Best Pokemon Nicknames for Treecko (SUPER Unique!)

Pokemon Nicknames for Treecko
Lots of good Treecko nicknames ideas for your cute little lizard Pokemon! This adorable pure Grass Type Pokemon from Generation 3 is known as the Wood Gecko Pokemon and is a cool, calm and collected critter who happens to be the Grass Type Starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region. It is said that our laidback lizard Pokemon would beat any of its foes in a staring competition and is fair to say it is one chilled out, cool dude. Or dudette.

From good nicknames for green Pokemon, such as Matcha, Wasabi and Mojito, to good nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon, such as Pistachio, Blade and Catkin, to good nicknames for lizard Pokemon, such as Gizmo, Tokay and Kekipi, we hope you enjoy these Pokemon nicknames for Treecko!

Best Weavile Nicknames ideas (SUPER Unique!)

Best Weavile Nicknames ideas
Tons of good nicknames for Weavile 101! The evolved form of Sneasel, this creepy dual Dark and Ice Type Pokemon from Generation 4 is known as the Sharp Claw Pokemon, with some long and sharp icy talons to match. They are good at working together in packs, to bring down prey even as large as Mamoswine! It likes to use its claws to leave behind signs for its friends to find.

Best Legendary Dark Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Dark Type Pokemon Ranked
Check out these amazing Legendary Dark Type Pokemon, a must have for your team if you're looking for actual beasts of Pokemon possessing some of the best stats, move pools & abilities of all dark types, allowing them to thrive perfectly in competitive battling and general game-play. Let's get started with our list, it's time to come to the dark side! Let us know your favourite best Dark Type Legendary Pokemon in the comments below.

Best Manhwa About A Girl Disguised As A Boy

Best Manhwa About A Girl Disguised As A Boy
Whether you're looking for anime characters like Joan of Arc or manga/manhwa like Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, there are some kickass anime girls disguised as boys out there that often you might not even notice, they are just too cool and convincing! After all, who doesn’t love cool waifus? Especially when the traditional gender roles are reversed! Check out these amazing manhwa and let us know your favourite or favourites in the comments below!

Best Zigzagoon Nicknames ideas for Stripey Pokemon

Best Zigzagoon Nicknames
Tons of Zigzagoon nicknames 101! Is it a raccoon, is it a puppy, is it a liquorice allsort? This amazing raccoon like Pokemon is actually a Normal Type Pokemon from Generation 3, appropriately known as the TinyRacoon Pokemon! Zigzagoon are rather peaceful, curious creatures that populate the tall grasses around the Hoenn region. They are not exactly a battle Pokemon but are incredibly endearing and adorable. They get distracted easily, like a real life pup and by doing this they’re also prone to picking up stuff while roaming, thanks to their Pickup ability. It's widely said that having one around may net you some interesting trinkets! 

From good nicknames ideas for Normal Type Pokemon, such as Bueno, Praline and Rocket, to nicknames for brown Pokemon, such as Latte, Malteaser and Nutmeg, and good nicknames for small Pokemon, such as Sultana, Zippy and Gizmo, we hope you like these funny raccoon Pokemon nicknames ideas for Zigzagoon!

Best Legendary Water Type Pokemon Ranked

Best Legendary Water Type Pokemon Ranked
Looking for the best and most powerful Legendary Water Type Pokemon? You came to the right place! These rare and amazing Water Types have some of the best stats, move pools & abilities of all water types which allow them to thrive in competitive battling and general game-play.

Best Legendary Bug Type Pokemon Ever Ranked

Best Legendary Bug Type Pokemon
All the uber cool Bug Type Legendary Pokemon, ranked! Bug Type Pokemon come in all kinds of weird and wonderful designs, let's explore the Legendary Pokemon that pertain to this unique typing. If you want to add the best legendary bug type Pokemon to your team, look no further!

Pokémon Based On Yokai and Japanese Folklore!

Pokémon Based On Yokai
All the Pokemon inspired by Yokai or Japanese mythology! How interesting is it to compare these amazing mythological creatures  and see how so many Pokemon may have been borne straight out of legend - or been heavily inspired by the stuff of legend. No wonder our Pokemon friends are so captivating and multi faceted, it's so wonderful to think they might carry secret little pockets of Japanese folklore within their design! Here we take a closer inspection at the Pokemon based on Yokai!