Best Girls Pokemon Birthday Party ideas

Here are the best pink Pokemon party ideas, perfect if you are looking for Pokemon birthday party ideas for girls or with a pink colour scheme to suit pink lovers! From Pokemon Jigglypuff birthday party ideas, to Mew birthday party ideas, from Clefairy birthday party ideas to Sylveon birthday party ideas, here are tons of low cost and creative DIY Pokemon birthday party ideas to love and some gems that are perfect for your party! 

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1. Serve some 'super speed' or 'bounce potions' 

Add cool labels to drinks to make them seem like Pokemon Go potions, to grant guests the ability to restore their energy, to attain super focus, to move super fast or to attain super abilities! You could have names like 'blast off blueberry' or 'feint attack fanta' or 'gravity defy grape'!

2. Employ an amazing Jigglypuff birthday pinata 👈🏻

This will provide an amazing and fun activity for guests, plus look amazing as part of your pink Pokemon themed decor!

3. These amazing novelty ice cubes for drinks 👈🏻

These will be sure to wow your guests, the coolest party touch ever! You could even add some amazing edible glitter to drinks to make them shimmer and sparkle! 

4. A Pokemon jumbo birthday party cake topper 

Let your cake take centre stage with these amazing jumbo and glittery Pokemon birthday party cake toppers!

Jumbo Pokemon girls birthday cake topper 👈🏻

Personalised pink Pokemon jumbo birthday cake topper 👈🏻

Girls personalised jumbo Pokemon birthday cake topper 👈🏻

Personalised Eevee Pokemon jumbo cake topper 👈🏻

Pokemon Mew personalised jumbo birthday cake topper 👈🏻

Glitter pink Pokemon birthday cake toppers 👈🏻

Pink Pokemon birthday cake toppers set 👈🏻

5. Make some Pokeball sugar cookies 👈🏻 

With these amazing cookie cutters! Your guests will adore Poke ball shaped sugar cookies and they are perfect for creating a standout party table display that your guests will find themselves heading towards on repeat!

6. Bake some ombre pixel heart sugar cookies 👈🏻

To create a standout display, bake and ice some pixel heart sugar cookies in varying degrees of pink, to create a gradating and ombre effect. This looks so cool and is something your guests will be drawn to in a heartbeat!

7. Make a Poke ball shaped cupcake pullapart

This is such a fun and cool standout dessert table display idea! To make this, arrange a large number of un-iced cupcakes in a round ball shape formation, then ice over the top of them as one, to make them look like one big cake. You can then pipe layers of frosting to make it look like a pink Pokeball and add any details to bring the design to life! 

8. Make some personalised pink Pokemon cupcake toppers 👈🏻

Your guests won't be able to get enough of these Eeveelutions cupcake toppers - they are so much fun! You could DIY these or even order some ready made if you are short on time.

Jigglypuff cupcake toppers 👈🏻

9. Throw a 'design a Poke ball' contest 

This is so much fun for guests to try! You could produce a blank Pokeball for each guest - even a 3D one, made by pouring plaster in a mould, or a paper mache one each - or even a Pokeball cookie to decorate - then host a contest, the most creative Pokeball design wins! These will also make super special party favours for guests to take home with them.

10. Pink Pokemon thanks for coming party favour tags 👈🏻

These are amazing for party favours and match the theme perfectly!

Pokemon themed thank you party stickers 👈🏻

Perfect for party favours, these personalised Pokemon thank you stickers are the perfect special touch that guests will adore! 

11. Choose an amazing Pink Pokemon birthday party invitation design

To send to guests! These are all so cute and affordable, there are so many cool designs available to choose from! 

Pink Pokemon personalised birthday invitation 👈🏻

Jigglypuff live action birthday party invitation 👈🏻

Pink Mew Pokemon birthday party invitation 👈🏻

Pink Personalised Pikachu birthday party invitation 👈🏻

Pink girly Eevee Pokemon birthday invitation 👈🏻

Jigglypuff personalised birthday party invitation 👈🏻

Personalised Jigglypuff birthday party invitation 👈🏻

Pink Pokemon characters birthday invitation 👈🏻

Pink Pokemon Pikachu personalised invitation 👈🏻

Pink Pokeball personalised birthday invitation 👈🏻

Pink personalised Sylveon birthday invitation 👈🏻

Pink personalised Poke ball birthday invitation 👈🏻

Pastel rainbow Pokemon birthday invitation 👈🏻

Girls Pikachu personalised birthday party invitation 👈🏻

12. Set up an 'adopt a pink Pokemon mascot' stall 

To give to each guest! Set up an 'adopt a pink Pokemon' stall, with a plush or miniature Pokemon for each party guest to adopt! You could even pop each one in its own crate or box tied with a pretty ribbon and attach mini labels to each one, with their date of birth and personality traits on. So much fun for guests and something they will treasure! These make perfect party favours! 

13. Create a pink Pokemon themed party trail mix

With pretzel rings, pink M & Ms and fluffy white marshmallows 

14. Make some pink Pokemon themed slime for party favours 👈🏻 

To delight guests and give them a little piece of the party to take away with them! This is also super easy to DIY and makes for the perfect low cost party favours, plus you can customise and theme it after your favourite pink Pokemon - or make different coloured batches themed after different Pokemon! 

15. Dreamy pink Pokemon themed birthday balloons 👈🏻 

These balloons are adorable and match the party theme perfectly!

16. Set up a 'design your own mini pink freakshakes' stall 

For the uninitiated, they are milkshakes topped with cream, topped with cake, topped with sauce, with a handful of sweets thrown in for good measure – a monstrous mashup of a drink and dessert! It's so much fun to make miniature versions and top the shakes with everything from cake pops to oreos and top with dessert sauce and sprinkles. The smaller size means they will be perfect for younger guests. This will be so popular with guests of all ages and you could set up a stall with all kinds of toppings for guests to decorate their own! 

17. Play a game of pin the tail on your fave pink Pokemon 

Or choose your recipient's favourite Pokemon to serve as the star of the game! The perfect twist on the traditional party game of pin the tail on the donkey, why not entertain guests with a game of pin the tail on Eevee! 

18. Pink Pokemon inspired birthday party table confetti 👈🏻

This is so cool and matches the theme perfectly!

19. Play a game of Grab the Pokemon from the Ditto slime 

A different take on the traditional Lucky Dip party game, why not make a batch of Ditto Pokemon-coloured slime and hide prizes inside! Guests have to try to retrieve the prizes in order to win, plus Ditto counts as a pink Pokemon, right?  

20. Serve some pink meringue or marshmallow swirls

To mimic the iconic cute swirls on pink Pokemon such as Clefairy, Clefable, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff!

21. Make some pink cinnamon rolls or swirls

To serve to guests! You could make the rolls themselves pink, or colour the frosting pink to go on top of them. You could place a placard next to them, naming them 'Clefairy swirls' or 'Igglybuff swirls' or 'Jigglypuff swirls', depending on your favourite pink Pokemon with a cute swirl hairstyle! 

22. Make some pink candyfloss drinks 

These pink shimmery cotton candy mocktails look magical! To make these, just pop a good amount of candyfloss in your glasses, cups or flutes, then pour the liquid on top of the candyfloss to make it dissolve, so beautiful to watch and so much fun for your younger guests - and your older guests! You could even add some edible shimmer to drinks to make them extra pretty!  

Edible shimmer for drinks 👈🏻

23. A treasure hunt for every pink Pokemon 

Hide motifs of each character around the room or party space and challenge guests to find each one!

24. A Pink Pokemon birthday party board 👈🏻

These are the perfect way to deck your cupcakes out in style! You could DIY these using mouldable icing or even order some ready made if you are short on time.

25. Ice some Luvdisc inspired heart shaped cookies 

These are perfect for a Luvdisc themed birthday party or for your pink Pokemon birthday party! To make these, make some regular heart shaped sugar cookies, then lay them on their side and ice them to look like Luvdisc fish! 

26. Opt for a 'Happiny Birthday' party theme 

27. DIY some Poke ball golden coins for party favours 👈🏻 

You can make these by printing and glueing some Poke ball motifs on to golden chocolate coins, or you can even order some ready made if you are short on time!  

28. Opt for a 'Happy Birthday to Mew' party theme 

This is perfect for a Pokemon Mew themed birthday party!

Mew themed birthday party banners 👈🏻

29. Pokemon colouring activity pages as party favours 👈🏻

These are brilliant and come in downloadable form, so you can print as many copies as you like! They make perfect low cost party favours and the activity pages are even personalisable! 

Mew themed Pokemon colouring activity sheets 👈🏻

Pokemon themed personalised colouring sheets 👈🏻

30. Pokemon themed activity pages for party favours 👈🏻

These adorable Pokemon themed games are perfect for your party and are so cute for guests of all ages! 

31. Decorate with these adorable Eevee party bunting 👈🏻

32. Make some Pokemon themed sweet cones for party favours 👈🏻

You could DIY these or even order them ready made! These make for super affordable pink Pokemon themed party favours that look amazing and will be sure to delight guests.

33. A Chansey or Blissey themed egg and spoon race 

As these Pokemon are known to carry an egg with them, this would be a perfect activity for guests to try! You could even thrift some second hand spoons and spray or decorate them pink.

34. Make some pink glitter popcorn 

Make this by using food colouring along with corn syrup and butter (follow this recipe here!) Guests will adore the novelty and you could even add some edible glitter and even mini marshmallows to make it extra magical! You could make little popcorn parcels as party favours for guests to take hope, super cheap, easy and affordable!

Edible pixie dust for decorating treats 👈🏻

35. Decorate different areas to represent different pink Pokemon characters

Create different party zones for each pink Pokemon character! You could then play a party quiz, where guests have to guess which Pokemon character is the answer, based on the backstory of the franchise. They run and stand in whichever zone of the character they think the question pertains to. You could deck out each zone with the character's colours, symbols and get super creative, you could even create some different themed cupcakes for each area!

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