DIY Creative Anime themed gifts for friends

The ultimate list of gifts for anime lovers! Ideas of anime gifts for him and for her, in the UK or anywhere in the world! You could even wrap your gift in traditional Japanese style, to adhere to the theme perfectly.

What to gift someone who likes anime?

From manga novels to blind and mystery boxes to open, there are so many fun and great gift ideas for anime lovers alike, from an adorable planner or plushie, to cool anime home decor gifts for their room or space!

What should I get my anime lover for their birthday?

1. Bake them a bento cake

There are so many different designs ideas and ways to get creative with this adorable gift idea! 

2. DIY them their own manga novel

Why not DIY them their own manga novel as a beautiful and special keepsake for them to cherish! You could star them as the main character and include all their favourite things and special people and pets. 

3. Cute stationery

All the cute washi tapes! From sweet and scented stickers, to memo notes, to lavishly decorated pencils and pens and erasers that look like food, there are so many adorable options to choose from.

4. DIY some traditional Japanese inspired wall art

To turn their room in to an adorable sanctuary!

5. A funny framed photoshopped picture

Make them a funny photoshopped picture with all their favourite things, you could set it in Japan or a place they have always dreamed of visiting - or in a cat cafe! Add in all their favourite things and people - even fictional characters! This is such a unique and creative gift idea and they are sure to love it. You could print and frame the final result for them to keep safely in their room or space, it will be sure to make them smile whenever they see it!

6. Make a kintsugi style gift 

Perfect as well as stylish to make tea or hot drinks in. You could even create a mosaic style piece with lots of different pieces of different patterned pottery or ceramics, make it super beautiful for your recipient.

7. Quirky scented candles

There are so many cute, unique and adorable candles to choose from that your recipient will adore, from a Usagi's bedroom scented candle, to Animal Crossing inspired scented candles. They are so, so cute and make beautiful and treasured gifts and keepsakes.

8. A customised piece of clothing

This is such a creative cool gift idea! Decorate a plain piece of clothing to make it unique to them - it could be a scarf, a jacket, a cap or hat, some slippers or a t shirt - and use iron on and sew on patches to make a brand new custom garment for your recipient. Whether they are in to My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan and everything in between, you'll be able to find iron on and sew on patches for every anime they are in to!

9. Tickets to a cosplay or gaming convention

A whole experience in one gift! This could be the event of a lifetime for your recipient, they will always remember the occasion and it is a wonderful chance to connect with other likeminded souls. This is such a special gift idea!

10. A cute airpods case

You can even get them with bunny ears - so so cute!

11. An iphone photo printer

You can find bluetooth varieties that connect easily to your phone or any device. This is such a cool and practical gift idea that will give them the freedom to print off any bits and pieces they need and want - perfect for planning addicts, creative souls and wall art fiends!

12. An adorable backpack

A practical and thoughtful gift idea they will love - you can find so many cute ones or personalise one for your recipient with cute badges and iron on patches, to tailor it to their tastes perfectly! 

13. A set of their very own chopsticks

You could even personalise these for your recipient with some adorable washi tapes!

14. A crate of ramune soda

15. An adorable phone case and accessories

There are so many cute designs to choose from, you are sure to find a design from their favourite anime - or you could even customise one yourself!

16. An anime monthly subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving every month! It's so much fun to receive a mystery parcel of goodies every month at your doorstep, they will absolutely love the mystery and surprise, such a wonderful little lift for them!

17. A subscription to Crunchyroll

If they haven't got one already! This will give them access to a whole library of anime they might never knew existed and provide hours - no, years! - of entertainment!

18. An adorable planner

Such a cute and practical gift they will absolutely love! There are so many cute kinds to choose from, from Hobonichi to Ring Clip planners, which will allow them to take out and pop in planner inserts and extra sheets and bits and bobs. It's such an amazing and thoughtful gift to give and they'll never be without it!

19. Learning Japanese classes

This is such an incredible gift idea, a whole learning experience in a gift! Not only will it help them to decipher anime where English subtitles aren't available, it might inspire their next trip or experience!

21. Personalise a mug for them

22. Blind and mystery boxes

These make such an adorable gift idea and perfect for your anime lover! There's an extra element of surprise as your recipient won't be able to guess which mascots they have inside until they open them. They are great for adults and older teens too and really bring back that childhood nostalgia of finding toys inside happy meals and cereal boxes!

23. A portrait of their anime alter ego

A custom anime portrait makes such a special gift! Definitely include their pet if they have one!

24. A Japanese candy crate or subscription box

There is nothing cuter or more special than a big crate of Japanese candy! It's such a multisensory gift idea, not only does everything taste amazing, with super unique and unusual flavours, they are adorned with adorable illustrations, pretty packaging and come in fascinating shapes and forms.

25. A crate of Eastern foods they've never tried!

So they can try out all the dishes from anime shows they love!

26. A night sky projector

This will help your recipient to sleep and will also make their ceiling look magical!

27. K beauty products and sheet masks

K beauty products are always unique, fascinating and beautiful! Their packaging is often adorable too, which makes them the perfect gift to give your anime loving recipient. The sheet masks are always worth a try, they are so unique and often incredibly funny to try, a whole experience in themselves!

28. An eco friendly Japanese Konjac sponge

This would make an amazing kawaii stocking filler idea and makes for the perfect traditional Japanese themed gift.


29. Erasers shaped like dishes of food

Iwaku erasers are so clever, they are made to look exactly like miniature food dishes - but double as erasers as well! They would make such cute presents for friends or kawaii stocking fillers!

30. A personalised sketchbook

Always a must for the avid drawer or for someone who loves to create manga and sketch a lot! All you need for this is a plain or blank sketchbook, then customise it for your recipient to perfectly reflect their tastes!

31. Paper stamps to create pretty confetti

A beautiful stationery item, this will allow them to cut out beautiful shapes from paper and to create pretty confetti. A set of these would make a beautiful gift!

32. DIY them a book of anime memes

This is bound to make them chuckle and they will love it forever! You could customise and create your own using a tool like PicMonkey, applying text over your own funny snaps. Then print and compose in to a book for your recipient to enjoy!

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