How to Make an Origami Chibi Self Portrait

 Here is our guide on how to make an adorable chibi style origami self portrait! The chibi art style, which we so often see in anime, is where the character boasts an unusually big head and eyes and a very little body. Often they just appear as a head, with no body at all! The object of this art or animation style is to make the character appear super cute and child-like, often in a humorous or endearing way. 

These origami creations are also unique in that they require a rectangle shape starting origami paper, instead of the usual square origami paper. You can choose any different paper colours or patterns, to personalise your chibi origami creation, or even print your own hair texture paper or outfit texture paper to bring your creation to life. Also be sure to check out these chibi animal origami tutorials, we hope you enjoy!  

How to make the face 

1. To make the face you will need to start with a rectangular piece of paper, of colour of your choice (the colour of the front of the paper will become the hair colour for your chibi self, and the back of the paper will become your skin colour). First off, we're going to fold the two bottom corners inwards, to meet the middle.

2. Next we're going to fold the very lowest point upwards, to make more of a flat edge.

3. Next we're going to flip our paper around to the other side.

4. Now we're going to fold the top two corners down to meet the bottom two corners.

5. Now we're going to draw a line where the dotted line is on the display picture, then fold the top section backwards and tuck it behind the rectangle.

6. Once we have our rectangle with teeth shape, we're going to fold each top corner inwards, to start shaping the hairstyle.

7. We're then going to map out (a pencil and ruler is so handy!) the lines demonstrated on the display picture. Next, fold them inwards to shape the head and hairstyle and make it more rounded.

8. We're then going to do the same as step 7, mark out carefully on your paper creation the lines as shown on the display picture, either side of the hair or head. Next we're going to fold these sections backwards and tuck them behind the paper face.

9. Once we have done this, we finally have our chibi paper face, ready to decorate!

10. It isn't complete without a pair of big googly eyes and cute features to complete the chibi look.

How to make the body
1. Now for the body! First we're going to start off by grabbing our rectangular starting origami paper (the outer side will form the colour of our outfit) and lay it with the underside facing upwards. We're going to fold it exactly in half, closing the top half down over the bottom half. 

2. Next we're going to take the top two corners and fold them inwards, to meet the middle.

3. We now have a kind of funfair tent shape, but we're going to fold some parts backwards, to make more of a slim triangle shape. Using a pencil and ruler, lightly trace on your paper creation the lines marked out in the display picture. Now, using these lines, we're going to carefully fold the excess paper backwards, to tuck it behind our creation.

4. Now we have our triangle, our next step is to take the two paper points at the center of the triangle and fold them outwards, making the arms of the paper body.

5. And voila!

6. The final step is to attach the head to the body, to reveal your chibi alter ego!

You can have so much fun decorating your mini chibi paper self and can even add some hair accessories or details to your outfit. We hope you enjoyed this guide! 

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