Kitsune Fox Origami Paper Craft Tutorials

The kitsune is a fox-like spirit in Japanese mythology, also known to be a trickster. Japanese legends tell that the Kitsune is born with a fox-like appearance, and that the number of tails on the creature indicates its age and power. Legend states that once the yokai has gained a lot of experience, its hair becomes white or golden. Before the age of 100, it is said that Kitsune is a polymorphous creature and this cunning spirit is capable of transforming itself, producing fire or even illusions in order to manipulate humans.  

There are two tutorials to try, one that is easier and one that is a little more tricky. The key is to stick with it and keep practising and the end result will be so satisfying! These are so cute and you can make a whole herd of foxes as cute decor or gifts for friends! 

To make these you will need:

A 6 inch (15cm) square origami paper colour side down 

1. Start off by folding your square paper in half, corner to corner.

2. Once you have that triangle, then fold the top point downwards, so that it forms a trapezium shape

3. Next, fold the two triangles you can see (either side of the trapezium) upwards, to form the ears

4. Finally, turn the whole thing around and draw a face on your fox!

1. Start off by folding your square paper in half, corner to corner

2. Then, unfold, and fold the opposite way, corner to corner

3. Next, fold each outer corner of the triangle in towards the center point, creating a pushed over square shape

4. Take the top half of your pushed over square and fold it behind, to form an upside down triangle

5. Fold the edge of the triangle back towards the center. This is where we're going to fashion the ears.

6. Tilt the creation anti clockwise slightly, so it looks like the fox is sitting down

7. Finish by folding the bottom left triangle point inwards, to create a tail, and draw a little face on your new fox or kitsune character! 

Best papers to try for making your origami fox or kitsume 

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