Best Onix Nicknames for Rock Type Pokemon

Best Onix Nicknames ideas
These hardcore Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames are perfect for your dual Rock and Ground Type Pokemon! Nicknames here are inspired by mythology, from films and literature, plus all the nicknames ideas for Ground Type Pokemon, such as Pumice, Druzy and Pinnacle, and Rock Type Pokemon Nicknames like Ragnarock, Korg, Ammonite and Geode. Here are some amazing and badass nicknames for your fearsome pet rock!

Best Drifblim and Drifloon Nicknames ideas (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best Drifblim Nicknames ideas
Is it a spider? Is it a dessert? Is it a balloon? We've catered for all these factors when it comes to names for this curious critter. Drifblim and its prevolved form Drifloon have such a quirky and unusual design and could be some of the cutest but weirdest Pokemon out there. The evolved form of Drifloon and a dual Ghost and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 4, Drifblim is commonly known as the Blimp Pokemon and has a spooky reputation. It grabs people and Pokémon and carries them off somewhere. Where do they go? Nobody knows, but it is often supposed that Some say this Pokémon is a collection of souls burdened with regrets, silently drifting through the dusk. Maybe its design is inspired by old party balloons that drift haphazardly and forgotten, forming spooky shapes as the breeze lifts and spins them.

Best Dunsparce Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Best insect Pokemon
What should I name my Dunsparce Pokemon? Here are tons of cool nicknames for Dunsparce to give you lots of inspiration, when nothing less will do for your adorable quirky little winged critter! From good nicknames for insect Pokemon like Catkin, Snicket and Buzz, to nicknames for yellow Pokemon like Amarillo, Sherbet, Yuzu and SunnyD, and nicknames for small Pokemon such as Sprite, Nugget and Citron, here are tons of good naming ideas for your small striped Pokemon!

Best Anime about Depression

Best Anime about Depression
Containing sensitive themes and topics, these anime shows seek to explore the depths and pitfalls and reverberating effects from the destructive mental illness that is depression, on lots of different levels. From anime about emotional pain to, anime about mental health issues, to anime about mental illness, these anime shows about depression try to document the darkness of feeling the world drain of colour and the darkness depression can bring. From feeling you just want to hide and feeling pointless, guilty and a waste of space, finding a way out of that darkness is hard and it’s a challenge to get other people to understand what it’s like, much less help you through your tough times. Fortunately, there are many anime about depression. No matter if you’re struggling through yourself or if you want to be able to better relate to a friend, these depression anime are great places to start and are somehow so comforting to watch. Here are some of the best anime shows with depression or featuring depression within them. I hope you enjoy!

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Nicknames (The Cutest Ever!!)

Fairy Type Pokemon Names 101! With all their quirks and charm, these nicknames for your Fairy Type Pokemon are serving up serious cuteness, in every department, to spark your imagination and make naming your Pokemon a pleasure. From flower Pokemon nicknames such as Floret, Tulip and Posy, to good small Pokemon nicknames such as Pois, Charm and Twinkie, plus inspiration from literature, anime and movies, here are soft aesthetic and delicate Fairy Type Pokemon nicknames to adore!

Best Trap Characters in Anime Shows

Best Trap Anime Characters
Trap characters in anime have a special place in our hearts, their quirks and traits are so different, diverse, creative and colourful and unique. They often manage to steal the show in the anime, even if they are presented as more of a minor character in the show; they have the biggest impact! A trap character in anime refers to a person of either gender that convincingly dresses as the opposite gender. Traps traditionally refer to boys dressed as girls while reverse traps are girls that dress as boys. Here are the most convincing traps in anime shows, that have us fooled time and time again and keep the audience guessing!

Best Tsundere Boys in Anime

Best Tsundere Boys in Anime
Move over, Mr Darcy! These tsundere guys blow our fave Pride and Prejudice character out of the water, with their moody exteriors, prideful personas and epic transformations or revelations, and are just as fawned over by anime fans and non anime fans alike. These are some of the most multifaceted characters in anime  and are also those who undergo the biggest transformations in our favourite series'. There's just something about a mean character with a softer side that we can't resist. After all, why do girls love a bad boy so much? Hearts stop, jaws drop and everyone more aside, here is our list of best tsundere boys that everyone fawns over!

Best Lanturn Nicknames for Water Type Pokemon

Best fish Pokemon nicknames
Lots of good Lanturn nicknames to inspire you when naming your fishy friend! Here are some good nicknames for Fish Pokemon, names like Cowrie, Guppy, Seaberry and Flounder, plus good blue Pokemon nicknames ideas like Neytiri, Sapphire, Smurf and Periwinkle and good Water Type Pokemon nicknames like Jinbesan, Boba, Amphrite, Sceptre and Triton, with many drawn from mythology and folklore for the cutest under the sea inspired name ever!

Best Shedinja Nicknames for Bug Type Pokemon

From Pokemon names starting with S like Sweep, Sesame, Saffron and Saturn (inspired by the halo above its head mimicking Saturn's rings), to nicknames for yellow Pokemon, names such as Yuzu, Goldie, Midas and Cheerio, nicknames for beige or brown Pokemon like Umber, Sepia, Ochre and Biscoff, plus good Bug Type Pokemon nicknames like Empress, Marmite, Farthing, Speckle or Swift that perfectly befit your spooky Pokemon! There are also good Ghost Type Pokemon nicknames ideas to amuse you, such as Terrorcotta (ba dum tuss), Smoulder, Miasma and Shulker.