DIY Anime Chibi Origami Paper Craft Tutorials

What is a chibi character? We often see them in anime or on the internet as an art style, where the character boasts an unusually big head and eyes and a very little body. Often they just appear as a head, with no body at all! The object of this art or animation style is to make the character appear super cute and child-like, often in a humorous or endearing way. Here are some chibi style origami creatures to make. We hope you love these chibi style animals and enjoy making them. Don't forget the googly eyes! 

Chibi frog origami tutorial

Kitsune Fox Origami Paper Craft Tutorials

The kitsune is a fox-like spirit in Japanese mythology, also known to be a trickster. Japanese legends tell that the Kitsune is born with a fox-like appearance, and that the number of tails on the creature indicates its age and power. Legend states that once the yokai has gained a lot of experience, its hair becomes white or golden. Before the age of 100, it is said that Kitsune is a polymorphous creature and this cunning spirit is capable of transforming itself, producing fire or even illusions in order to manipulate humans.  

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What to gift someone who likes anime?

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Best Anime Magical Girl Crafts ideas

Best Anime Magical Girl Crafts ideas

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