14 Best Mermaid Anime Shows

Best Anime Mermaids
Get ready for anime about mermaids 101! We've always been fascinated by these mythical creatures and the mystery that surrounds them, in the magical and mystical realms of anime, they can really take centre stage and shine! Let's look at the best mermaids in anime, all the mermaid anime to binge watch and fantasy anime to discover new magical lands!

14. One Piece Shirahoshi

Best Mermaids in Anime
Let's talk Shirahoshi “Mermaid Princess”, one of the most iconic mermaids in anime of all time! Known as the Mermaid Princess, Shirahoshi is the youngest mermaid daughter of King Neptune, but she is in fact a giant! She is a sad, teary and fragile character in the anime and is shown to struggle with her emotions. She is easily hurt and finds it incredibly difficult tolerating others criticism towards her and those close to her. Although she is timid and fragile, she is very kind and polite and is shown to be very forgiving in the anime. She is beautiful with the most amazing pink hair ever!

13. The Prince and The Coral Sea

Anime Mermaid Characters
On Okinawa Island, a boy named Ray is determined to use a magical gift he received from a kind and beautiful mermaid to protect the island's nature and its people, no matter what he has to give. It is a beautiful tale about a young prince who wants to do something about the destruction of nature and life around him. With its underlying message, the movie urges humankind to take responsibility for the destruction of mother nature that happens because of them. It's such a beautiful, magical and delightful watch!

12. Muromi-san

Best Anime Mermaid Characters
Look at this adorable green haired anime mermaid girl! This amazing mermaid anime is a comedy but is extremely wholesome at the same time, following a teenage boy named Takurou who, while fishing, accidentally catches an actual mermaid, in the form of Muromi, a troublesome mermaid with a crazy attitude. There are some hilarious moments here as Muromi first off doesn't realize she's a mermaid until she meets Takurou. Not only that, she is not quite what you imagine a mermaid to be like in spirit, she is incredibly dense and crazy and has a drinking problem to top it off. Now every time Takurou goes fishing, Muromi appears and makes life interesting for him! The anime is an amazing watch if you’re looking for a magical slice-of-life comedy anime series!

11. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Best Mermaids in Anime
Warning! This is a shoujo-ai anime containing nudity and, bordering on hentai in parts, elements of romance and general ecchi. It also gained a feature in our list of Best Yuri Anime Shows! Valkyrie Drive is about a teenaged girl Mamori who has a very timid and shy nature at school. She is always teased and bullied because of her last name, Tokonome, which can also be read as, “virgin”. We follow Mamori on her adventures on the Mermaid Island after a passionate kiss from Mirei helps to awakens her inner powers, allowing her to become her true powerful self. Watch the anime to discover their adventures on Mermaid Island!

10. Umi Monogatari

Best Mermaids in Anime
The story centers on Marin and Urin, two “pure” sisters who live alongside the fish in the sea, but yearn to be in the world beyond the water and above ground. One day, a beautiful ring falls in the middle of the sea, and Marin and Urin retrieve it. The two decide to leave their waterbound world for the first time to deliver the ring. After an arduous journey, they come across an isolated island where a high school girl named Kanon lives. The encounter between Marin and Kanon—the maiden of the sea and the maiden of the skies—awakens a hidden power as the world is threatened by an enveloping darkness. Umi Monogatari literally translates to the Tale of the Sea or Sea Story and the anime has a lot of beautiful girls and mermaid anime characters that aid the main characters and add to the plot. Watch this adventure anime to see what happens when Urin and Marin travel to the sky world and find the owner of the ring, Kanon Miyamori!

9. Mermaid Forest

Best Mermaids in Anime
There is an ancient legend in Japan that if one eats the flesh of a mermaid, one will become immortal. The anime has an interesting premise and an even better story with some romance, mystery, and horror as we follow Yuta on his quest. Once having accidentally consumed mermaid flesh 500 years ago, Yuta longs to be a normal human again and to gain back his mortality. We follow him as he travels across the country all alone on a search to find a mermaid, in the hope that he can live a normal life again and die in peace. A suspenseful horror anime with a little drama and elements of fantasy and the supernatural, watch this amazing mermaid anime to follow Yuta on his adventures.

8. Orenchi no Furo Jijou Merman in my Tub

Best Mermaids in Anime
This anime features a merman instead of a mermaid this time, which is a refreshing twist! Coming in at number eight on our list is an episodic story about how one day Tatsumi the protagonist on his way back found a beautiful merman washed up on the bank of a river. Wakasa the merman cannot live in the waters anymore because of the pollution caused by the humans in his area. Tatsumi gladly offers his bathtub as a refuge for Wakasa and that’s how Tatsumi ends up with a merman in his bathtub. Orenchi no Furo Jijou The episodes of this anime are short and sweet. The anime is perfect for fans of the shoujo genre. It has loads of amazing scenes for shoujo lovers.

7. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

Best Mermaids in Anime
One of the cutest anime of all time, complete with singing mermaids! we meet mermaid princess of the North Pacific, Lucia, who entrusts a magical pearl to a boy - who unfortunately falls overboard a ship one night! She must now travel to the human realm to search for her pearl and to protect the mermaid realms and kingdoms. For most of the show we see our three heroines Lucia, Hanon, and Rina fighting villains with the power of song - as they are mermaids or 'sirens' after all! In this anime, the fighting is done with the power of their voices. It may be a little over the top but an incredible amount of fun with the catchiest songs to have ever featured in an anime, you will know all the words years later! It also gains a feature in our list of Best Magical Girl Anime Series to watch!

6. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

Best Mermaids in Anime
A fairytale favourite spanning generations, Anderson’s The Little Mermaid tells a story about how love has no right place, its place is everywhere and inside everyone’s hearts. The Little Mermaid follows the story of a beautiful princess of the merman family who has always been fascinated by life outside of the oceans. One fine day a ship gets wrecked in the ocean because of a wild storm and a handsome man falls overboard into the sea. Marina the merman princess saves this man and brings him ashore. The plot is beautiful and very romantic. We see the hardships Marina has to go through to be human and be with the man she adores so much.

5. Hekikai AiON

Best Mermaids in Anime
This mermaid anime becomes a classic mystery with demons and supernatural elements, an anime that really has it all! It follows a boy named Tatsuya, the son of a millionaire who inherits all his parents' property upon their death. He is nervous and timid, with low confidence in himself and low self esteem, but longs to prove himself. He pledges to help mermaid-like girl, Seine Miyazaki, and tags along with her everywhere. Without dropping too many spoilers, the plot is suspenseful and thrilling along with some romantic elements too - definitely check this one out for a magical mystery ride!

4. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Best Mermaids in Anime
A wonderful fantasy anime with magical elements, this is an amazing watch for the shoujo audience. It's an exciting day for fashionable teenager Manatsu Natsumi, who is moving into the big city for the first time. Upon arriving, Manatsu is immediately charmed by the city's spectacles. However, things take an unbelievable turn when she encounters Laura—a real-life mermaid! Laura is searching for the Precure, a group of radiant warriors who may have the key to rescuing Grand Ocean, Laura's home. Both of them look for a group of saviors called the Precure, when Manatsu awakens something special and becomes one of the Precure. With each battle more difficult than the last, the girls must discover what is truly valuable to them. Watch the anime to join the adventure, it's a thrilling and adorable ride!

3. Lu over the Wall

Best Mermaids in Anime
Kai is talented but adrift, spending his days sulking in a small fishing village after his family moves from Tokyo. When his classmates invite him to play the keyboard in their band, their practice sessions bring an unexpected guest: Lu, a young mermaid whose singing causes humans to compulsively dance - whether they want to or not. As Kai spends more time with Lu, he finds he is able to tell her what he is really thinking, and a bond begins to form. Definitely watch this amazing movie about two characters bonding together over music and melodies, worth watching for sure!

2. My Bride is a Mermaid

Best Mermaids in Anime
One of the best dubbed romance anime series, Michishio Nagasumi's life couldn't be any more normal. In an odd twist of events, during his summer vacation he ends up almost drowning in the sea. Luckily, the cute mermaid Seto San appears to save him. However, San is from a yakuza mermaid family and according to their law, if a human is to catch sight of a mermaid, either he or the mermaid must die. The only other way is for Nagasumi to be taken in as a family member, marrying San. In attempts to save both of their lives, Nagasumi asks for San's hand in marriage. Nagasumi's summer vacation reaped more then what he would expect, as he must now protect San from others finding her secret out... and the havoc continues from there. This is such a unique take on a romance anime and one to be enjoyed especially if you love fantasy anime elements as well! Definitely memorable and one to add to your watch list right now!

1. Ponyo

Best Mermaids in Anime
With an all star cast, this adventure fantasy Ghibli movie is easily one of the most well known as well as one of the best anime movie about mermaids! A goldfish sneaks away from home and floats off on the back of a jellyfish. After getting stuck in a glass jar, she drifts to the shore where she is freed by Sousuke, a five-year-old boy who lives with his mother Lisa in a house by the sea while his father Koichi works on a fishing boat. After healing a cut on Sousuke's finger by licking it, the goldfish is named Ponyo by her new friend. Declaring that she wants to become a human, using the power received from Sousuke's blood, she grows arms and legs and escapes to the surface once more. But the magic released into the ocean causes an imbalance in nature, causing the Moon to start falling out of orbit and the tides to grow dangerously stronger. A really wild and thrilling ride of an anime to discover! If you love mermaids you will love this anime. The movie is just one and a half hours long but it will give you so many intense emotions all at once, elevated further by its amazing art style animation.

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