Best Wigglytuff Nicknames for Pink Pokemon

Best Wigglytuff Nicknames
Good Wigglytuff nicknames ideas 101! This Normal Type cutie hails from Generation 1 (becoming a dual Normal and Fairy Type Pokemon in Generation 6) and is known as the Balloon Pokemon, suiting its rotund body shape. It appears like a pink, squishy marshmallow and is actually super flexible: by inhaling deeply, this Pokémon can inflate itself seemingly without end. 

Best Dragon Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Dragon Type Pokemon Designs
Let's explore Dragon Type Pokemon nicknames, perfectly befitting your magnificent winged beast of a Pokemon! These nicknames for Dragon Type Pokemon are inspired by myth, by literature, by pop culture... maybe a mix of all three together! From good nicknames for Garchomp, such as Warlock, Balinor and Cornelius, to good nicknames for Salamence, such as Aragonite, Emrys and Aulfric, to good Rayquaza nicknames, such as Zeus, Slytherin, Slifer and Serpentine, there are so many names to inspire you when naming any and every type of cool Dragon Pokemon!

Best Tangela Nicknames ideas

Best Tangela Nicknames ideas
Tangela may be one of the hardest Pokemon to name, but we had a go anyway! This hairy critter has the distinction of being the only pure grass type in Generation 1. Known as the Vine Pokemon, Tangela can ensnare and entangle anything that moves too close to it with its vines, which are said to never stop growing! Nobody knows what it looks like underneath and it's safe to say this critter has never been for a haircut. The vines of a Tangela have a distinct scent and, in some parts of Galar, Tangela vines are commonly used as herbs.

Smallest Pokemon Ever Ranked

Smallest cutest Pokemon designs
What is the smallest Pokemon? From Applin to Azurill to Comfey, there are so many cute and adorable tiny Pokemon that come in all quirky and unique designs. With eight generations of Pokemon to consider, there are so many to weigh up to find the smallest Pokemon or lightest Pokemon that weigh the least. When you look at the dimensions of the tiniest Pokemon, you’ll notice that they are much smaller than one foot tall. These include some legendary Pokemon and a variety of Bug-types. Here are a few of the tiniest Pokemon that might just be hiding under your nose! Don't underestimate these critters or overlook them for their size, just check out antman, who had a major feature in the more recent Marvel films and is one of the characters with the most screentime out of all the Avengers!

Best Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken Nicknames for Fire Pokemon

Best Fire Pokemon Designs
Good Blaziken Nicknames 101! Check out these best nicknames for Blaziken, who comes in at number 1 of our list of Best Strongest Fire Type Pokemon! Known as the Blaze Pokemon, a dual Fire and Flying type, this epic bipedal chicken-like beast bags the top spot by bringing together the most popularity points and competitive strength among the fire types. Generation 3’s fire starter (well, its final form anyway - Torchich is the original starter but turns into Blaziken at level 36), not many flame critters can clear a 30 storey building in a single jump (with those epic legs!) let alone withstand, and match, the power and prowess of its blazing punches that leave its opponents scorched and blackened. It's fair to say it bears immense power and force in battle. It has an incredible array of moves that gives Blaziken incredible coverage against other types, and its Flare Blitz ability is ruthless on such a high attack Pokemon. The fact that it comes from the cutest starter in Pokémon history only cements its popularity!

Best Steel Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Steel Type Pokemon Designs
Tons of good Steel Type Pokemon nicknames for your silver surfer, the tanky weapon up your sleeve, your steely focused fighter or your shiny little critter! Steel Type Pokemon include those such as Duraludon, Steelix, Magneton, Ferrothorn, Lucario and Scizor. You better bet there are some tanks here, the Steel type was introduced in the second generation of Pokémon games and is the strongest type defensively, with 10 types being not very effective against it and the Poison type having no effect. From Pokémon X/Y onwards, it lost its Ghost and Dark resistance, those types now dealing neutral damage. The Steel type also has the highest average Defense stat in the games.

Best Pinsir Nicknames for Bug Pokemon

Best Bug Pokemon Designs
Lots of good Pinsir nicknames for your tiny angry Pokemon! This horned minibeast Pokemon is a Bug Type Pokemon from Generation 1 and is also known as the Stag Beetle Pokemon. Just like horned creatures in real life, these Pokémon judge one another based on pincers. Thicker, more impressive pincers make for more popularity with the opposite gender. Inspired by the incredibly strong minibeasts in real life, Pinsir is astoundingly strong. It can grip a foe weighing twice its weight in its horns and easily lift it.

Best Dragonite Nicknames for your Orange Pokemon

Best Dragon Pokemon nicknames
Tons of nicknames for Dragonite, your charming and mellow orange friend! Forget the dragons you've seen in fairytales and films, Dragonite is a kind hearted, mellow fellow, a dual Dragon and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 1, known as the Dragon Pokemon. It is a kindhearted Pokémon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land and is a firm favourite in the anime. What is a good nickname for Dragonite?

Best Normal Type Pokemon Nicknames

Lots of good Normal Type Pokemon nicknames for the Normal Pokemon critters in your collection! It can be tricky coming up names for these Pokemon as they are all so different and don't share a similar semantic field to base nicknames around, as like Water Type Pokemon or Fire Type Pokemon, so anything can go!