Best Orange Haired Anime Girls

Anime girls with orange hair
Let's talk best anime girls with orange hair 101! If your character is missing from here, please do let me know below. Anime characters are full of ideas when it comes to funky hair colours, from red to green, yellow to pink, and everything inbetween. But orange hair is definitely unique! Orange hair on anime characters often indicates a warmth about the character, whether that's through their personality, or indicates an insanely high energy level; orange haired anime girls are never boring! They have a reputation for being friendly, at other times fiesty, but always entertaining. Who is your favourite anime girl with orange hair?

Best Harem High School Anime

Let's talk high school anime with harem storylines! High school is such an awkward time, leaving room for all kinds of hilarious and embarassing moments. For some, it can be filled with sports and friends and laughter, but for others, a time we might rather forget. This is why high school anime is great. It can capture all of these things and take you either away from your memories of high school or change them to make you laugh at what once mortified you. Harem animes at high school make the whole situation about 10x awkward, embarassing, hilarious and consequently entertaining. Here are the best high school harem anime shows and series to watch!

10. Rewrite

Harem high school anime characters
Kazamatsuri, a modern, well-developed city renowned for its burgeoning greenery and rich Japanese culture, is home to Kotarou Tennouji, a high schooler least privy to the place's shared values. Content to fill his pockets with frivolity, the proud and nosey boy whiles away his time pestering the self-proclaimed delinquent Haruhiko, and trying to woo his crush, the oddball Kotori. But equipped with the superhuman ability to permanently rewrite any part of his body to multiply his strength or speed, Kotarou is naturally drawn to the supernatural.

Best Baseball Anime Series to Watch

Baseball anime shows
Even though one may think of Baseball as an all American sport, Japan has such a lot of passion for the sport and over time has introduced a whole lot of new styles, techniques and of course, fans of the sport! Check out these amazing and gripping baseball anime - all the sport anime series to watch to enjoy all the fun of the matches, the intensity of the conflict and the way it brings a whole community together! In terms of baseball anime, there are so many classics to enjoy, that I bet you haven't discovered yet, but there are a lot of modern greats out there too. You can even find OVAs of other popular anime like Detective Conan or One Piece where the characters play ball.

Best Girl Anime Characters With Glasses

Girl Anime Characters With Glasses
All the female anime characters with glasses 101! Glasses have a reputation for hiding one's alter ego, but what if they were part of people's alter ego... just as glasses may conceal, they may also promote one's true, kickass identity, because seeing in 4k is a superpower many take for granted. If you’re looking for girls in anime that wear glasses, all the anime girls in glasses, I have definitely got you covered. Let’s see how beautiful they are in their non blurry existence!

Best Yuri Manga Series

Best Yuri Manga Series
Continuing on from Best Yuri Anime Shows to watch, let's check out the best Yuri manga series to read! Yuri anime involves a romantic relationship between girls or female characters and usually revolves around intimate relationships between girls. It is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can focus either on the sexual, the spiritual, or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter two sometimes being called shōjo-ai by western fans. Here are the best Yuri manga to read and discover!

Best 15 Ecchi Romance Anime Shows

Best Ecchi Romance Anime Shows
All the ecchi romance anime series to watch! Ecchi anime shows usually present a kind of softcore hentai, usually for humour purposes. They could include elements such as nudity, indications of sexual acts, panty shots or perverted situations. They can be suggestive, playful, awkward or all three and often used to present a romance between certain characters. A lot of anime fans know that ecchi is a typical theme running in more adult anime series, but combine it with romance and what do you get? You get a romantic protagonist chasing after a girl - or a guy! Or a deity of some kind - with a whole load of awkwardness and hilarity involved!

28 Best Anime Cat Girls Of All Time

Best Anime Cat Girls
Following on from Best Anime Bunny Girls, let's enter the world of human cat girls or feline hybrids! Forget the cat people from Doctor Who (even though they were cool) these anime cat girl characters range from cute and uber adorable, to badass and iconic, to feisty - to sweet and gentle! Featuring every cat temperment there is, these cat-human hybrids are amazing and super entertaining, I love how creative they are in design. They could honestly be ranked in any order! Also check out our list of Best Cats in Anime, featuring all the coolest cat characters in anime shows! Calling all cat lovers, here are the best catgirls in anime!

Best Volleyball Anime Shows to Give You Thrills!

Best Volleyball Anime Shows
Many sport anime series - especially types like Volleyball anime - seem to slide neatly under the radar. They are not so well known, but many a time, the less known anime harbour the best ever story! Here are six extremely satisfying and gripping anime to watch if you are a sports fan or lover of volleyball - or are just looking for some great new anime shows to watch! Like hayakuu!! It is the most popular sports anime I have found on the internet. Here are the best volleyball anime, that will make you want to take up the sport yourself and join every team going!

Cutest Kemonomimi Anime Characters EVER!

Best Kemonomimi Anime Girls Characters
All the anime girls with animal ears! Let's talk all things kemonomimi, which are humanoid characters with animal ears! Some of the characters even get a bonus fluffy tail. If you liked Best Anime Bunny Girls and Best Anime Cat Girls you will definitely love these! Who has the cutest ears? These are my favourites! 

14 Best Mermaid Anime Shows

Best Anime Mermaids
Get ready for anime about mermaids 101! We've always been fascinated by these mythical creatures and the mystery that surrounds them, in the magical and mystical realms of anime, they can really take centre stage and shine! Let's look at the best mermaids in anime, all the mermaid anime to binge watch and fantasy anime to discover new magical lands!

Best Dubbed Romance Anime Shows to Watch

Best Dubbed Romance Anime Characters
The Best Romance Anime Dubbed Shows 101! If you are looking for the best dubbed romance anime, then you have come to the right place. It is so hard to dub an anime and get it to match the original in every way, to convey the humour, mood and dialogue perfectly, to get each characters voices just right to be able to convey their personality perfectly, so the story will be just as enjoyable. Here are best dubbed romance anime to wrap yourself up in, that are actual works of art, dub wise. Now you can watch dubbed romance anime to your heart's content! 

Best Anime Succubus Shows to Swoon Over

It is 2021, and the anime world is getting bigger and bigger, meaning more genres to get involved in and discover, one of which is Succubus anime. What is succubus anime? Succubus is a female supernatural entity that can use her sexual prowess to lure and attract men in order to gain power. Succubi might often appear as mages, familiars, guardians, or even your teacher or next door neighbour... or step sibling, which can make things awkward! They present one of the best types of anime that is the most fun to watch, often with elements of comedy, magic, fantasy, and adventure being the general theme of the anime. Let's take a look at the top 19 Best Succubus Anime of all time, all the best anime succubus characters of all time too. Definitely also check out these cutest anime girls with horns if you like this list!

Best Succubus Anime of all Time

19. Shinmai Maou no Testament

Best anime succubus girls
This succubus anime follows Basara Toujou as he is forced to grow accustomed to his new family living situation, the arrival of the two beautiful Naruse sisters Maria and Mio, who have come to live with him as stepsisters. Both of them have a secret which they cannot keep for long that Mio is the future demon lord and Maria is her Succubus servant. It's just very convenient then that Basara is the last descendant of demon-fighting heroes. But now that he cares for his sisters, he decides to protect them and forms a master-slave contract to keep watch over them. The two have a very questionable relationship with Basara as stepsisters. We get to see what happens when we keep a Demon, Hero, and a Succubus under the same roof.

Best Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

All the anime girls with bunny ears! Jumping on board the anime girls that are half human, half creature bandwagon, here are the best anime bunny girl characters from popular anime shows. They inspire vast swathes of fan art and have many a Youtube edit to their name, whilst managing to look super cute. Although anime cat girls may get more attention, there’s no denying that quite a few Bugs Bunnies have been made into Bugs Honeys. Here are the best anime bunny girls of all time!

Best Bunny Girls in Anime

20. Chiester 410 (Umineko When They Cry)

Best anime bunny girls
A bunny assassin is something you might expect to find in Killing Eve; who knew they were in anime as well! Chiester 410 is the perfect badass bunny girl anime character, as, along with the other numerical Chiesters, they are very skilled fighters in the series. This super cool bunny anime girl is particularly skilled when it comes to firing control, and she can wield unparalleled combative force even in close-range fighting. On a personal level, Chiester is generally pretty laidback and loves living the hakuna matata lifestyle. She loves to have fun and be carefree, while also ridiculing everyone who actually takes life seriously. One question, would a bunny assassin costume be more appropriate for Easter or for Halloween? Asking for a friend. 

Best Anime Girls with White Hair and Red Eyes

Anime Girls with White Hair and Red Eyes
White hair and red eyes on an anime character will never not look cool! An otherworldly combination, these characters stand out thanks to their unique set of physical traits that represent different cool qualities about their character. Following these best anime girls with white hair and best anime male characters with white hair, here is our list of the best anime girl characters with red eyes and white hair!

16. Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Anime Girls with White Hair and Red Eyes
Although Noire boasts long black colour hair in her normal form, it changes to pure white once she transforms in to her Black Heart goddess form, meaning she is well worthy of a mention here (she technically has red eyes in her normal form)! The older sister of Uni, she represents the Sony PlayStation home consoles through her appearance in the Hyper Dimension Neptunia universe. A do gooder at heart, in the anime we see her often attempting to do too much at once by herself and refuses the help of others unless it's really important, which often results in burnout. It's revealed she plans to give up her position of Goddess through the games events, due to not wanting to interfere with the world's imperfect ways.

Best Femdom Anime Series to Watch

Here are the best Anime Femdom shows to watch! Femdom is short for female domination in anime where the females are exerting power and control over another person. There are so many different anime genres, of course this would be one of them. We have put together a top 10 list of the best anime series featuring femdom, so you can get your dominating cravings satisfied. Some of these include ecchi and hentai elements, so be warned! 

Best Femdom Anime Shows

10. Teizokurei Daydream

Femdom Anime Shows Characters
Saiki Misaki has been able to see ghosts, ever since she was small, and now works as a civil servant but has a peculiar role, to communicate with spirits to help them to move on. This is only her day job, two others include a dominatrix job at a BDSM club and a contributor for a porno magazine! Not only does she have to manage three jobs at one time but a background of hardship and loneliness... and a perverted employer. Her troubled backstory helps create an intriguing anime series with a dominatrix as a main character. Will she manage to come out on top? Watch to find out!