Best Badass Anime Series to Watch

Badass Anime Series Characters
Let's explore some badass anime series that leave you feeling satisfied, invigorated and inspired! Like that scene in the first Spiderman film where we see Toby Mcguire get back at all those who overlooked him and become an actual force - or the scene of Captin America's transformation - those badass movie moments will always make us smile. So let's explore the best badass moments in anime, the best badass anime characters that have a transformation or are an integral part of action anime we all love! Here are the most gripping anime series ever and the coolest characters to watch too - hopefully you will have some new anime shows to add to your watch list. Here are the most 10 satisfying badass anime series to watch!

Best Nicknames for Charizard (What to Name your Charizard!)

Best Nicknames for Charizard Names ideas
Introducing all the best names for Dragon Pokemon since the Franchise began, specifically Fire Type ones! 

Here are nicknames for Charizard that are the hottest thing around! Charizard is a dual Fire and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 1 and is known as the Flame Pokemon. With Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms available and such an iconic design, this mighty fire beast has been a fan-favorite Pokemon for over 20 years! Scroll down for some good Charizard nicknames to give your Dragon-like but not a Dragon Type Pokemon buddy!

Water Type Nicknames for Water Pokemon

Best Water Names for Water Type Pokemon
Looking for some cute Water Pokemon name ideas for your Water type Pokemon? These nicknames for water Pokemon are perfect for your Gyarados, Greninja, Kyogre and more! You'll spend hours grinding levels on the seashore, atop the waves and in gym battles, so it's important you get their name just right! Below, you'll find good nicknames for specific water type Pokemon, followed by a ton of more generic ideas that are clever, cute, cool and funny. Here are tons of good nicknames for Water type Pokemon!

Cute Nicknames for Pokemon (The Cutest Ever Nicknames!)

200+ Cute Nicknames for Pokemon

Introducing the cutest Pokemon nicknames of all time! There are so many adorable Pokemon characters (check out these Cutest Pokemon Creatures Ranked!) and we just want to do them justice with their name. Plus, thinking up cute nicknames for Pokemon brings them to life in front of our eyes and makes playing the games so much more fun and personal! Here are the best Pokemon names and tons of cute pokemon nicknames to use in games, to suit every personality and elemental type. I hope you enjoy this Pokemon nickname ideas list!

Just because it is hard thinking of good Pokemon names and they don't just grow on trees (apart from maybe nicknames for Grass type Pokemon), here are some of the best nicknames for Pokemon from the cutesy realms of candy, cookies and everything sparkly. Below, you'll find the cutest nickname ideas for specific Pokemon, followed by ideas for each Pokemon type in alphabetical order, good Pokemon nicknames you won't find anywhere else!

Best Gengar Nicknames for your Gengar Pokemon

Best Gengar Nicknames for Gengar Pokemon
It can be hard to think of Gengar nicknames that do this creepy character justice, it's forever been a powerhouse in battle, is known as the Shadow Pokemon, has amazing stats and is one of the strongest Pokemon of all time, as well as one of the scariest Pokemon of all time. Here are some spooky names for your Gengar Pokemon, befitting one of the most intimidating and spooky Pokemon of all time, that came dressed in its Halloween costume!

Good Nicknames for Pikachu and Electric Type Pokemon Names

Good names for Pikachu Electric Type Pokemon
What should I name my Pikachu? Although Pikachu is really its equivalent of a species, it seems hard to call this iconic little critter by any other name! Here are some good names for Pikachu you will absolutely love, unique and cute Electric Type Pokemon names that even incorporate references to old Pokemon folklore.

Picking a good nickname for Pikachu can be hard, why not try Electric type nicknames like Volt, Static, Proton, Pixel and Ion, cute Pokemon nicknames such as Ray, Sparkle and Pikasso, or yellow Pokemon names such as Saffron, Nachos, Topaz and Nugget. We hope you enjoy this cute Pikachu name ideas list for our favourite yellow Pokemon, all the good nickname ideas you could ever want!

Best Riolu and Lucario Nicknames for your Steel Type Pokemon!

Best Lucario Nicknames for Steel Type Pokemon
What should I call my Lucario or Riolu? Is an important question for sure. Definitely one of the most popular Pokemon and one of the best steel type Pokemon to have on your team, this critter is iconic in its own right! With a cool design, good stats, nice movepool and even a mega evolution, it can be hard to find a good nickname for Lucario that represents its power in combat and iconic presence. From cute names for blue Pokemon, like Cobalt, Genie (like from Aladdin), Larimar and Bleu to good names for powerful Pokemon, such as Tempest, Memphis, Hercules and Goku, you are sure to find the perfect nickname for Lucario! Scroll on down for Lucario nicknames, from the cute to the powerful.

Best Nicknames for Gardevoir Pokemon

Best names for Gardevoir Pokemon
What to call a Gardevoir? That is the ultimate question! By royal decree, you must pick a nickname for Gardevoir that's worthy of such beauty, power, poise and prowess. Here you will find all the best names for Gardevoir that respect its gorgeous design and amazing abilities, as well as good names for Psychic type Pokemon and cute names for Fairy type Pokemon! Grass type names are also somehow quite fitting too. All the best of both worlds with this one incredible critter, one of the best psychic type Pokemon and one of the best fairy type Pokemon too!

Best Fire Type Pokemon Nicknames for your Fire Pokemon

fire type pokemon nicknames
The best Fire type Pokemon names for your fiery friends! Here are some good nicknames for your Fire type Pokemon - nicknames that are LIT! There are so many cute fire Pokemon names, from food based Pokemon nicknames like Ramen, Cracker and Gingerbread, to powerful Pokemon names like Helios, Hephaestus, Hades and Venus to show off your Pokemon's strength in battle!

Below, you'll find good Pokemon nickname ideas for specific fire type Pokemon, followed by more generic ones that could be used for any fire Pokemon. Some are clever, some are cute and others are just plain cool!

Best Sylveon Nicknames and Names for your Sylveon Pokemon

Best Sylveon Nicknames for Fairy Pokemon

One of the most beautiful Pokemon, Sylveon makes its debut in the Cutest Pokemon Ranked list every time for its adorable and charming appearance! Not only pretty, Sylveon is also hands down one of the strongest Fairy types - it's hard finding a good name for Sylveon that is both regal and adorable, that represents its cuteness but is a good powerful Pokemon name too.

What is a good name for Sylveon Pokemon?

Sylveon boasts a cuddly design and looks super girly, like the Pokemon version or manifestation of a delicate French cake or pastry, thus you will find lots of cute food names for your Pokemon below! There are tons of dessert Pokemon names to choose from, plus some delicate and soft aesthetic Pokemon nicknames to enjoy. To represent its prowess in combat, amazing Hidden Ability in Pixelate, nice stat distribution and solid movepool, you might even want a more powerful name for your Fairy Type Pokemon, such as Selenite, Angelite, Titania, Oberon, Moonstone (loads of cute gemstone Pokemon names!)  
Scroll down for the best nicknames for your Sylveon!

The Best Sims 3 Mods Ever Ranked!

Between Pokemon and Anime lie a whole host of other fandoms that I can't help falling for and in many ways, Sims 3 offers something unique that no other Sims game provides to players - it's one of the coolest gaming experiences ever! Many have moved onto playing the Sims 4 since it has so many modern updates, but I am a Sims 3 gamer through and through for its charm, all the memories and unique quirks. There are so many fun mods to try too to spice up your game, you could spend your whole life inside this game! Check out these this list of the best Sims 3 mods that you can add to your game for the best Sims gaming experience ever, the Sims 3 must have mods 2020 - 2021 and beyond!

25. Ultra-Plain Eyes

Best Sims 3 Mods Ranked
 These Ultra Plain Eyes for Sims 3 will make the eyes of your SIM character appear super natural, to make it look far more human and more realistic. It changes the masks that EA uses for the vanilla game and makes them look so much better in terms of illumination and colouring. They are an amazing way to make your SIMS look more realistic. The changes are plain, but very easily noticeable - definitely download this mod and give it a try!

Slowest Pokemon Characters in the Franchise

Slowest Pokemon characters

It's usually all about the fastest Pokemon and the strongest Pokemon getting ranked - even the Ugliest Pokemon ranked (but we adore them completely!) but here is a little tribute post to those Pokemon who often get lost in the dust of their competitors - but each of these has their own unique talents and strengths! Sometimes it's not all about speed, but what you can do with your form. Here are the slowest Pokemon in the franchise, the slowest creatures you’ll ever see in any region of these games!

Best Grass Type Moves in Pokemon Ranked

Grass type Pokemon often get a rep for being predictable and mediocre but I'm here to tell you that isn't true! Grass are the dark horse of the competition and harness more power than anyone realises. There are some epic tricks to deploy and some seriously powerful moves. Move over Electric type Pokemon, Grass type is the new elemental wildcard! This roster of moves isn’t only more extensive than most of the other types, but there’s an ongoing theme of powerful moves with drawbacks - turning grass into possibly the hardest on-paper hitters in the entire Pokédex!

Weakest Pokemon in the Franchise Ranked!

Weakest Pokemon list ranked
Let's take a look at the weakest Pokemon in battle. With over 800 Pokémon released over many generations you’re bound to find some insanely powerful creatures, along with the opposite too! There are so many factors to consider when trying to draw up a list of weak Pokemon. In this article I will focus primarily on Pokémon that don't perform well in combat or in battle. It's really fun to consider the other talents they possess, as no Pokemon is truly weak in that they all seem to have special skills and unique traits to appreciate, but here are the worst Pokemon to have in battle. Which Pokemon are bad in battle? Let's read on to find out!

Best Cat Pokemon and Feline Pokemon

Cutest best cat Pokemon
The Pokemon universe, the only place where cats can hatch from eggs! Cats are known as mysterious creatures, so lets take the mystery out of the equation and take a look at the most elegant, the most ferocious and the cutest Pokemon cats from every region in the franchise. You'll definitely want to take them home with you - as the saying goes, one cat just leads to another!

Cutest Pokemon Characters of All Time

Cutest Pokemon of All Time
Possibly one of the greatest age old questions of all time, which is the cutest Pokemon - or which Pokemon is the cutest? Whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or one of the other dozens of Pokémon games, stats aren't only the unit of measurement on your mind. Sometimes it's all about which Pokemon you can fawn over and keeping those sweet little cuties in your collection is imperative as just seeing them brings a smile to your face. Forget 'Who is the strongest Pokémon?' or 'What are the best grass moves?' for a moment and revel in these adorable little critters with their unique and special talents, from rare Pokemon to baby Pokemon and everything in between! Having strong Pokémon is important, but there is always room in our collection for those sweet little babies we just don't want to evolve yet (ever!)