Best Fish Pokemon Characters of All Time

Cutest fish Pokemon in battle
Fish Pokemon often get overlooked in the Pokemon universe but they are some of the cutest, most crazy, cool and insanely clever critters in the whole of the Franchise! Just like in real life, sea dwelling critters seem like they are from a whole different world, a different alien planet. But which fishy Pokémon are good for catching and eating? Which are better suited for battle? And which one should you train as a companion?Let's take a trip under the sea and meet some of the most iconic Pokemon and most inventive Pokemon ever created!

Best Electric Type Pokemon in the Franchise

Best Electric type Pokemon in battle
Electric type Pokemon have a certain reputation for being a wildcard, with that certain little edge over their competitors. Looking at their unique talents, skills and quirks it's so easy to see why! From the most famous Electric type Pokemon, Pikachu itself, to bizarre yet wonderful electric manifestations such as a cable tie Pokemon, there are so many incredible critters to pick for your team and to steal your heart. If this sounds like a bit of you, you will be in your 'element' here! Check out these incredible electric Pokémon that you’ll find in any game.

Best Bear Pokemon in the Franchise

Best Bear Pokemon in the Franchise
The Pokemon universe, the only place where bears can hatch from eggs! These unique Pokémon combine undeniable strength with a calm and fuzzy demeanor, with some of the most adorable looks we've ever seen throughout the whole franchise. Even if they are hungry, clumsy and sleepy, that makes them extra special. Plus they are known for their loyalty and protective qualities, so amazing to have around, even if we can't get too close. Here are some of the best Pokémon that look like, or share a resemblance to bears.

35 Best Strongest Fire-type Pokémon From All Generations

Best fire type Pokemon in battle
One of the most famous starter Pokémon is the fire type critter. Fire types have enjoyed a special place in people’s hearts in almost every game thanks to their fiery nature, powerful moves, and all-around coolness. In the anime, despite Pikachu being his main guy, Ash always made sure that Charizard had a prominent place in his team. Other famous examples of fiery greatness are the remarkably stylish Malva in Pokémon X/Y’s Elite Four, and the recently retouched Flannery from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If you want to hang with the cool kids, burning grass types and bug types to ashes for fun all while liking Team Valor Leader Candela’s Instagram feed frenetically, then you’ll love this list of our top fire-type Pokémon that you have to check out. What can I say except that it's 'lit'!

Best Water type Pokemon in the Franchise

Best water type Pokemon characters
Everyone loves a water type Pokemon, water is one type you can choose as a starter Pokemon at the beginning of each game and offer tons of possibilities when it comes to skills and types of attack in battle. It's fair to say they are decked out with some seriously cool stats too. They often make the best starters, often the cutest of the bunch and they’re definitely the ones you want around if you need to surf you way across an ocean. There are so many creative designs, borrowing aspects from different real life creatures, and some super cool backstories to geek out over too. If you are a lover of Water types, are after a totally water-based team like Cerulean City’s Misty, or identify most closely with this element you will feel right at home here. Introducing all the water critters and aquatic Pokemon from all generations you should meet...