Heaviest Pokemon in the Franchise From All Generations

What is the heaviest Pokemon?

The heaviest is Celesteela, with Cosmoem and Primal Groudon coming in behind at second and third heaviest. Ultra Beast Celesteela carries the weight of an entire ancient literary tradition on its shoulders, while Cosmoem possesses the power of an entire planet (sort of) and Groudon has the power to reshape the land at a moment’s notice, raising and expanding whole continents. It's fair to say the backstories behind these critters are pretty incredible!

Who are the top 10 heaviest Pokemon?

The top 10 heaviest Pokemon of all time are Melmetal, Stakataka, Guzzlord, Mudsdale, Mega Metagross, Groudon, Eternatus, Primal Groudon, Cosmoem and Celesteela. Here are the rest of the Pokemon that weigh the most in the franchise!

 30. Mega Rayquaza (Pokemon Weight: 392.0 kg / 864.2 lbs) 

Heaviest Pokemon in the Franchise
The original Rayquaza, a dual Flying/Dragon type from Generation 3 isn't quite heavy enough to make this list. But upon using the Dragon Ascent move and becoming this mega Dragon/Flying beast, all those extra blades and super shiny gems make it almost 200 kg heavier. As a result it becomes chunkier, cooler, more powerful, continuing to carry the responsibility of keeping Kyogre and Groudon from destroying the world. You can also find Rayquaza on our Best Snake Pokemon list! (Also includes dragons who look like snakes)