Best Anime Themed Crafts ideas

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1. Make a kintsugi ornament

The 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning “to join with gold”, is a reminder to stay optimistic when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life and stems from ancient Japanese philosophy. It is represented by joining broken pieces of pottery and china together with a laquer mixed with gold or golden powders. This is a beautiful and wonderful craft to try and all you will need is a broken pottery or china vase, pot or ornament, plus strong glue and the special laquer, plus some tools like a few fine brushes. You can also get special kits to craft your own, which provide everything you need (you can make them cheaper this way) and you can create a stunning piece of art with a beautiful meaning.  

Kintsugi craft kit (everything you need) 👈🏻

2. Make and stage a cute miniature anime cafe

You can make this from a shoe box and craft out a miniature scene, using fimo or modelling clay for making tiny desserts and for the tiniest details!  

3. Create some anime scrapbook pages and collage pages

The best fun ever! You could use paint, old manga and magazines, sketch and include samples of the cutest washi tapes! I also love to use adorable candy and food wrappers - they are too cute to throw away. 

4. An anime backdrop embroidery hoop decor 

For your room! These are so pretty and make for gorgeous room decor and perfect unique gifts too. Check out these designs to try below!

Anime pretty meadow backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

Japan Mount Fuji anime inspired backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

Tokyo Tower anime backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

Anime cityscape scene backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

Beautiful forest scene anime backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

Sights of Japan anime inspired backdrop embroidery hoop pattern 👈🏻

5. Create an anime portrait 

You could create an anime portrait of a loved one, to give as a gift, or create an anime style self portrait to put on your wall or style as your profile picture. There are tons of cool guides to make and draw your own anime art - just follow the instructions to craft and make your self portrait.

Customised anime portrait from photo 👈🏻

6. Make a mini desk zen garden 

To help you chill at your desk, this is a super relaxing craft idea and is so easy and therapeutic to make! To make this you will need some fine and dry sand, a special shallow container (you could even use a biscuit tin!), some stones or trinkets (a cute place for your gemstones to go!) and a wooden fork, mini rake or skewer to create the patterns in the sand.

First, fill your container with sand - you could even experiment with coloured sand or scented sand. Pour the sand into your container and shake it from side to side to even it out. Now it's time to place some stones and trinkets in your garden. An optional step is to add some small growing plants for a touch of green, which helps to aid the flow of energy and is beneficial in feng shui. Finally, create your sand pattern with a mini rake or skewer. I love to use a wooden fork, it's perfect! 

7. Craft a pair of cat ears (matching ones for you and your bestie) 

The perfect kitsune or cat girl inspired craft! 

Best kitsune ear tutorial kit for crafting cute ears 👈🏻

8. Make some pretty paper lanterns 

Flower lantern template and guide to craft 👈🏻

Oriental style lantern template and guide to craft 👈🏻

9. Craft a cherry blossom chopsticks case 

Why not craft a fun chopsticks case to take out with you wherever you go! You could even decorate afterwards with some pretty cherry blossom washi tape. 

Cherry blossom print washi tape 👈🏻

10. Make an origami cat collection 

Inspired by all the cats in anime shows, you could have so much fun making a mini collection of cats of every breed and colour! You could pop them in your miniature anime cafe from n.2 to make a cat cafe situation, Neko Atsume style! You could even make some miniature toys and treats for them from modelling clay or Fimo. 

11. Try some origami using candy paper 

These make perfect party favours or even fun decor for bakes and cakes! There are so many cute designs to try and friends will love that they can eat them also.  

Pastel candy edible papers set 👈🏻

12. Make your own manga

Try out making your own manga comics - just be sure that the pages are arranged to turn over in the opposite way as a regular book might! 

13. Some magical girl nail art 

Dress up your nails with some adorable magical girl inspired designs! There are so many cute designs to try on Pinterest or on Instagram, with sparkles, glitter and charms!

14. Create some ultra realistic miniature anime dishes

Use Fimo or modelling clay to replicate the tastiest meals you find in anime shows! 

15. Make a kitsune mask 

3D kitsune fox mask template to craft 👈🏻

Kitsune fox mask template to craft 👈🏻

You can have so much fun decorating this after making it! You could emulate the look of kitsune characters in anime or create your own design from scratch, decorate with all your favourite colours and even some pretty fabrics, jewels, motifs and glitter! 

16. Put together an encyclopedia of magical and bizarre anime creatures from all different anime universes and fandoms 

17. Make some origami cherry blossoms 

To decorate your room or crafting space! 

Ready to make cherry blossom DIY decorations 👈🏻

Delicate cherry blossom origami paper set 👈🏻

Pastel colours Sakura cherry blossoms design origami papers 👈🏻

Cherry blossom inspired set of origami papers 👈🏻

Delicate pastel cherry blossom spring origami papers 👈🏻

Beautiful delicate semi transparent blossom origami papers 👈🏻

Stunning printable watercolour cherry blossom papers 👈🏻

18. Make some magical girl drinks

With edible glitter or shimmer! These magical cotton candy cocktails or mocktails are so much fun and are the perfect thing to make. They look extremely pretty, magical and incredibly cool! To make them, fill your drinking glasses or cups with cotton candy or candyfloss, topped with some edible shimmer or glitter. Once the liquid is poured atop the candyfloss, it dissolves in to the drink, shimmering and fizzing in the process, so pretty! 

Edible shimmer for drinks 👈🏻 

19. Create and customise your own anime uniform 

You could decorate with some super cool iron on or sew on patches, to customise it and tailor it exactly to your tastes! Put together your very own magical girl look and create yourself a special custom piece to wear in every day life, by grabbing a plain fabric t shirt, scarf, hat or tote bag, and decorating it with the cutest iron on patches and magical badges and pins, to make it super pretty and magical. You could combine lots of cute uniform details from all your favourite anime characters, to create the ultimate cutest uniform! 

20. Make a 3D origami chibi portrait  

Use the guide here to craft your own origami chibi lookalike! You could even recreate your favourite anime characters in adorable origami chibi form, perfect as decor for your space and super easy to make too! 

21. Make some magical girl themed candy bark 

Make some super pretty magical girl themed candy bark/chocolate slab and add some edible glitter! This is super easy to make and requires no baking and all you will need is some cooking chocolate or melting chocolate (milk chocolate or white chocolate is fine) and some sweets or candy pieces. You could even change the colour of your candy bark and make it pink by melting down some white cooking chocolate and stirring in a few very small drops of food colouring. All you need to then is pour in to a mold and decorate with all the cutest sweets and candy of choice! Then pop in the fridge to set and voila, your own magical girl inspired chocolate!

There's so many ways to get creative with this and you could add a sprinkle of freeze dried raspberries or incorporate a swirl of melted milk chocolate to create a pretty pattern. Sprinkle in some jelly sweets and add some popping candy, a must have ingredient, to finish, before setting it to cool! 

Moons and hearts pink sugar sprinkles 👈🏻

Pearlescent pink sugar sprinkles 👈🏻

Edible pixie dust glitter for baking 👈🏻

Pearlescent pink candy hearts sprinkles 👈🏻

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