Best Anime Twins (Funniest, Cutest and Hottest!)

Best Anime Twins
Anime twins mean double the cuteness, double the fun and always double the drama! It's easy to see what makes twins in anime shows stand out so much, their contradictory yet cohesive personalities and traits, plus unique ways of matching in their own yin yang style way is incredibly fascinating to observe and incredibly entertaining to watch. Plus they tend to be the most competitive anime characters we've ever seen. From anime twin boys to twin anime girls pairings and boy girl anime twins, to even anime trap twin characters and yuri anime twins, here are some of the cutest twins in anime shows and also hottest twins anime characters!

Best Anime Twins Characters

1. Kaoru & Hikaru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club)

Best Anime Twins Guys
Here we have an iconic pair of twins, Kaoru as the younger, but becomes the more mature and level-headed, and Hikaru, who tries to act mature, but has a hard time managing his feelings and is not as emotionally mature. Hikaru finds himself childishly over-possessive over each club member, especially Haruhi Fujioka, a love interest whom they both share and compete over her affections. They are identical twins in appearance and are the two sides of the same coin, personality wise, thus they compliment each other extremely well in the anime, and are incredibly entertaining to watch.

2. Ryou & Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad)

Best Anime Twins Girls
This pair of girl anime twins are known for their deep lavender hair and iconic appearance in the anime Clannad. Typically, as anime twins, they have opposite and conflicting personalities, Ryou as the shy twin who often finds herself overshadowed by Kyou, her extroverted sister. Ryou is helpful and kind, but is not a good cook. Her hobby is fortune-telling, but her predictions are often wrong, which brings a lot of comedic value to her character. Kyou is a bold and strong-headed girl who has a high energy personality and is always looking for ways to relieve her boredom, whether it gets her in to trouble or not. While Kyou acts like a responsible student, she often breaks school rules by bringing pets or riding a motorcycle to school. 

3. Ram & Rem (Re:Zero)

Best Anime Twins
These non identical anime twin girls, Ram and Ren, hail from the Oni clan and work alongside each other as maids. Unlike other twins on our list, they differ from each other in terms of hair colour as well as personality traits. Rem is the slightly younger sister of Ram, perhaps why she appears more “innocent” than Ram in comparison at first glance. Out of the two sisters, Rem feels more insecure and is suggested to have an inferiority complex, due to a past incident with her sister. Ram is more of the typically confident and strong minded older sister, and there are many complexities in their roles as twin siblings, which makes them multifaceted characters and fascinating to watch. That and their adorable pastel hairstyles!

4. Tsukasa & Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

Best Anime Twins Purple Hair
Tsukasa has a sweet and innocent but often ditzy personality, being good at cooking and taking on other household chores, but struggling to improve her grades at school. She is a dreamer but is often shown to be clumsy and requires Kagami’s help with skilled tasks such as texting. Her twin Kagami has a tsundere and bit egotistic personality and is Tsukasa's true opposite personality wise, in true anime style! She is terrible at common household chores like cooking and cleaning and has little patience for anyone who isn't in her close circle. They both share the same pastel lavender hair, but cut in to different styles, to represent their different personalities.

5. Yuuko & Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka and Test)

Best Anime Twins Identical
These girl and boy anime twins are often mistaken for a pair of twin girls in the anime, as boy twin Hideyoshi carries a feminine appearance that has fooled many a character! It could be agreed that he is a quite excellent trap character in the anime, the trap anime twins brother to Yuuko in the anime. Where Hideyoshi is calm and stoic (only losing his temper when mistaken for a girl), Yuuko is very headstrong and deeply ambitious, one of the top ten students from her year at school and is very prideful, arrogant and angers easily. A funny quirk in the anime is that she also persuades Hideyoshi to disguise himself as her and switch places with her in order to keep up her model student image. He is talented at acting and singing and so is the perfect candidate, plus a member of the Drama Club, forever getting talked in to playing female roles because of his appearance.

6. Rin & Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Best Anime Twins Boys
These two anime twin guys play an important role in the anime, Rin as the son of Satan who desires to become a Knight Meister and defeat his father, and Yukio as the youngest person to pass the Exorcist qualification exam. It's fair to say that between the two of them they are a force of nature. Rin exhibits a kind and gentle temperment and is always on the look out to help others. He loves deeply and respects his brother and adoptive father. Though his fighting stance is powerful, the rest of the time he exhibits a carefree attitude and is generous and humble. Yukio is a slightly more complex character to observe, with a serious but overall kind-hearted personality. Usually found to be calm and quiet, he struggles with uncontrollable moodswings, especially when faced with Rin’s shenanigans. There are times when he cannot control his frustration, even though he loves his brother deeply. These two are an iconic duo, for sure!

7. Kururi & Mairu Orihara (Durarara!!)

Best Anime Twins
The younger sisters of Izaya Orihara, and students at Raira Academy, these two anime twin girls are supporting characters in the light novel and anime series, Durarara!! Kururi has a reserved and introverted personality, mostly preferring to communicate with others in short sentences. Kururi is the mature sister who exerting a calming influence on headstrong younger twin Mairu who has an energetic and outgoing personality, impulsive and driven. An avid reader of encyclopedias, manga, and adult magazines, Mairu is also known to practice martial arts and is a skilled fighter.

8. Kotone & Akari Kirishima (Nyan Koi!)

Best Anime Twins
Best Anime Twins
This pair of twin anime girls look similar in appearance, each with their blonde hair cut in to the same style, one a slightly darker shade than the other. They also could be considered our first anime kemonomimi girl twins, or in fan art circles at least, with both being pictured as cat girls, in relation to the story of the anime. We see in the show that Kotone has an outwardly friendly, gentle and sweet demeanor but also a ruthless and obsessive side to her and she is prone to stalking others. In true anime style, the twins have opposite personalities and her sister Akari has a tsundere personality due to her ability to sense the supernatural, which leads her to avoid socializing with others. She can be possessive over her older sister and fears losing her after their parent’s divorce.

9. Momo Belia & Nana Astar Deviluke (To Love Ru)

Best Anime Twins
With their adorable pink hair, these anime girl twins are definitely one of the cutest pairings on our list! The eldest of the two is Nana, named the Second Princess of Deviluke planet. She wears her hair shorter than Momo and sports a tomboyish personality to match, with a short and quick temper, but underneath secretly has a very kind, generous and caring nature. Her younger twin sister in the anime, Momo, is named the Third Princess of Deviluke planet and has a fascinating ability of being able to communicate with plants, making her an expert botanist that knows every plant in the universe. She wears pink bunches, profoundly loves Rito and often fantasizes about them together in various situations.

10. Riko & Ako Suminoe (Kiss x Sis)

Best Anime Twins Yuri
Red headed anime twins with the cutest matching chestnut hairstyles ever seen in an anime show, Ako is shown to be the elder sister of Riko and a perfect model student when it comes to her studies and helping out at school. The general manager of the student council, she also loves dressing smart, setting a good example for other students and adores cooking, at which she is very talented. Her younger twin Riko can be identified by her full and messy fringe and is a super athletic character, who helps out various sports clubs at the school and is always quick to volunteer when an extra player is needed for training. She struggles with her studies, however, dictating that passing an exam for her depends on luck. These two balance each other out perfectly and are the perfect yin and yang twin pairing that we see so often with twins in an anime show. PS your friendly neighbourhood warning to watch out for some yuri twins ecchi moments within this anime! It is probably best not to watch this with parents or family!

Twins in anime always make a perfect pairing in anime shows as, despite their often wild differences in character, personality and appearance, they are usually extremely close and can rely on each other and always have each others’ backs. An anime character having a twin can usually reveal a whole lot more about their personality and we are afforded an insight as to their character, that we wouldn't normally. This is because it is often their twin sibling that knows far more about them than anyone else, their deepest attributes, that no one else would be able to perceive. They might even know more about this character than they themselves are shown to know. This way, twins in anime make for some of the most multifaceted characters ever seen in anime shows, even if they are shown as supporting characters throughout the story. The bond that these anime twins share can colour an entire season and they constantly inject so much fun, comedy and entertainment - plus a whole other layer of character development - in to the anime. Unlike live-action movies, anime freely explore the twin’s trope possibilities without holding back, paying homage to, and breaking up, anime twin stereotypes along the way. We hope you liked this list of best twin characters in anime shows.

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