Anime where MC is an OP transfer student

Anime OP transfer students
Transfer Students. Those guys who leave you wondering whether they actually transferred from the realms of Krypton or some land out of a comic book, to save the school and kick some butt. Yes, those guys that suddenly appear, steal the whole show, get the girl, and make us all feel like side characters, as they turn super OP! Perhaps it is the way they appear initially weak or vulnerable (we want to protect them) or struggle to fit in and then get the 'glow up' of a lifetime and discover their true power, that makes them so satisfying to watch, especially for those who love to root for the 'little guy' and who never tire of a superhero story (us). Before we go off on a Marvel tangent, here are lots of anime shows where MC is OP transfer student!

Best Piplup Nicknames for Penguin Pokemon

Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of cute Pokemon nicknames ideas for your penguin Pokemon! From lots of blue Pokemon nicknames for your light blue Pokemon, names like Mento, Smurf, Periwinkle and Lapis to tons of good small Pokemon nicknames ideas, like Jinbee, Guppy, Twinkie and Fry, these are perfect for your Piplup Pokemon. These will also make great names for Water Type Pokemon, such as Slush, Neptune, Jinbesan and Boba, or even good Ice Type Pokemon nicknames, such as Froyo, Magnum, Freddo and Whippy! 

Best Smut Romance Manga

Best Smut Romance Manga
Here are tons of good smut romance manga to read, from femdom smut manga to knight in shining armour smut manga and everything in between. Every individual has a taste, and a lot of them tend to have mixed feelings when they hear the term ‘smut.’ If you are not sure what this term means, let us help you out here!

Best Jumpluff Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Purple Pokemon Nicknames
All the Jumpluff nicknames for your plant Pokemon, that adorable little fluffy critter that looks just like a dandelion seed drifting through the wind. Here are some good names for purple Pokemon, like Damson, Lavender, Dusk and Cassis, and nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon, such as Thistledown, Carraway, Posy and Jasmine. These would also be perfect for your Flying Type Pokemon, as they are inspired by creatures of flight and the mythology surrounding them, names like Ruffles, Aerie, Zephyr, Orbit and even Febreeze, to represent its breezy, light and cheerful nature. Even if you think Jumpluff is the cutest little name all on its own, why not get inspired by these interesting and carefree nicknames for your dreamy critter!

Best Electric Nicknames for Electric Type Pokemon

Best Electric Pokemon Names
All the Electric Type Pokemon nicknames ideas to inspire you when naming your sparky little critter or powerful electrically charged tanky beast of a Pokemon! These nicknames for Electric Type Pokemon are inspired by science, mythology, pop culture and make uber quirky nicknames for your yellow Pokemon, nicknames for small Electric Pokemon - like Nugget, Pixel, Photon and Duracell - plus some funny Electric Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, like Lucozade (the energy drink), Tazerface, Siri and 10000VoltGhost (from Scooby Doo!)

Best Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames
Tons of Rock Type Pokemon nicknames 101! Here are some good names for Rock Type Pokemon, heavily inspired and influenced by nature, science, mythology and pop culture! These are also great nicknames for Rock and Ground Type Pokemon, nicknames for brown Pokemon and nicknames for tank Pokemon or heavy critters!

Best Anime Twins (Funniest, Cutest and Hottest!)

Best Anime Twins
Anime twins mean double the cuteness, double the fun and always double the drama! It's easy to see what makes twins in anime shows stand out so much, their contradictory yet cohesive personalities and traits, plus unique ways of matching in their own yin yang style way is incredibly fascinating to observe and incredibly entertaining to watch. Plus they tend to be the most competitive anime characters we've ever seen. From anime twin boys to twin anime girls pairings and boy girl anime twins, to even anime trap twin characters and yuri anime twins, here are some of the cutest twins in anime shows and also hottest twins anime characters!

Best Bidoof and Bibarel Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Beaver Mouse Pokemon Nicknames ideas
A normal type Pokemon from Generation 4 that appears as a Beaver like Pokemon, it goes on to evolve into Bibarel, with a more adult beaver like form, but still keeps its adorable appearance! Similar to Rattata stat wise, it’s probably one of the first Pok√©mon you’ll catch in the fourth-generation games’ starter areas. Funnily it is named as the Plump Mouse Pokemon, despite its beaverish looks! Although perhaps not a Pokemon that would feel most comfortable in combat, this critter is smart, creative, clever and resourceful. It is known to constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth, so just be sure to watch out for your furniture! It prefers to nest alongside water where, with its nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. Here are some great nicknames for brown Pokemon!

Best Ground Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Ground Type Pokemon Nicknames
Tons of good Ground Type Pokemon nicknames 101! These make great nicknames for brown pokemon, nicknames for tank Pokemon and big Pokemon, to cute nicknames for small Ground Type Pokemon. These will also be perfect for your dual Rock and Ground Pokemon, nicknames inspired by all the different types of terrain, in our world and the Pokemon realm, plus pay homage to the might and splendour of the oldest and ancient Pokemon - these make amazing nicknames for fossil Pokemon too! What are some good nicknames for Ground Pokemon?