Best Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks and Fan Games from Gen III

From Pokemon Adventure Red, Pokemon Saffron and Pokemon Gaia, to the well loved fan crafted and curated Pokemon Clover, here are the best Pokemon GBA ROM hacks you can find - complete with elaborate storylines, epic characters and tons of Pokemon!

1. Pokemon Adventure Red - a retelling of the amazing Pokemon Adventure manga, in game form! It follows the exploits of Red from Pallet Town, an amazing Pokemon battler, and the protagonist from the first generation games. It features Red's travels across the different regions, even Alola, and you can catch Pokemon from ALL regions too! There are even Fusion and Shadow Pokemon, a Day/Night mode and a 225 level cap. It's so, so detailed and fans of the manga will adore this. 

2. Pokemon Orange Islands - is based on the anime episodes from the Indigo series, which takes place in the Orange Islands and is a ROM hack of FireRed. The amount of detail is incredible! This hack contains all the 151 Generation I Pokemon along with other bonuses. When you start the game you play as OG Ash Ketchum, you get Pikachu as a starter and have a chance to catch all of Ash's party pretty early in the game.

3. Pokemon Rocket Edition - lets you go through the Kanto region as a Team Rocket grunt, in a story that runs parallel to vanilla FireRed, dealing with the seedy underbelly of Pokemon society. There is a morality system, tons of side quests and even takes time to explore some edgy fan theories about the Pokemon universe that don't get featured in the main games!

4. Pokemon Saffron - the story of Pokemon Saffron takes place deep within the Azira region in South America, popular with tons of Pokemon species on their yearly migrations. When migratory patterns intertwine every ten years, the area goes crazy, buzzing with life. It's such a rich biodiverse territory, there are over 280 of the most popular Pokemon roaming around! There are monsters from every generation, including Sword and Shield. It's so much fun, there's so much to see!

5. Pokemon Gaia - this is such an exciting historic Pokemon adventure! Learn tales of a bygone golden age by exploring ancient ruins and learning about the Pokemon World's rich history. It's fascinating, uncovering the ancient secrets of the Orbtus region in incredible detail, boasting a fantastic soundtrack plus an inclusion of assorted Pokemon from the first six generations.

6. Pokemon Nameless Edition - take an adventure through the expansive Cyenn Region, visiting areas too such as Western Tyron, Sevii Island and the Lande Region. This FireRed ROM hack has an open-world feel with incredibly complex storylines that are both compelling and dramatic. There are Pokemon from Gen 4 up to Gen 7 and instead of Gyms, there are Battle Arenas, which have the same function more or less. It's incredibly gripping and you'll be engaged from start to finish! 

7. Pokemon Glazed - here you get to choose from five different starters. You can explore three regions, such as Tunod, Johto and Rankor. You also get to have Dream World Pokemon and a whole load of Legendaries to catch in the game. It's a welcome chance to battle trainers and Gym Leaders again to get more money and experience in the long run.

8. Pokemon Clover - this FireRed ROM hack goes completely off on a tangent of its own! It's so ambitious it even has its own project website and steers away from the original Pokemon franchise with fan made content, tons of Fakemon, inside jokes, fan fiction and incredible and elaborate storytelling. It definitely makes the list for its ambition and level of detail, it can be lots of fun but can contain unregulated and undesirable fan made content that may be offensive to some. 

9. Pokemon Unbound - open-world and heavily customisable, this ROM is super ambitious and definitely worth exploring for all its worth! It includes Pokemon from all generations, there is a Physical/Special split, fairy types and even Mega Evolutions!

10. Pokemon Kaizo Emerald - this ROM hack focuses on bringing players a more challenging version of the base game, trainer AI is tweaked to put up a tougher fight and you will find their placement in the game to be much more treacherous. Puzzles throughout the Hoenn region are harder now, which may require you to change bikes more often. However, all Pokemon from Gen III can be caught in this version of the game - and the post game has been beefed up considerably too!

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