DIY Anime Chibi Origami Paper Craft Tutorials

What is a chibi character? We often see them in anime or on the internet as an art style, where the character boasts an unusually big head and eyes and a very little body. Often they just appear as a head, with no body at all! The object of this art or animation style is to make the character appear super cute and child-like, often in a humorous or endearing way. Here are some chibi style origami creatures to make. We hope you love these chibi style animals and enjoy making them. Don't forget the googly eyes! 

Chibi frog origami tutorial

1. To start making the frog, we're going to fold the square starting piece in half, side to side, then unfold. Next we're going to fold the paper in half in the other direction, then unfold, to create a cross shape in the paper.

2. Now turn your attention to the bottom half of the cross and fold the bottom two corners up to the middle, turning the bottom half of the square in to a rectangle.

3. Now we're going to focus on the top section of the cross. Fold each top corner inwards, to form a triangle. Your origami creation so far will resemble a sailboat shape.

4. Now we're going to fold either side of the sailboat inwards, toward the center, like a hug. 

5. Step 5 is to fold the bottom rectangle upwards, to meet and align with the two triangle points. It should now look a little like a sailboat again.

6. Now we're going to fold half of that rectangle back in on itself, to form the frogs legs, or leg in this case!

7. Finally, spin your creation around and pop some googly eyes on! 

Chibi rabbit origami tutorial
1. Grab your square origami paper and fold it in half, corner to corner, to form a triangle.

2. Next we're going to fold the triangle firmly in half, then unfold it again, to create a line going down the center of the triangle.

3. Now we're going to fold the base or bottom of the triangle upwards. It should now look a little like a paper hat.

4. Now we're going to take each corner of the paper hat and tuck it neatly behind. The points should come upright, to form the ears of the rabbit or bunny.

5. Now flip it around to show a pink face with ears.

6. To make the forehead, take the top triangle point of the head and fold it backwards, tucking it neatly out of the way.

7. Glue some googly eyes on your bunny to finish! 

Chibi dog origami tutorial 
1. We're going to start this slightly trickier tutorial by folding our square origami paper in half, corner to corner, smoothing it down, then unfolding it back out again, to create a line down the center. We're next going to do the same with the other corner to corner, then unfold out again, so you have a cross shape marked on the paper.

2. We're then going to fold each point inwards, in order to make a smaller square.

3. Now we're going to unfold only one triangle - the one at the left hand side, to make it look like an opened envelope.

4. Now we're going to fold the whole thing in half, folding the upper half down over the lower half.

5. Next we're going to fold it at the point shown on the display picture, fold it down smoothly, then unfold, creating a line where shown on the display picture.

6. Now we're going to take only the top layer of paper and fold it in a way to resemble step 6 in the display. Folding the top layer upwards will create a little tent or pocket. We can then fold the top triangle (seen in step 6 in the display picture) down over the pocket, to make a kite like shape.

7. We can then begin to fashion the nose by folding the middle corner point inwards.

8. The next step is to fold the two triangles either side down to fashion them in to ears.

9. For step 9, we're going to fold down the tip of the pup's nose. You can then colour this in a different colour if you prefer!

10. Step 10 is to shape the body by tucking the bottom corner triangle backwards

11. Now we're going to flip our creation around and stand our new pup on the ledge we just folded!

12. And that's it! Add a little face and some adorable googly eyes to finish.

Chibi monkey character origami tutorial 
1. To make the chibi style monkey, take your starting origami sheet and fold it in half, side to side. Smooth it down and then unfold it, creating a line down the middle.

2. Next, flip the top half of the square over the bottom and fold down smoothly. 

3. Now we're going to take our rectangle and fold it in the way demonstrated on the display picture, folding the sectioned portion across to the left. 

Next we're going to open up the little pocket in the flap we just folded and it should look like a little tent. This will be our monkey's face! We're then going to push the top of the tent down and fold it down as a little triangle. This will keep the tent open, so we can turn it in to monkey's face.

4. Step number 4 is to fold each little triangle in at either end of monkey's face, so they are pointing at each other.

5. We're then going to make it so that monkey can stand up, by folding the latter portion of his body backwards and tucking it behind him. 

6. Finally, pop a face on your monkey and voila! Feel free to attach a pipe cleaner or something similar as a tail. 

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