Best Girls Pokemon Birthday Party ideas

Here are the best pink Pokemon party ideas, perfect if you are looking for Pokemon birthday party ideas for girls or with a pink colour scheme to suit pink lovers! From Pokemon Jigglypuff birthday party ideas, to Mew birthday party ideas, from Clefairy birthday party ideas to Sylveon birthday party ideas, here are tons of low cost and creative DIY Pokemon birthday party ideas to love and some gems that are perfect for your party! 

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How to Make an Origami Chibi Self Portrait

 Here is our guide on how to make an adorable chibi style origami self portrait! The chibi art style, which we so often see in anime, is where the character boasts an unusually big head and eyes and a very little body. Often they just appear as a head, with no body at all! The object of this art or animation style is to make the character appear super cute and child-like, often in a humorous or endearing way. 

These origami creations are also unique in that they require a rectangle shape starting origami paper, instead of the usual square origami paper. You can choose any different paper colours or patterns, to personalise your chibi origami creation, or even print your own hair texture paper or outfit texture paper to bring your creation to life. Also be sure to check out these chibi animal origami tutorials, we hope you enjoy!  

How to make the face