Best Yandere Boys in Anime

Best Yandere Anime Guys
Male yandere characters 101! Heathcliff move aside, these guys will go to whole new lengths to prove their love and devotion, something that, in the context of a gripping anime, we can't get enough of. Yandere characters are intense characters often found entirely dedicated to one particular obsession of theirs, whether that is a person, object or concept. They can be portrayed as the romantic hero in anime shows, as a villain, or even both at the same time  Their dedication and devotion dictates they will not stop until the object of their obsession is theirs to own, contain and control. Unlike yandere girls who tend to be a bit more explosively violent in their rage, yandere boys might burn at a low smolder. Often composed in their stalking and their violence coming off as “just being over protective,” they can be just as prolific killers when it comes to their love.

Best Horsea, Seadra and Kingdra Nicknames for your Fish Pokemon

Best Fish Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Horsea nicknames ideas for your fish Pokemon - including good Water Type Pokemon nicknames like Cowrie, Sceptre and Tempest, to good blue Pokemon nicknames such as Lapis, Tanzanite and Sapphire to inspire you! A Water Type Pokemon from Generation 1 known as the Dragon Pokemon, Horsea makes its home in oceans with gentle currents. If this Pokémon is under attack, it spits out pitch-black ink and escapes. This iconic cutie has been winning hearts ever since it was first introduced as one of the OGs!

Best Dark Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Dark Type Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Nicknames ideas for Dark Type Pokemon! Many of the scariest, spookiest Pokemon in the whole franchise can be found in the Dark Type category. These are Pokemon who are some of the most dangerous, chaotic, and overall edgy creatures we've ever seen, along with some of the creepiest and coolest designs. And it’s the type chosen by some of the most well-loved trainers ever to grace our screens, like Karen from Johto’s Elite 4 and the painfully cute Marnie from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Good Celebi Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best fairy green Pokemon nicknames
Best fairy green Pokemon nicknames
Tons of good Celebi nicknames for your fairy Pokemon! Here are lots of good nicknames for green Pokemon like Matcha, Sage and Peridot, nicknames for small Pokemon like Floret, Sprite and Bud and cool Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames such as Quartz, Genie and Zen. Plus some good Grass Type Pokemon nicknames ideas like Pois, Sprout and Vetiver to inspire you! 

Best Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Grass Type Pokemon Nicknames
Lots of good Meganium nicknames for your big, green, dinosaur Pokemon or gentle giant, from good Grass Type Pokemon Nicknames like Pois, Monet, Lotus and Bonsai, to good nicknames for big Pokemon like Tefiti, Babylon and Gaia, and good green Pokemon nicknames such as Matcha, Peridot and Prehnite.

Good Cyndaquil Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Good small Fire Pokemon names
All the best Cyndaquil nicknames ideas to inspire you! A list that may resemble a Holland and Barrett or Whole Foods shop in the latter entries but there are somehow so many cute food related nicknames for this spicy Pokemon! From good nicknames for Fire Type Pokemon, like Pyro, Carnelian, Elio and Peri, to good small Pokemon nicknames ideas like Spark, Cinnabun, Elmo and Freckle, here are lots of good nicknames for your Cyndaquil Pokemon!

Best Anime Princesses in Anime Shows

Best Anime Princesses
Let's talk anime princesses! Whether you are looking for anime shows like Cinderella, Rapunzel or Snow White, or love a fairytale anime show, check out this list of the best princesses in anime shows! The anime world is full every kind of princess, of damsels in distress, warrior princess anime characters, futuristic queens and tons of talented, brave female royals that bring fame, glory and honour to their kingdoms. PS sometimes it's all about the character transformations...

Best Venomoth Nicknames ideas for Venonat and Venomoth

Best Venomoth Nicknames ideas
Lots of good Venomoth nicknames ideas for your butterfly Pokemon or moth Pokemon with wings, nicknames ideas to give you tons of inspiration when naming your fluttery friend, including good Bug Type Pokemon nicknames like Wisp, Nettle and Papillon, good Poison Type Pokemon nicknames like Pandora, Posy and Foxglove and good nicknames for small Pokemon such as Slipper, Twinkie, Dew and Fae.

Best Serperior, Snivy and Servine Nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon

What are some good Serperior nicknames? Check out this list of Grass Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, such as Gaia, Lotus, Clematis and Heather, along with good snake Pokemon nicknames such as Serpentine, Slytherin and Malfoy that will be perfect for your Seperior Pokemon. Also some regal names like Seraphina, Titania and Ceres that match and represent the beauty and regality of this beautiful Pokemon, plus green Pokemon nicknames like Peridot, Chrysalis and Matcha!

Best Magic School Anime Shows

Best Magic School Anime Characters
Let's talk Magic School Anime! These shows might also be considered as part of the high school anime shows category, an incredibly popular genre in anime - but bring us a slice of fantasy, magic and a wonderful escape in to magical realms we might never have imagined before! From anime shows like Harry Potter to anime shows like the Worst Witch, here are our Top 20 best magic school anime, all the magic anime you could shake a stick - or a wand - at! 

Best Mew Nicknames for Cat Pokemon

Best Cat Pokemon nicknames
Best pink Pokemon nicknames
All the good Mew nicknames ideas for your cat Pokemon! Here are tons of good Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames ideas, from Astrological and Spiritual Pokemon nicknames like Gemini, Celeste and Angelite, that illustrate its rarity and mythical status in the Pokemon realm, to pink Pokemon nicknames like Blush, Tulle and Blossom, and Cat Pokemon nicknames like Sashimi, Duchess and Marie, there are so many options to inspire you!

Famously cute for its adorable cat like shape, super long tail and iconic pink hue (as well as its super short little arms!) this adorable feline cat Pokemon is actually a rare sight to be seen and even when it wants to be spotted, it is said that only the pure of heart can see it. A Psychic type Pokemon from Generation 1, it inspires fan art everywhere it goes and is known widely as the New Species Pokemon, a nod to its origins story as it is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. While its clone Mewtwo is a powerful force to be reckoned with, Mew is so charming and curious, at the same time a super powerful legendary Pokemon with extremely strong powers.

Best Old Man Characters in Anime

Best old men in anime
It is said that the older generation have the best stories to tell, and this goes the same for the oldest anime characters on our screens. Time and time again anime teaches us that there is more than meets the eye, and this is so true for old man characters in anime, some of the oldest characters in anime out there. Here is a list of the top elderly male characters, both good and evil, who are only too cool, the best old men anime characters!

Best Gliscor Nicknames Ideas for Bat Pokemon

Best Bat Pokemon names
Let's talk best nicknames ideas for bat Pokemon! What should I name my Gliscor? This dual Ground and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 4 looks like a mix between a bat and a scorpion - although thought to be more bat than scorpion. It has the fangs associated with a bat, wing capes and bat ears. It evolves from Gligar, with its traditional fangs and wing capes, with the requirements for evolving being it has to level up at night and has to be holding a Razor Fang.

Possibly the most vampire bat-lookalike of them all, it retains an exceptional defense stat, but now is levelled up with great speed and pretty good attack too. An amazing bat Pokemon that will carry you through many battles and look incredibly edgy, cool and scary at the same time, as you can imagine a flying scorpion bat hybrid might be. What makes it even cooler is that being inflicted with poison (a valid strategy to wear down Pokémon with lots of Defense) will actually heal Gliscor. 

Best Anime Cat Boy Characters

Anime guys with cat ears
Aka the best male Neko anime characters from anime shows! We've had Best Cat Girls in Anime Shows, let's check out these best cat boy characters in anime! Whether you love a good Kemonomimi anime or any kind of fantasy anime, you've probably run in to a kind of character known as a catboy. Catboy, otherwise called a Neko, is a human that displays the attributes of a feline, or a cat human hybrid - so here are our best male cat hybrid characters in anime! Characteristics incorporate feline ears, a tail, and some feline-like practices. So, for all the catboy sweethearts out there! This will be your #1 day as you will be acquainted with our Best Cat Boy characters in anime, best Neko Anime characters or part human part cat anime guys and boys - whatever you like to call them!

Best Nicknames for Psychic Type Pokemon

Best Psychic Type Pokemon Nicknames
Best Psychic Type Pokemon Nicknames
All the good Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames ideas! Looking for good names for Psychic Pokemon is always fun! There are so many cool aspects to draw from, you can opt for something totally unpredictable which is always fun, or be inspired with themes from fortune tellers to fantasy elements, you are spoilt for choice with adorable Pokemon nicknames like Tarot and Psyche. There are also tons of names derived from Mythology and both Elemental and Spiritual Pokemon names to consider!

Best Dark Anime Series to Watch

Best dark creepy anime characters
Come to the dark side, we have cookies and good anime. Contrary to popular opinion, dark anime spans a whole spectrum of themes and so many dark anime shows choose to take other paths and directions other than the blood, guts and monsters route. Dark anime series offer us gripping, violent, deep, psychological anime, shows full of uncomfortable themes that many do not dare to delve in to - they can dive to the depths of our darkest horrors hidden in plain sight. From psychological thriller anime to dystopian societies with subtle, twisted elements that give these shows a morbid, bleak or downright twisted atmosphere, to gothic anime, horror and sexual violence anime shows, here is a list of the best dark anime to watch.

Cutest Loli Anime Characters EVER!

Cutest Loli Anime Characters
Want to dial up the cuteness factor in an anime? Just add a loli! Their designs are so unique and creative, you can only imagine that their writers and producers must have had a lot of fun designing these characters and adding cute traits and hair and eye colours. Although there is pretty much no way of ranking these loli anime characters fairly, we had a go and here are the results!

Best Male Black Anime Characters

Black Male Anime Characters
Often with anime we see the majority of characters have the same or similar skin tone variation, usually having light or fair skin. This has stemmed from traditional beauty standards in Japanese culture, but as anime branches out in to different cultures and countries across the world, we are beginning to see more diversity in skin tone break through. Here are some super iconic, best black male anime characters we think you should meet! These characters are war veterans, zombies, samurais, and everything in between!

Best Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking Nicknames for your Pink Pokemon

Best Slowpoke Nicknames for Pink Pokemon
All the Slowpoke nicknames and best Slowpoke names ideas for your favourite pink Pokemon! Names for Water Type Pokemon, from Tempest, to Pisces, Sushi or Cowri, to pink Pokemon nicknames such as Betroot, Guava, Bashful and Momoiro, if you've ever wondered what to name your Slowpoke, or even your Slowbro and Slowking, check out these cutest ever Pokemon nicknames ideas!

As a Sloth like critter, Slowpoke is also a well loved spirit Pokemon for the nap inclined! It is endearing for its attributes of being slow moving, puffy and pink, the perfect combination of attributes that make us want to throw ourselves around it in one big bear hug. It also carries a little distant look in its eyes, but an adorable and charming expression and it always appears to be content and smiling. It is a dual Water and Psychic Type Pokemon from Generation 1, a pink Pokémon that resembles a cross between a salamander and a hippopotamus. Known for its slow speed, you can also find some slow or lazy Pokemon nicknames here, such as SlowWhite, Makena, Langsam and Gudetama! PS check out the Slowest Pokemon Ranked here!

Best Starmie Nicknames for your Psychic Type Pokemon

Best Starmie Nicknames for Psychic Pokemon
All the best Starmie names and nicknames for your starfish Pokemon! Whether you're looking for Pokemon nicknames for Starmie or have a whole family of starfish needing names, we have you covered with all kinds of Water Pokemon nicknames, such as Poseidon, Bubbles, Squirt and Kraken, to Psychic Type Pokemon nicknames, such as Mysterio, Genie, Orb and Relic, to even Star Pokemon nicknames such as Starburst, Etoile, Astrid and Astro.

Walking by, you might miss this jewel like, starfish shaped critter and commit it to be part of the beautiful scenery. While not every Pokémon is viable in competitive play, most of them have a special skill or purpose that will greatly benefit you while playing through each game’s story mode. Known as the Mysterious Pokemon, this little starfish is more than it seems and proves to be a massive asset to your team. Introduced in Generation 1 as a dual Water and Psychic type, it has amazing Speed and Sp. Attack along with moves like Physic, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Surf to blow opponents out of the water!

Good Roserade Nicknames for your Roserade Pokemon

Pokemon Roserade Nicknames
What are some good names for Roserade? Known as the Bouquet Pokemon, this bipedal flower Pokémon is a dual Grass and Poison Type introduced in Generation 4. It has hair made of white rose petals, and a leafy, green cape with a yellow, collar-like bangle on its neck. The cape pattern reaches toward the back of its head, in spiky, sepal-like extensions on the hair. A male will have a shorter cape than a female. It has a dark-green mask over its red, yellow-lidded eyes. The lower portion of its face is light green, and it holds a bouquet in each hand, a red in its right hand and blue in its left. Here are some great flower Pokemon nicknames to adore!

15 Hottest Anime Vampire Guys and Boys

Hottest Anime Vampire Guys
Vampire anime is so popular, trying to pick the hottest anime vampire guys is an incredibly tricky task as is entirely subjective. Judging them on looks and personality, plus other stats like most tall, dark and handsome, most brooding, most emotional baggage and inner turmoil... all of these guys on this list are worthy of a place in your self composed romance novel! Here are some of the hottest anime vampire guys known to anime watchers.

Best Vampire Romance Anime Series

Following on from our Best Vampire Girl Characters, let's get stuck in to the world of Vampire Anime, a genre all of its own, consisting of tall, brooding anime vampire guys who are constantly in turmoil, the likes of which Twilight has never seen, stories with twists and turns to rivet you in your seat and enough beautiful settings, mythology and folklore to shake your stick or staff at! Even if you are well out of your Anne Rice/Twilight phase, there is something so deeply enjoyable, classic and timeless about vampire romances. If you are looking to fill the particular void that is vampire romance anime in your life, here are tons of vampire anime recommendations for you. Get ready for all kinds of drama, turmoil and the constant alliteration between the main characters' names... ps also check out these Best Ecchi Romance Anime Shows!

Best Vampire Romance Anime Shows

Rosario + Vampire

Best Vampire Romance Anime
A supernatural romantic comedy that explores the misadventures of Tsukune in Yokai Academy, a normal school that only has one rule “All humans found on campus to be executed immediately.” It’s because Yokai Academy is a boarding school where monsters go to learn to cleverly blend in amongst humankind. Tsukune Aono is an average teenager who is unable to get into any high school because of his bad grades. His parents inadvertently enroll him into Youkai Academy as a last-ditch effort to secure his education. As Tsukune unknowingly enters this new world, he has a run-in with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya. This series follows a human that is forced to go to a supernatural school. There a vampire discovers his secret humanity and they bond over it. From there, he gathers himself a harem of supernatural women by basically helping or saving them. They all end up guarding his secret. It is a little lewd, a lot of harem, but you can distinctly tell that the first girl is the concrete love interest.

Best Anime Shows with Ghosts and Spirits

Best Anime Shows with Ghosts and Spirits
Are you looking for the best anime shows to watch on Halloween, or some super spooky supernatural anime series - maybe one of the most scary anime with ghosts to watch hiding behind your sofa? These ghost anime shows will be sure to send a shiver down your spine! Here you will also find the best sad ghost anime shows, best funny ghost anime shows and best Japanese culture anime shows, portrayed by spirits and deities from a world that you can’t see, sense, or otherwise confirm the existence of.

 Whether your interest lies in creepy Japanese ghost stories to action-packed spirit fighters, there is a series to fit your every desire. Here are spooky anime shows to suit every taste. You could say they have 'spirit'! Dad jokes aside (I'm not actually a dad, I'm a girl), here are the best anime shows with ghosts and best anime to watch on Halloween if you are looking for a show with spirits! All the best anime to watch on Halloween!