Best Anime Themed Crafts ideas

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1. Make a kintsugi ornament

The 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning “to join with gold”, is a reminder to stay optimistic when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life and stems from ancient Japanese philosophy. It is represented by joining broken pieces of pottery and china together with a laquer mixed with gold or golden powders. This is a beautiful and wonderful craft to try and all you will need is a broken pottery or china vase, pot or ornament, plus strong glue and the special laquer, plus some tools like a few fine brushes. You can also get special kits to craft your own, which provide everything you need (you can make them cheaper this way) and you can create a stunning piece of art with a beautiful meaning.  

Kintsugi craft kit (everything you need) 👈🏻

2. Make and stage a cute miniature anime cafe

You can make this from a shoe box and craft out a miniature scene, using fimo or modelling clay for making tiny desserts and for the tiniest details!  

3. Create some anime scrapbook pages and collage pages

The best fun ever! You could use paint, old manga and magazines, sketch and include samples of the cutest washi tapes! I also love to use adorable candy and food wrappers - they are too cute to throw away. 

DIY Anime Inspired Cherry Blossom Crafts


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Inspired by the beautiful blossoms we often see as a backdrop in our favourite slice of life anime shows, here are some unique and creative Sakura crafts and blossom crafts ideas. These are perfect to bring in spring or decorate your space, or to give as gifts! We hope you enjoy these crafts ideas! PS who else currently adores the Minecraft cherry blossom biome?? (Me)

Best Penguellet Nicknames ideas for Palworld, Names for Penguellet!

Lots of cute Penguellet nicknames ideas for your penguin Palworld pal! From lots of blue Palworld pal nicknames, like Mento, Smurf, Periwinkle and Lapis to tons of good small Palworld nicknames ideas, like Jinbee, Guppy, Twinkie and Fry, these are perfect for your Penguellet. These will also make great names for Water Elements, such as Slush, Neptune, Jinbesan and Boba, or even good Ice Element Palworld nicknames, such as Froyo, Magnum, Freddo and Whippy!