Smallest Pokemon Ever Ranked

Smallest cutest Pokemon designs
What is the smallest Pokemon? From Applin to Azurill to Comfey, there are so many cute and adorable tiny Pokemon that come in all quirky and unique designs. With eight generations of Pokemon to consider, there are so many to weigh up to find the smallest Pokemon or lightest Pokemon that weigh the least. When you look at the dimensions of the tiniest Pokemon, you’ll notice that they are much smaller than one foot tall. These include some legendary Pokemon and a variety of Bug-types. Here are a few of the tiniest Pokemon that might just be hiding under your nose! Don't underestimate these critters or overlook them for their size, just check out antman, who had a major feature in the more recent Marvel films and is one of the characters with the most screentime out of all the Avengers!

Best Blaziken Nicknames for Fire Pokemon

Best Fire Pokemon Designs
Good Blaziken Nicknames 101! Check out these best nicknames for Blaziken, who comes in at number 1 of our list of Best Strongest Fire Type Pokemon! Known as the Blaze Pokemon, a dual Fire and Flying type, this epic bipedal chicken-like beast bags the top spot by bringing together the most popularity points and competitive strength among the fire types. Generation 3’s fire starter (well, its final form anyway - Torchich is the original starter but turns into Blaziken at level 36), not many flame critters can clear a 30 storey building in a single jump (with those epic legs!) let alone withstand, and match, the power and prowess of its blazing punches that leave its opponents scorched and blackened. It's fair to say it bears immense power and force in battle. It has an incredible array of moves that gives Blaziken incredible coverage against other types, and its Flare Blitz ability is ruthless on such a high attack Pokemon. The fact that it comes from the cutest starter in Pokémon history only cements its popularity!

Best Steel Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Steel Type Pokemon Designs
Tons of good Steel Type Pokemon nicknames for your silver surfer, the tanky weapon up your sleeve, your steely focused fighter or your shiny little critter! Steel Type Pokemon include those such as Duraludon, Steelix, Magneton, Ferrothorn, Lucario and Scizor. You better bet there are some tanks here, the Steel type was introduced in the second generation of Pokémon games and is the strongest type defensively, with 10 types being not very effective against it and the Poison type having no effect. From Pokémon X/Y onwards, it lost its Ghost and Dark resistance, those types now dealing neutral damage. The Steel type also has the highest average Defense stat in the games.

Best Pinsir Nicknames for Bug Pokemon

Best Bug Pokemon Designs
Lots of good Pinsir nicknames for your tiny angry Pokemon! This horned minibeast Pokemon is a Bug Type Pokemon from Generation 1 and is also known as the Stag Beetle Pokemon. Just like horned creatures in real life, these Pokémon judge one another based on pincers. Thicker, more impressive pincers make for more popularity with the opposite gender. Inspired by the incredibly strong minibeasts in real life, Pinsir is astoundingly strong. It can grip a foe weighing twice its weight in its horns and easily lift it.

Best Dragonite Nicknames for your Orange Pokemon

Best Dragon Pokemon nicknames
Tons of nicknames for Dragonite, your charming and mellow orange friend! Forget the dragons you've seen in fairytales and films, Dragonite is a kind hearted, mellow fellow, a dual Dragon and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 1, known as the Dragon Pokemon. It is a kindhearted Pokémon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land and is a firm favourite in the anime. What is a good nickname for Dragonite?

Best Normal Type Pokemon Nicknames

Lots of good Normal Type Pokemon nicknames for the Normal Pokemon critters in your collection! It can be tricky coming up names for these Pokemon as they are all so different and don't share a similar semantic field to base nicknames around, as like Water Type Pokemon or Fire Type Pokemon, so anything can go! 

Anime where MC is an OP transfer student

Anime OP transfer students
Transfer Students. Those guys who leave you wondering whether they actually transferred from the realms of Krypton or some land out of a comic book, to save the school and kick some butt. Yes, those guys that suddenly appear, steal the whole show, get the girl, and make us all feel like side characters, as they turn super OP! Perhaps it is the way they appear initially weak or vulnerable (we want to protect them) or struggle to fit in and then get the 'glow up' of a lifetime and discover their true power, that makes them so satisfying to watch, especially for those who love to root for the 'little guy' and who never tire of a superhero story (us). Before we go off on a Marvel tangent, here are lots of anime shows where MC is OP transfer student!

Best Piplup Nicknames for Penguin Pokemon

Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Best Penguin Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of cute Pokemon nicknames ideas for your penguin Pokemon! From lots of blue Pokemon nicknames for your light blue Pokemon, names like Mento, Smurf, Periwinkle and Lapis to tons of good small Pokemon nicknames ideas, like Jinbee, Guppy, Twinkie and Fry, these are perfect for your Piplup Pokemon. These will also make great names for Water Type Pokemon, such as Slush, Neptune, Jinbesan and Boba, or even good Ice Type Pokemon nicknames, such as Froyo, Magnum, Freddo and Whippy! 

Best Smut Romance Manga

Best Smut Romance Manga
Here are tons of good smut romance manga to read, from femdom smut manga to knight in shining armour smut manga and everything in between. Every individual has a taste, and a lot of them tend to have mixed feelings when they hear the term ‘smut.’ If you are not sure what this term means, let us help you out here!

Best Jumpluff Nicknames ideas

Best Purple Pokemon Nicknames
All the Jumpluff nicknames for your plant Pokemon, that adorable little fluffy critter that looks just like a dandelion seed drifting through the wind. Here are some good names for purple Pokemon, like Damson, Lavender, Dusk and Cassis, and nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon, such as Thistledown, Carraway, Posy and Jasmine. These would also be perfect for your Flying Type Pokemon, as they are inspired by creatures of flight and the mythology surrounding them, names like Ruffles, Aerie, Zephyr, Orbit and even Febreeze, to represent its breezy, light and cheerful nature. Even if you think Jumpluff is the cutest little name all on its own, why not get inspired by these interesting and carefree nicknames for your dreamy critter!

Best Electric Nicknames for Electric Type Pokemon

Best Electric Pokemon Names
All the Electric Type Pokemon nicknames ideas to inspire you when naming your sparky little critter or powerful electrically charged tanky beast of a Pokemon! These nicknames for Electric Type Pokemon are inspired by science, mythology, pop culture and make uber quirky nicknames for your yellow Pokemon, nicknames for small Electric Pokemon - like Nugget, Pixel, Photon and Duracell - plus some funny Electric Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, like Lucozade (the energy drink), Tazerface, Siri and 10000VoltGhost (from Scooby Doo!)

Best Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames
Tons of Rock Type Pokemon nicknames 101! Here are some good names for Rock Type Pokemon, heavily inspired and influenced by nature, science, mythology and pop culture! These are also great nicknames for Rock and Ground Type Pokemon, nicknames for brown Pokemon and nicknames for tank Pokemon or heavy critters!

Best Anime Twins (Funniest, Cutest and Hottest!)

Best Anime Twins
Anime twins mean double the cuteness, double the fun and always double the drama! It's easy to see what makes twins in anime shows stand out so much, their contradictory yet cohesive personalities and traits, plus unique ways of matching in their own yin yang style way is incredibly fascinating to observe and incredibly entertaining to watch. Plus they tend to be the most competitive anime characters we've ever seen. From anime twin boys to twin anime girls pairings and boy girl anime twins, to even anime trap twin characters and yuri anime twins, here are some of the cutest twins in anime shows and also hottest twins anime characters!

Best Bidoof Nicknames

Beaver Mouse Pokemon Nicknames ideas
A normal type Pokemon from Generation 4 that appears as a Beaver like Pokemon. Similar to Rattata stat wise, it’s probably one of the first Pokémon you’ll catch in the fourth-generation games’ starter areas! Funnily it is named as the Plump Mouse Pokemon, despite its beaverish looks! Although perhaps not a Pokemon that would feel most comfortable in combat, this critter is smart, creative, clever and resourceful. It is known to constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth, so just be sure to watch out for your furniture! It prefers to nest alongside water where, with its nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. Here are some great nicknames for brown Pokemon!

Best Ground Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Ground Type Pokemon Nicknames
Tons of good Ground Type Pokemon nicknames 101! These make great nicknames for brown pokemon, nicknames for tank Pokemon and big Pokemon, to cute nicknames for small Ground Type Pokemon. These will also be perfect for your dual Rock and Ground Pokemon, nicknames inspired by all the different types of terrain, in our world and the Pokemon realm, plus pay homage to the might and splendour of the oldest and ancient Pokemon - these make amazing nicknames for fossil Pokemon too! What are some good nicknames for Ground Pokemon?

Best Greninja Nicknames for Blue Pokemon

Best Blue Pokemon Nicknames
If you spot a blue blur whizzing past, it is more likely to be Greninja than Sonic the Hedgehog. This iconic frog Pokemon is an uber powerful dual Dark and Water type, also known as the Ninja Pokemon and is one of the most well-known Pokémon overall. Not only has it made an appearance in the anime as one of Ash’s Pokémon, but also as a character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate alongside Pikachu. It is the evolved form of Froakie at level 36 and possesses insane speed, a bit like how fast a frog can move in real life. Not only incredibly fast with a high special attack, it has arguably the best ability in the game with Protean, too. Protean automatically changes the user’s typing to whatever type matches the move it’s using. That means that every move gets STAB. Its expansive movepool is a major contributing factor to its potency as an offensive force as well! 

Best Onix Nicknames for Rock Type Pokemon

Best Onix Nicknames ideas
These hardcore Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames are perfect for your dual Rock and Ground Type Pokemon! Nicknames here are inspired by mythology, from films and literature, plus all the nicknames ideas for Ground Type Pokemon, such as Pumice, Druzy and Pinnacle, and Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames like Ragnarock, Korg, Ammonite and Geode. Here are some amazing and badass nicknames for your fearsome pet rock!

Best Drifblim Nicknames ideas

Best Drifblim Nicknames ideas
Is it a spider? Is it a dessert? Is it a balloon? We've catered for all these factors when it comes to names for this curious critter. Drifblim has such a quirky and unusual design and could be one of the cutest but weirdest Pokemon out there. The evolved form of Drifloon and a dual Ghost and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 4, it is commonly known as the Blimp Pokemon and has a spooky reputation. It grabs people and Pokémon and carries them off somewhere. Where do they go? Nobody knows, but it is often supposed that Some say this Pokémon is a collection of souls burdened with regrets, silently drifting through the dusk. Maybe its design is inspired by old party balloons that drift haphazardly and forgotten, forming spooky shapes as the breeze lifts and spins them.

Best Dunsparce Nicknames

Best insect Pokemon
What should I name my Dunsparce Pokemon? Here are tons of cool nicknames for Dunsparce to give you lots of inspiration, when nothing less will do for your adorable quirky little winged critter! From good nicknames for insect Pokemon like Catkin, Snicket and Buzz, to nicknames for yellow Pokemon like Amarillo, Sherbet, Yuzu and SunnyD, and nicknames for small Pokemon such as Sprite, Nugget and Citron, here are tons of good naming ideas for your small striped Pokemon!

Best Anime about Depression

Best Anime about Depression
Containing sensitive themes and topics, these anime shows seek to explore the depths and pitfalls and reverberating effects from the destructive mental illness that is depression, on lots of different levels. From anime about emotional pain to, anime about mental health issues, to anime about mental illness, these anime shows about depression try to document the darkness of feeling the world drain of colour and the darkness depression can bring. From feeling you just want to hide and feeling pointless, guilty and a waste of space, finding a way out of that darkness is hard and it’s a challenge to get other people to understand what it’s like, much less help you through your tough times. Fortunately, there are many anime about depression. No matter if you’re struggling through yourself or if you want to be able to better relate to a friend, these depression anime are great places to start and are somehow so comforting to watch. Here are some of the best anime shows with depression or featuring depression within them. I hope you enjoy!

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Nicknames

Fairy Type Pokemon Names 101! With all their quirks and charm, these nicknames for your Fairy Type Pokemon are serving up serious cuteness, in every department, to spark your imagination and make naming your Pokemon a pleasure. From flower Pokemon nicknames such as Floret, Tulip and Posy, to good small Pokemon nicknames such as Pois, Charm and Twinkie, plus inspiration from literature, anime and movies, here are soft aesthetic and delicate Fairy Type Pokemon nicknames to adore!

Best Trap Characters in Anime Shows

Best Trap Anime Characters
Trap characters in anime have a special place in our hearts, their quirks and traits are so different, diverse, creative and colourful and unique. They often manage to steal the show in the anime, even if they are presented as more of a minor character in the show; they have the biggest impact! A trap character in anime refers to a person of either gender that convincingly dresses as the opposite gender. Traps traditionally refer to boys dressed as girls while reverse traps are girls that dress as boys. Here are the most convincing traps in anime shows, that have us fooled time and time again and keep the audience guessing!

Best Tsundere Boys in Anime

Best Tsundere Boys in Anime
Move over, Mr Darcy! These tsundere guys blow our fave Pride and Prejudice character out of the water, with their moody exteriors, prideful personas and epic transformations or revelations, and are just as fawned over by anime fans and non anime fans alike. These are some of the most multifaceted characters in anime  and are also those who undergo the biggest transformations in our favourite series'. There's just something about a mean character with a softer side that we can't resist. After all, why do girls love a bad boy so much? Hearts stop, jaws drop and everyone more aside, here is our list of best tsundere boys that everyone fawns over!

Best Lanturn Nicknames for Water Type Pokemon

Best fish Pokemon nicknames
Lots of good Lanturn nicknames to inspire you when naming your fishy friend! Here are some good nicknames for Fish Pokemon, names like Cowrie, Guppy, Seaberry and Flounder, plus good blue Pokemon nicknames ideas like Neytiri, Sapphire, Smurf and Periwinkle and good Water Type Pokemon nicknames like Jinbesan, Boba, Amphrite, Sceptre and Triton, with many drawn from mythology and folklore for the cutest under the sea inspired name ever!

Best Shedinja Nicknames for Bug Type Pokemon

From Pokemon names starting with S like Sweep, Sesame, Saffron and Saturn (inspired by the halo above its head mimicking Saturn's rings), to nicknames for yellow Pokemon, names such as Yuzu, Goldie, Midas and Cheerio, nicknames for beige or brown Pokemon like Umber, Sepia, Ochre and Biscoff, plus good Bug Type Pokemon nicknames like Empress, Marmite, Farthing, Speckle or Swift that perfectly befit your spooky Pokemon! There are also good Ghost Type Pokemon nicknames ideas to amuse you, such as Terrorcotta (ba dum tuss), Smoulder, Miasma and Shulker.

Best Yandere Boys in Anime

Best Yandere Anime Guys
Male yandere characters 101! Heathcliff move aside, these guys will go to whole new lengths to prove their love and devotion, something that, in the context of a gripping anime, we can't get enough of. Yandere characters are intense characters often found entirely dedicated to one particular obsession of theirs, whether that is a person, object or concept. They can be portrayed as the romantic hero in anime shows, as a villain, or even both at the same time  Their dedication and devotion dictates they will not stop until the object of their obsession is theirs to own, contain and control. Unlike yandere girls who tend to be a bit more explosively violent in their rage, yandere boys might burn at a low smolder. Often composed in their stalking and their violence coming off as “just being over protective,” they can be just as prolific killers when it comes to their love.

Best Horsea Nicknames for your Fish Pokemon

Best Fish Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Horsea nicknames ideas for your fish Pokemon - including good Water Type Pokemon nicknames like Cowrie, Sceptre and Tempest, to good blue Pokemon nicknames such as Lapis, Tanzanite and Sapphire to inspire you! A Water Type Pokemon from Generation 1 known as the Dragon Pokemon, Horsea makes its home in oceans with gentle currents. If this Pokémon is under attack, it spits out pitch-black ink and escapes. This iconic cutie has been winning hearts ever since it was first introduced as one of the OGs!

Best Dark Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Dark Type Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Nicknames ideas for Dark Type Pokemon! Many of the scariest, spookiest Pokemon in the whole franchise can be found in the Dark Type category. These are Pokemon who are some of the most dangerous, chaotic, and overall edgy creatures we've ever seen, along with some of the creepiest and coolest designs. And it’s the type chosen by some of the most well-loved trainers ever to grace our screens, like Karen from Johto’s Elite 4 and the painfully cute Marnie from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Good Celebi Nicknames ideas

Best fairy green Pokemon nicknames
Best fairy green Pokemon nicknames
Tons of good Celebi nicknames for your fairy Pokemon! Here are lots of good nicknames for green Pokemon like Matcha, Sage and Peridot, nicknames for small Pokemon like Floret, Sprite and Bud and cool Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames such as Quartz, Genie and Zen. Plus some good Grass Type Pokemon nicknames ideas like Pois, Sprout and Vetiver to inspire you! 

Good Meganium Nicknames ideas

Best Grass Type Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Meganium nicknames for your big, green, dinosaur Pokemon or gentle giant, from good Grass Type Pokemon Nicknames like Pois, Monet, Lotus and Bonsai, to good nicknames for big Pokemon like Tefiti, Babylon and Gaia, and good green Pokemon nicknames such as Matcha, Peridot and Prehnite.

Good Cyndaquil Nicknames

Good small Fire Pokemon names
All the best Cyndaquil nicknames ideas to inspire you! A list that may resemble a Holland and Barrett or Whole Foods shop in the latter entries but there are somehow so many cute food related nicknames for this spicy Pokemon! From good nicknames for Fire Type Pokemon, like Pyro, Carnelian, Elio and Peri, to good small Pokemon nicknames ideas like Spark, Cinnabun, Elmo and Freckle, here are lots of good nicknames for your Cyndaquil Pokemon!

Best Anime Princesses in Anime Shows

Best Anime Princesses
Let's talk anime princesses! Whether you are looking for anime shows like Cinderella, Rapunzel or Snow White, or love a fairytale anime show, check out this list of the best princesses in anime shows! The anime world is full every kind of princess, of damsels in distress, warrior princess anime characters, futuristic queens and tons of talented, brave female royals that bring fame, glory and honour to their kingdoms. PS sometimes it's all about the character transformations...

Best Venomoth Nicknames ideas

Best Venomoth Nicknames ideas
Lots of good Venomoth nicknames ideas for your butterfly Pokemon or moth Pokemon with wings, nicknames ideas to give you tons of inspiration when naming your fluttery friend, including good Bug Type Pokemon nicknames like Wisp, Nettle and Papillon, good Poison Type Pokemon nicknames like Pandora, Posy and Foxglove and good nicknames for small Pokemon such as Slipper, Twinkie, Dew and Fae.

Best Serperior Nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon

What are some good Serperior nicknames? Check out this list of Grass Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, such as Gaia, Lotus, Clematis and Heather, along with good snake Pokemon nicknames such as Serpentine, Slytherin and Malfoy that will be perfect for your Seperior Pokemon. Also some regal names like Seraphina, Titania and Ceres that match and represent the beauty and regality of this beautiful Pokemon, plus green Pokemon nicknames like Peridot, Chrysalis and Matcha!

Best Magic School Anime Shows

Best Magic School Anime Characters
Let's talk Magic School Anime! These shows might also be considered as part of the high school anime shows category, an incredibly popular genre in anime - but bring us a slice of fantasy, magic and a wonderful escape in to magical realms we might never have imagined before! From anime shows like Harry Potter to anime shows like the Worst Witch, here are our Top 20 best magic school anime, all the magic anime you could shake a stick - or a wand - at! 

Best Mew Nicknames for Cat Pokemon

Best Cat Pokemon nicknames
Best pink Pokemon nicknames
All the good Mew nicknames ideas for your cat Pokemon! Here are tons of good Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, from Astrological and Spiritual Pokemon nicknames like Gemini, Celeste and Angelite, that illustrate its rarity and mythical status in the Pokemon realm, to pink Pokemon nicknames like Blush, Tulle and Blossom, and Cat Pokemon nicknames like Sashimi, Duchess and Marie, there are so many options to inspire you!

Famously cute for its adorable cat like shape, super long tail and iconic pink hue (as well as its super short little arms!) this adorable feline cat Pokemon is actually a rare sight to be seen and even when it wants to be spotted, it is said that only the pure of heart can see it. A Psychic type Pokemon from Generation 1, it inspires fan art everywhere it goes and is known widely as the New Species Pokemon, a nod to its origins story as it is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. While its clone Mewtwo is a powerful force to be reckoned with, Mew is so charming and curious, at the same time a super powerful legendary Pokemon with extremely strong powers.

Best Old Man Characters in Anime

Best old men in anime
It is said that the older generation have the best stories to tell, and this goes the same for the oldest anime characters on our screens. Time and time again anime teaches us that there is more than meets the eye, and this is so true for old man characters in anime, some of the oldest characters in anime out there. Here is a list of the top elderly male characters, both good and evil, who are only too cool, the best old men anime characters!

Best Gliscor Nicknames Ideas for Bat Pokemon

Best Bat Pokemon names
Let's talk best nicknames ideas for bat Pokemon! What should I name my Gliscor? This dual Ground and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 4 looks like a mix between a bat and a scorpion - although thought to be more bat than scorpion. It has the fangs associated with a bat, wing capes and bat ears. It evolves from Gligar, with its traditional fangs and wing capes, with the requirements for evolving being it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang.

Possibly the most vampire bat-lookalike of them all, it retains an exceptional defense stat, but now is levelled up with great speed and pretty good attack too. An amazing bat Pokemon that will carry you through many battles and look incredibly edgy, cool and scary at the same time, as you can imagine a flying scorpion bat hybrid might be. What makes it even cooler is that being inflicted with poison (a valid strategy to wear down Pokémon with lots of Defense) will actually heal Gliscor. 

Best Anime Cat Boy Characters

Anime guys with cat ears
Aka the best male Neko anime characters from anime shows! We've had Best Cat Girls in Anime Shows, let's check out these best cat boy characters in anime! Whether you love a good Kemonomimi anime or any kind of fantasy anime, you've probably run in to a kind of character known as a catboy. Catboy, otherwise called a Neko, is a human that displays the attributes of a feline, or a cat human hybrid - so here are our best male cat hybrid characters in anime! Characteristics incorporate feline ears, a tail, and some feline-like practices. So, for all the catboy sweethearts out there! This will be your #1 day as you will be acquainted with our Best Cat Boy characters in anime, best Neko Anime characters or part human part cat anime guys and boys - whatever you like to call them!

Best Nicknames for Psychic Type Pokemon

Best Psychic Type Pokemon Nicknames
Best Psychic Type Pokemon Nicknames
All the good Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames ideas! Looking for good names for Psychic Pokemon is always fun! There are so many cool aspects to draw from, you can opt for something totally unpredictable which is always fun, or be inspired with themes from fortune tellers to fantasy elements, you are spoilt for choice with adorable Pokemon nicknames like Tarot and Psyche. There are also tons of names derived from Mythology and both Elemental and Spiritual Pokemon names to consider!

Best Dark Anime Series to Watch

Best dark creepy anime characters
Come to the dark side, we have cookies and good anime. Contrary to popular opinion, dark anime spans a whole spectrum of themes and so many dark anime shows choose to take other paths and directions other than the blood, guts and monsters route. Dark anime series offer us gripping, violent, deep, psychological anime, shows full of uncomfortable themes that many do not dare to delve in to - they can dive to the depths of our darkest horrors hidden in plain sight. From psychological thriller anime to dystopian societies with subtle, twisted elements that give these shows a morbid, bleak or downright twisted atmosphere, to gothic anime, horror and sexual violence anime shows, here is a list of the best dark anime to watch.

Cutest Loli Anime Characters EVER!

Cutest Loli Anime Characters
Want to dial up the cuteness factor in an anime? Just add a loli! Their designs are so unique and creative, you can only imagine that their writers and producers must have had a lot of fun designing these characters and adding cute traits and hair and eye colours. Although there is pretty much no way of ranking these loli anime characters fairly, we had a go and here are the results!

Best Male Black Anime Characters

Black Male Anime Characters
Often with anime we see the majority of characters have the same or similar skin tone variation, usually having light or fair skin. This has stemmed from traditional beauty standards in Japanese culture, but as anime branches out in to different cultures and countries across the world, we are beginning to see more diversity in skin tone break through. Here are some super iconic, best black male anime characters we think you should meet! These characters are war veterans, zombies, samurais, and everything in between!