Heaviest Pokemon in the Franchise From All Generations

What is the heaviest Pokemon?

The heaviest is Celesteela, with Cosmoem and Primal Groudon coming in behind at second and third heaviest. Ultra Beast Celesteela carries the weight of an entire ancient literary tradition on its shoulders, while Cosmoem possesses the power of an entire planet (sort of) and Groudon has the power to reshape the land at a moment’s notice, raising and expanding whole continents. It's fair to say the backstories behind these critters are pretty incredible!

Who are the top 10 heaviest Pokemon?

The top 10 heaviest Pokemon of all time are Melmetal, Stakataka, Guzzlord, Mudsdale, Mega Metagross, Groudon, Eternatus, Primal Groudon, Cosmoem and Celesteela. Here are the rest of the Pokemon that weigh the most in the franchise!

 30. Mega Rayquaza (Pokemon Weight: 392.0 kg / 864.2 lbs) 

Heaviest Pokemon in the Franchise
The original Rayquaza, a dual Flying/Dragon type from Generation 3 isn't quite heavy enough to make this list. But upon using the Dragon Ascent move and becoming this mega Dragon/Flying beast, all those extra blades and super shiny gems make it almost 200 kg heavier. As a result it becomes chunkier, cooler, more powerful, continuing to carry the responsibility of keeping Kyogre and Groudon from destroying the world. You can also find Rayquaza on our Best Snake Pokemon list! (Also includes dragons who look like snakes)

18 Cutest Anime Girls with Horns

From rainbow coloured hair to animal fusions, cat ears and tails, there's no bounds to creativity when it comes to anime character designs, we've seen everything from quirky, cute to even plain scary and ugly anime characters (we still love them). So lets take a look at a super cute combination: horns and cute girls. Horned characters usually follow a certain trend - they are usually supernatural, powerful or magical creatures and also quite often NSFW, but varies on the anime! From demon to devil girls, dragon girls and alien girls, with all kinds of personalities to match, here are the best anime girls with horns from across every fandom out there!

Cutest Anime Girls with Horns
18. Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - a floating, translucent young girl with lavender hair, dark violet eyes, and a pair of black or dark purple horns on her head (the left one is slightly chipped). When angry or channeling her god powers, her eyes turn a glowing red. While Hanyuu might seem like a typical small girl - apart from the horns - she is actually the goddess of Hinamizawa and the reason for the constant loops in time in this anime. She is a super sweet and kind hearted character!

Cutest Anime Girls with Horns
17. Aletta from Isekai Shokudou - a clumsy and nervous girl at the start of this anime, she is quick to learn the ropes and discovers that she is a super talented waitress and server at the restaurant Nekoya - a strange restaurant, but we still want to go to meet and be served by this talented girl! She is super friendly with a blonde sweeping fringe and brown ram-like horns. No purpose for the horns seems to be given, but she looks so cute with them anyway! Maybe they are being used to keep her bunches in place?

Top 22 Ugliest Anime Characters Of All Time

On the topic of the Ugliest Pokemon in the Franchise (but we love them!) here are the Ugliest Anime characters we know and love, after all, there's so much more to a character than their looks! Although sometimes it is integral to their role and personality, and for some, seeing them in an unattractive way only makes them all the more endearing to us and makes us love them more! Since maybe this isn’t really something you might think about (or see often in the community), let’s take a look at who the ugliest characters are in all of anime. 

Ugliest Anime Characters Ugly Anime Characters
 22. Kouji Kouda from My Hero Academia anime - a rock/tree looking fellow that kind of also looks like Groot, that also gets in to U.A alongside main character Tokoyami. Quirks can often change your appearance, like Tokoyami’s, but it usually compliments your power in some way. Perhaps he may appear a little like a tree to help him be able to talk to animals and bond with them. We know he is a friendly character and loves bunnies, he definitely won't have any trouble in the dating world! Plus a large forehead is said to be an attractive and masculine trait, even if it does look a little like a rock.

Ugliest Anime Characters Ugly Anime Characters
 21. Gordon Agrippa from Black Clover anime - a likable and sympathetic character, his look comes off as a little scary, a bit like Snubball in Ugliest Pokemon in the Franchise, a character that has a heart of gold but looks too scary and fierce that it finds it difficult to make friends! Gordon carries some Marilyn Manson vibes and is a mysterious spooky looking quietspoken character, only speaking through mumbled sounds, and curses. His look definitely comes off as bizarre and a little terrifying.

Top 22 Ugliest Pokemon: Ugly Pokemon we Completely Love!

There are all kinds of ways to categorize Pokémon, but let’s take a look at some of the ugliest Pokémon in the Franchise that we totally love! There is always a Pokemon for everyone, some of these critters are incredibly scary but they are all endearing to us in their own way! Check out these ugly Pokemon below...

Best Ugliest Pokemon characters, scary looking Pokemon
22. Whiscash - a dual Water/Ground type Pokemon from Generation 3, it is often known as the 'Whiskers Pokemon', with its great long curly whiskers either side of its face. It's known to be super territorial, can set off tremors and can predict real earthquakes. It has a big goofy smile with staring eyes, although it is totally endearing!

Best Ugliest Pokemon characters, scary looking Pokemon
21. Qwilfish - a dual type Water/Poison Pokemon introduced in Generation 2 and often known as the 'Balloon Pokemon' due to its ability to inflate and become huge when absorbing water. It is a sea dwelling Pokemon and has puffy pink lips and angrily slanted eyes, which make it look scary and intimidating. It can use water pressure to shoot poisonous quills at its opponents, which will cause them to faint. 

Top 20 Best Magical Girl Anime Of All Time

Let's have a look at the best magical girls anime ever! Starring superhero girls who can kick evil’s butt and have been empowering young girls from generation, to generation, over the past few decades. Here are an absolute ton of super cool shows and new icons to ship!

Best Magical Girl Anime and Characters
 20. Senki Zesshou Symphogear Anime - a mecha-mahou shoujo-idol hybrid anime that has all the best parts of a magical girl, idol and mecha anime, with super awesome transformations! Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou are the idol duo known Zwei Wing, who fight against evil force 'The Noise', using their songs to power ancient weapons. This anime is perfect for anyone who enjoyed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and wants to up their ante with singing teenagers and bombastic rocket launchers.

Best Magical Girl Anime and Characters
 19. Revolutionary Girl Utena Anime - with action and dark symbolism, Revolutionary Girl Utena is incredible for its sheer amount of detail which means that however many times you watch it, you find different easter eggs every time. Here we meet Utena, a girl who yearns to be a prince after encountering one royalty as a child. She meets a damsel named Anthy, and vows to win her hand, thus becoming a prince. She also has a feature in Best Tomboy Anime characters - go check it out!