mighty to reflect its powers and prowess. It also reminds us of a pink Power Ranger! This incredible lilac Pokemon hails from Generation 4 and is known as the Spatial Pokemon. It has a light purple theropod like appearance and appears as like a giant metal dinosaur like creature, covered in armour. Or a Transformer!

Best Togekiss Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Togekiss Nicknames
Best Togekiss Nicknames
Here are lots of good nicknames for Togekiss! This adorable dual Flying and Fairy Type Pokemon from Generation 4, known as the Jubilee Pokemon and it is just happiness and joy personafied, well Poke-fied! It is a whole celebration of a Pokemon, packed in to one adorable chubby bird like shape, soft white and plush with feathers and sprinkled with confetti. A feel good Pokemon in every sense, known as a bringer of blessings, it's been depicted on good-luck charms since ancient times. These Pokémon are never seen anywhere near conflict or turmoil and promote a sense of peace and joy wherever they go!

Best Oshawott Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Oshawott Nicknames ideas
Lots of good nicknames for Oshawott 101! This adorable critter is known for being a Water-type starter and no one can resist Oshawott's uber cute looks as a sea otter like Pokemon! Known as the Sea Otter Pokemon, from Generation 5, it carries a special shell on its belly, that is called a “scalchop” and it can use it for battle and cracking open its food, much like a real life sea otter! Oshawatt is so tiny and precious that it’ll be hard to let it grow up and evolve into the powerful Pokémon that it’s destined to be. But this is really the best of both worlds: cute in the beginning, strong in the end.    

Top Anime Femboys, the Cutest Femboys in Anime Shows Ever!

Top Anime Femboys
Here are tons of amazing femboys in anime, femboy characters that always won us over with their amazing personalities and sense of dress, plus iconic outfits and hilarious and empowering scenes! Here are some of the best, cutest anime femboys through popular anime shows. You may have come across the term “traps” in the anime community - if not definitely check out our list of best anime trap characters! Since there are some amazing femboys that were missed from that post, we feel it is only right to give them their own special feature here and celebrate them in all their glory. 

Best Slime Pokemon and Blob Pokemon

Best Slime Pokemon and Blob Pokemon

Battle of the slimes! From green blob Pokemon to purple blob Pokemon and all slimy varieties thereupon, these Pokemon are defined by their rotund bodies but also some crazy stats and crazy cool designs too! Who is the best slime Pokemon? Read on to find out! 

Best Milotic Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Milotic Nicknames ideas
Best Milotic Nicknames ideas
Let's look at some good nicknames for Milotic 101! Said to be one of the most beautiful Pokemon in the franchise, this beautiful Water type from Generation 3 evolves from the startled looking Feebas, either by maximizing their beauty with Poffins or making it hold a Prism Scale while leveling up, depending on which game you’re playing. Milotic, being incredibly elegant, is lucky enough to boast an insanely high Sp. Defense and excellent HP. This is all very well complemented by a solid Sp. Attack that is better used by teaching the majestic creature Hydro Pump through a TM.   

Best Wingull and Pelipper Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Pelipper Nicknames ideas
Best Pelipper Nicknames ideas
All the Pelipper Nicknames 101! Fly over and check out these best Pokemon nicknames for this epic bird Pokemon, an avian dual Water and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 3. A flying transporter that carries small Pokemon and eggs inside its massive bill, this Pokemon builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea. Its huge bill can also give it the appearance of a toilet with some game graphics! Its design is based on a real life Pelican and it boasts white and blue feathers with a sunny yellow bill.

Best Pidgey Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Pidgey Nicknames ideas
Looking for good nicknames for Pidgey? You have come to the right place! This dual Normal and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 1 is known as the Tiny Bird Pokemon and is a small, plump bodied avian Pokemon that is very docile in temperment and known to be a common sight in forests and woods.

Best Snorlax Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Snorlax Nicknames ideas
All the good Snorlax nicknames ideas 101! Let's look at good Pokemon nicknames for this iconic fellow, known for its (super relatable) eating and sleeping habits and soft, pillowy shape. An OG normal type Pokemon from Generation 1, it first made an appearance in the 41st episode of the anime, Wake Up Snorlax! It’s a big, bipedal, dark blue creature with a big cream squishy belly and also earns a special feature in the Heaviest Pokemon in the Franchise for its gigantum size!

As hinted by its name, Snorlax is known to sleep almost all the time, making it one of the mildest Pokémon in the Poké universe. Like a panda in real life, it wakes only to devour its bodyweight in food and then, with its belly now full, returns to its deep slumber or state of year round hibernation. The only way you'll be able to wake this giant sleepy creature is by playing the Poké Flute.

Best Nicknames for Shinx (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Nicknames for Shinx
Looking for some good nicknames for Shinx? You came to the right place! The prevolved form of Luxray, Shinx is a pure Electric Type Pokemon from Generation 4, known as the Flash Pokemon and appears as like a baby lion, or lion cub. Within its design are references to ancient Egypt civilisation, with its name closely resembling 'Sphinx', plus gold accents, such as bands, around its front feet and found elsewhere on its body. Electricity makes this Pokémon's fur glow and Shinx sends signals to others of its kind by shaking the tip of its tail while the tail tip is shining brightly.

Best Pachirisu Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Pachirisu Nicknames ideas
Best Pachirisu Nicknames ideas
Come hop on over and check out these adorable nicknames for Pachirisu, the adorable electric squirrel Pokemon! Known as the EleSquirrel Pokemon, hailing from Generation 4 and the Sinnoh region, this Electric Type Pokemon is quite similar to Pikachu, although Pachirisu is a little bit different. Its best stat overall is speed, which mean it can get the first hit in during combat. It is a pure Electric-type which means it’s only weak to Ground-type moves. The winner of the 2014 Pokémon World Championship, Se Jun Park, actually had one of these cute critters on his team and it was one of the assets that brought him victory over Omari Travis in the finals. Not to mention it's uber cute too, for its diddy little face and huge fluffy tail that is almost as big as its body, that it uses a pillow when it sleeps, plus its sunny yellow cheeks and huge grin!

Best Scraggy Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Scraggy Nicknames ideas
Best Scraggy Nicknames ideas
All the good Scraggy nicknames ideas! If you are looking for good nicknames for Scraggy, look no further! This funky dual Dark and Fighting Type Pokemon from Generation 5 is known as the Shedding Pokemon and is known to protect itself with its durable skin. Despite its partial typing as a Dark Type Pokemon, it appears brightly coloured, decked out in tangerine orange, which makes it an interesting Pokemon to try to find names for! The prevolved form of Scrafty, its design is based on a lizard or reptile in real life and it bears a grimacing toothy expression that reminds me of the grimacing clenched teeth emoji.

Best Turtwig Pokemon Nicknames ideas (Cutest EVER!!)

Best Turtwig Pokemon Nicknames ideas
Let's crawl on over and take a look at some nickname ideas for Turtwig, the adorable tiny turtle Tiny Leaf Pokemon! Hailing from Generation 4, this Grass Type cutie is the Grass-type Starter Pokémon of the Sinnoh region and can undertake photosynthesis with its body, under the sun, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty and it is the only pure Grass-type that can set Stealth Rock, bringing an interesting niche to the table in combat. Not to mention it is adorable, its design based on a tiny tortoise fused with a plant bulb or seedling. It is the prevolved form of Grotle and later on, the mighty Torterra!

Best Sunkern and Sunflora Nicknames ideas for Yellow Pokemon

Best Sunflora Nicknames ideas for Yellow Pokemon
If you like your Pokemon nicknames sunny side up, check out these adorable nicknames for Sunflora! A Grass type Pokémon introduced in Generation 2, it is known as the Sun Pokémon and appropriately carries a sunflower-like design, with a cheerful expression. Its trunk and limbs are green, and its head is cream-coloured and circular, with tear shaped yellow petals growing along the rim. The petals become more vivid as the weather becomes warmer and, like a real life sunflower, it possesses the amazing skill of converting solar energy into nutrition. Plants are so cool! It likes to dance and moves around actively in the daytime when it is warm, constantly pursuing sunlight and the best direction from which to absorb it from, but will stop moving as soon as the sun goes down in order to conserve energy.

Best Meowstic Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Meowstic Nicknames ideas
Tons of Pokemon nicknames ideas for this cutie, our favourite indigo Pokemon feline from Generation 6! The evolved form of Espurr, this Dark type cat Pokemon is happily known as the Constraint Pokémon. Meowstic is unique in the Pokemon World as being one of those critters that appear differently depending on what gender they are. An example here is that the male Meowstic possesses the Prankster ability, while the female exhibits the Competitive ability. It is said to be based on the nekomata, a mystical twin-tailed cat creature of Japanese folklore. Male Meowstic is dark blue with white accents, teal eyes and a bushier tail than female Meowstic. Female Meowstic is white with dark blue accents, and it has yellow eyes. Both are enough to inspire online libraries of Pokemon fan art wherever they go!

Best Espeon Nicknames ideas for Purple Pokemon

Best Espeon Nicknames ideas for Purple Pokemon
Best Espeon Nicknames ideas for Purple Pokemon
All the good Espeon nicknames ideas! If you are looking for some good nicknames for Espeon, you have come to the right place! Known as the Sun Pokémon, Espeon is the result of leveling up a very friendly Eevee during the day. It might be seen as Umbreon’s daylight counterpart, as a Psychic type Pokemon from Generation 2, and carries the same mysterious, beautiful and elegant silhouette. It appears as like a piece of fan art in itself, with its beautiful dusky purple hue, double ended tail, gleaming almond eyes and the bejewelled orb on its forehead, which it can unleash psychic power from and is known to grow dull and dark when its power has been exhausted. It is said to be able to predict the future by sensing and analyzing air currents and its temperment is extremely loyal.

Best Raikou Nicknames ideas

Best Raikou Nicknames ideas
Best Raikou Nicknames ideas
Let's talk good nicknames for Raikou! Known as the Thunder Pokemon, this Johto legendary Pokemon from Generation 2 is a formidable force in and out of combat, with exceptionally good Attack and Sp. Attack values, and very nice Speed to go with it. Its HP and Sp. Defense are also through the roof, meaning it is incredibly successful at wearing out opponents and possesses incredible stamina in combat. The first couple of games had some of the most amazing Electric-type Pokémon, and this Johto legendary is one of them. It appears as a tiger like Pokemon, with a curly purple mane and armour like appendages. 

Best Victreebel Nicknames for Plant Pokemon

Best Victreebel Nicknames for Plant Pokemon
Let's talk nicknames for Victreebel! This amazing dual type Grass and Poison plant Pokemon from Generation 1 is based on a pitcher plant or Venus flytrap and is appropriately known as the Flycatcher Pokemon to imitate its real life counterpart, who are known to be carniverous and attract prey by emitting a sweet fragrance, before catching and digesting them slowly. Sounds vicious!

In the case of Victreebel, the more prey it dissolves the sweeter it smells, sweeter than honey - therefore the more creatures it can trick into becoming its dinner. It's a seductive Pokemon for sure, if Pokemon can be seductive! Victreebel is the second evolved form of Bellesprout and evolves from Weepinbelle. It has some solid offensive capabilities that are well complemented by its Chlorophyll ability, but its design really steals the show, it's just epic and really encapsulates the real life pitcher plant, whilst managing to be something completely different at the same time. 

Best Nicknames for Litten Pokemon (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Nicknames for Litten Pokemon
Lots of good Litten nicknames ideas! This mini fiery feline cat Pokemon from Generation 7 is one of the three Starter Pokémon of the Alola region, the other two being Popplio and Rowlet. Known as the Fire Cat Pokemon, it appears as like a kitten, being the prevolved form of Torracat and Incineroar. This firey cat Pokemon has a special talent! When its coat grows too long, it can safely set itself on fire to burn away the old fur. It does this around twice a year to stop its coat getting too long. 

They are said to use any accidentally ingested fur hairballs as fuel for fiery moves! It is a Fire type Cat Pokemon through and through, from Generation 7 too, but it would be very tricky to keep one as a house cat as their fur is so rich in oils, their hairballs are flammable. That’s too much of a fire hazard!

Pokemon Nicknames for Umbreon

Pokemon Nicknames for Umbreon
Come to the dark side, we have good Umbreon nicknames ideas! Appearing a lot like a black cat Pokemon, it is a Dark type Eeveelution Pokemon from Generation 2 that is also known as the Moonlight Pokémon. It carries beautiful gold rounded ring markings on its black body that glow in the dark and this elegant shadowy Pokemon, unlike the original three Eeveelutions, which all required specific elemental stones, can be evolved from an Eevee with a high-enough friendship level, so long as you level it up during night (another game mechanic first added into gen 2). 

Best Eevee Pokemon Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Eevee Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Eevee nicknames ideas for your Normal Type Pokemon 101! One of the most famous faces within the entire Pokemon franchise, Eevee's iconic design means it appears as a little like a cat, a squirrel and a dog, with big bunny like ears that are the hallmarks of its evolved forms. A normal type Pokemon from Generation 1 is one of the most iconic and well-loved creatures in the franchise, with tons of fan art celebrating it and its other evolved forms. It was even the titular character in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, where it was adorned with flowers and looked adorable! It is such a multifaceted character before it even evolves!

Speaking of an evolution, Eevee boasts not one, not two, but a massive eight 'eevolutions' in the franchise, with each sporting their own amazing design and special abilities, based on each of the elemental Types in Pokemon. 

Pokemon Reuniclus Nicknames ideas

Best Alien Pokemon Designs
Let's talk good Reuniclus nicknames ideas for your favourite alien-like Pokemon! Known as the Multiplying Pokemon, Reuniclus is a Psychic Type Pokemon from Generation 5 and is jelly-like in appearance, its design inspired by a cellular structure or your biology homework. Or a blob of mucus. It's still so cute though! The counterpart of Gothitelle, it has super powerful arms it uses in combat to subdue its opponents. It's said that drinking the liquid surrounding Reuniclus grants wisdom. Problem is, the liquid is highly toxic to anything besides Reuniclus itself. 

Best Latios Nicknames for Blue Pokemon

Good Latios Nicknames
Let's explore nicknames for Latios! This amazing Pokemon is capable of “sight sharing”; a psychic ability that allows it to share what it is currently seeing. Latios is capable of transforming and it uses telepathy to detect hidden locations and the emotions of others. It can also understand human speech and with the item Soul Dew, boasts the highest Special Attack stat in the game. Introduced in Generation 3, alongside its female variety known as Latias, this dual Dragon and Psychic Type Pokemon is known as the Eon Pokemon, and sports a blue and white birdlike body stylized after a plane. It is incredibly intelligent and can fly faster than a jet plane, by folding its forelegs to streamline its shape.

Best Kangaskhan Nicknames for Dinosaur Pokemon

Best Dinosaur Pokemon
Best Dinosaur Pokemon Designs
Lots of good nicknames for Kangaskhan 101! You get two for one with this amazing critter. This Normal Type Pokemon, hailing from Generation 1, is known as the Parent Pokemon and is inspired by a real life kangaroo or wallaby in its design, with many parts of a dinosaur. Although it carries its baby in a pouch on its belly, Kangaskhan is swift on its feet. It intimidates its opponents with quick jabs and is incredibly protective of its young. Kangaskhan is a caring and devoted Pokémon, with strong maternal instincts and rarely lets its baby out of its sight.

Best Woobat Nicknames ideas for Bat Pokemon

Best Bat Pokemon designs
Best nicknames for Woobat 101! Following on from these Best Gliscor Nicknames, check out these good nicknames ideas for Woobat, our smol baby bat Pokemon, who is pretty much the baby of the bunch when it comes to Best Bat Pokemon in the franchise, it is so darn cute! 

This adorable bat is based on real life baby Honduran white bats and is a Psychic/Flying-type introduced in Generation 5 to populate the dark forests and dark and mysterious cave systems of the Unova region. Preferring fruits and insects to human blood, these are sweet cuddly looking bats with heart shaped noses you can't help falling for. When inside a cave, if you look up and see many heart shaped marks lining the walls, it's an indication that Woobat live there.