Best Yuri Manga Series

Best Yuri Manga Series
Continuing on from Best Yuri Anime Shows to watch, let's check out the best Yuri manga series to read! Yuri anime involves a romantic relationship between girls or female characters and usually revolves around intimate relationships between girls. It is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can focus either on the sexual, the spiritual, or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter two sometimes being called shōjo-ai by western fans. Here are the best Yuri manga to read and discover!

11. Sakura Trick

Best Yuri Manga Series
A Japanese 4-panel manga series written and illustrated by Tachi, this romantic yuri manga follows Haruka Takayama and Yū Sonoda, two girls who were inseparable during middle school, but a twist of fate puts them on opposite sides of the classroom. This distance only serves to bring them closer, and makes them realise their feelings for each other. They find new ways to be together and deepen their bond, culminating in to a romantic relationship between the two. But true love isn’t easy as they must hide their romance from others. They spend time making other friends, but the two decide to keep their relationship secret.

10. YuruYuri

Best Girl Romance Manga Series
An eccentric comedy manga about a group of girls who spend their spare time drinking tea and fawning over each other; after a year in grade school without her childhood friends, first year student Akari Akaza is finally reunited with second years Yui Funami and Kyōko Toshinō at their all-girls' middle school. During the duo's first year, Yui and Kyōko formed the "Amusement Club" which occupies the now nonexistent Tea Club's room. Shortly after Akari joins, one of her fellow classmates, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, pays the trio a visit under the impression that they are the Tea Club; it is only once the three girls explain that the Tea Club has been disbanded that they can convince Chinatsu to join the Amusement Club - a group with no purpose other than to provide entertainment for its members.

9. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

Best Girl Romance Manga
A yuri shōjo manga series by Kodama Naoko, it follows Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina, who are childhood friends. In the past, Yuma would protect Hotaru from bullies, but in high school the roles have reversed. After getting her first boyfriend, Yuma asks the more sexually experienced Hotaru for advice about kissing. Hotaru gives Yuma a deep kiss, which leaves a lasting impression on her. Now, Yuma worries if her boyfriend will discover her affair with Hotaru, and worries about getting Hotaru in trouble with her own boyfriend.

8. Murciélago

Best Yuri Manga Series
The name of this manga means 'bat' in Spanish (just on the topic, definitely check out these Best Bat Pokemon in the Franchise!) and here we meet Koumori Kuroko, who is a bit of a badass and happens to be an ex-mass murderer or assassin who, since childhood, has killed a total of 715. She then finds herself enlisted by the police as an assassin to hunt down other mass murderers. Partnered with her driver, Hinako Tozakura, Koumori enjoys her badass life of killing and loves spending time with the ladies on the side. A manga like Gentleman Jack, just quite a bit more deadly!

7. Cirque Arachne

Best Yuri Manga Series
Teti joins the Cirque Arachne, which is a troupe of acrobats. Upon joining, she finds herself captivated by her colleague Charlotte. There are some hentai elements to this ecchi romance manga but it can be seen as masterpiece in its own right. If you are looking for yuri hentai manga with really good story, why not give this one a try!

6. Gunjou

Best Yuri Manga Series
Refreshing, gritty and different, this amazing dark manga deals with dark themes and situations, such as domestic abuse and homelessness and tells the tale of two adult women on the run from the police, having killed a man. When we first meet Megane-san she is suffering in an abusive relationship with her husband... then she notices she has a lesbian admirer, Les-san. The two grow close and, thinking that there is no other way, Megane-san asks her Les-san to murder her husband and promises to run away with her admirer. Running from the police, their relationship together is anything from the typical one seen. It is abusive, unstable and obsessive. Gunjo is very blunt about this fact. It is an incredibly clever, deep and heartrending anime and incredibly powerful at that.

5. Aoi Hana

Best Yuri Manga Series
Also known as Sweet Blue Flowers, this delicate yuri manga follows Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira, who were childhood friends, but drifted apart due to Fumi’s family moving. 10 years later, Fumi returns to attend Fujigaya Girls Academy and runs into Akira. Their friendship rekindles quickly, but a web of high school romance may put a strain on their friendship.

4. Bloom Into You

Best Yuri Girl Romance Manga Series
One of the best romantic lesbian manga to read, Bloom into You is a tender romantic love story with complex yet beautifully genuine and believable characters. We meet first year high school student Yuu Koito, who is trying to figure out her feelings for the first time. When she unexpectedly receives a confession from a male classmate she has no idea how to respond and turns him down as she just doesn't feel anything romantically for him. Enthralled with romantic shoujo manga, she is patiently waiting for her own time to fall in love, however it doesn't happen quite how she expected! She meets student council president Touka Nanami, seeking advice and, unaware of what is happening, ends up having feelings for her. This is such a cute anime about a girl romance that will warm your heart, make you melt and delight you every time! Such a great lesbian anime series set in a school, proven one of the most romantic locations in anime time after time!

3. Girl Friends

Best Yuri Manga Series
When it comes to grades, bookish high school student Mariko Kumakura is at the top of her class. Socially, however, she is shy and lonely, typically eating lunch by herself. Enter the charismatic and beautiful Akko Oohashi, whose goal is to befriend Mariko and burst her out of her introverted shell. In the process of transforming Plain Jane Mariko into one of the cutest, most popular girls in school, deep feelings begin to emerge that suggest something deeper than friendship. Will these feelings destroy the budding relationship between Mariko and Akko, or will it turn into something else?

2. Octave

Best Yuri Manga Series
This story revolves around 18-year-old Miyashita Yukino and her life as a former idol. As a child, Yukino had always been fascinated with TV. And before she knew it, she wanted to be one of those idols behind the screen. At 15, she entered the entertainment industry and debuted as a member of the four-person group "She'sN." However the group wasn't very successful and they broke up shortly afterwards. Returning home feeling embarassed, Yukino found herself trying to deal with people staring and muttering hurtful words. Wanting a fresh start, to find herself, regain her pride, and perhaps experience love, Yukino decides to move back to Tokyo. There she meets a certain woman, former composer 22 year old Iwai Setsuko. Together they embark on a very interesting and mysterious relationship.

1. Citrus

Best Yuri Manga Series
This yuri manga series can perhaps be considered a little controversial as it focuses on romantic love between step siblings. It follows Yuzu Aihara, a sociable girl who loves to have fun, shop, and talk about boys - who then finds herself trying to fit in at a new, more conservative girls’ school she has recently transferred to. She particularly finds herself clashing with a girl called Mei Aihara, the student council president of the school. But conveniently it turns out that Mei is Yuzu’s step-sister - and their hatred starts to turn into attraction.

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