Top 15 Smartest Pokémon From All Regions Ranked

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
 Pokemon intelligence ratings are one of the most fascinating things to study, not least because there are so many different types of intelligence... perhaps a little like in the real world, where each creature has their own strength and intelligence in their own field. We're a little biased, us being humans, so when composing this list, the ability to measure and think in a human-like way (or at least a way we understand) takes some presidence - but this only means there may be far more clever and complex Pokemon, in their own way, that we just haven't discovered yet! PS I won’t include the creator Arceus on the list, since that’s just too easy!

15. Beheeyem

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
This Psychic type Pokemon has the ability to manipulate memories and possess the ability to communicate by flashing finger lights in different combinations, a little like Morse Code! It's fair to say that this requires some pretty high level of intelligence, plus possesses an amazingly complex form of communication. There's no doubt that these guys are highly intelligent with sophisticated communication skills! You’d need to be pretty smart to tamper with memories, especially as Beheeyem decides what you keep and what not.

14. Reuniclus

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 5, also known as the Multiplying Pokémon. Made out of different cells partially divided, Reuniclus is an incredible Pokémon and creation. His body is made from a gelatinous substance, with arms extending out, and within its arms are spherical organelles that are known to increase its psychic powers. With psychic abilities, it is able to form a network of brains with other Reuniclus creatures - telepathy?! - and although it could use its psychic abilities in battle, this Pokémon prefers to swing its powerful arms around to beat opponents into submission. It's said that its limbs, organelles, possess complex networks and are smaller neural glands in their own right. Having many brains for a body definitely puts this guy somewhere in this list!

13. Malamar

A Pokémon that resembles an upside-down squid, with several purple tentacles with bright blue undersides sprouting from the top of its head! A curious entry, but a deserved one as Malamar are the evil geniuses of Pokémon. This is not only because of their vile intents, but also for their intelligence. Malamar is a Dark/Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6 and known as the Overturning Pokémon. Malamar wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon and can make its opponents bend to its will. One Pokédex says it possesses the most complex form of hypnosis of all monsters, which requires a high level of intelligence for sure. If you take into consideration the anime series, there are episodes where a Malamar had plans to take over the world. These are plans with incredible layers of complexity too. That’s more than I can say about some humans, to be honest. It definitely looks the part of an evil genius!

12. Dragonite

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
The first non Psychic entry on this list, Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1 and commonly known as the Dragon Pokémon. A kindhearted Pokémon with human-like intelligence, Dragonite are shown as strong, reliable, and compassionate companions (both in games and anime, remember Lance’s Dragonite) and very smart and even emotionally intelligent creatures too, they are said to be equals with humans in terms of intelligence, which sets the baseline for the rest of the list!

11. Darkrai

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A Dark-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Known as the Pitch-Black Pokémon, it becomes active on nights of the new moon. This legendary Pokémon has the power to lull people to sleep and fill their heads with dreams. Proverbs say that Darkrai will make people have terrifying dreams on moonless nights. Freaky stuff! Even though it is known as being a nightmare-inducer, in the anime it has been shown to be both compassionate and capable of communicating with humans. Not to mention exhibit strong emotions that surely indicate intelligence.

10. Lapras

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A large sea Pokémon that resembles a plesiosaur, that is a Water/Ice type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1. It is known as the Transport Pokémon and has a blue hide with darker blue spots and a cream-colored underside. We humans are eager to mark communication as one of the greatest indicators of intelligence, so it's no wonder that Lapras features on this list! As well as being adorable, Lapras are well known for being able to communicate on a similar level to humans, they possess some understanding of human speech and are also strongly empathetic with complex human emotions, showing they possess incredibly high emotional intelligence.

9. Lucario

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A bipedal Fighting/Steel type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4 that is also known as the Aura Pokémon. Maybe the most sensitive and emotionally evolved Pokémon of them all, Lucario has the ability to fully understand human speech perfectly and can even sense the auras of all things. The original Pokédex entry states that a well-trained Lucario can identify the feelings of a creature over half a mile away, which is an incredible feat. It is an incredibly intelligent and highly perceptive being, able to not only interpret other’s emotions but also perceive where they are coming from.

8. Oranguru

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
The first Generation 7 Pokémon on this list, Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic type Pokémon known as the Sage Pokémon and is known to live a solitary life deep in the forests. It appears as like magical Orangutan, with white and purple fur and a star on its forehead. Oranguru are also extremely smart and are even known to throw Pokéballs at other monsters and give them commands. There is nothing more terrifying that a Pokémon being its own trainer - those of you who remember Mewtwo Strikes Back will relate!

7. Latios

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A Dragon/Psychic type Pokemon, Latios is able to attain the feat of perfectly understanding human language and emotions, but is also capable of telepathy! It possesses an incredible complex level of detail in its ability to communicate, capable of putting specific images into people’s minds in order to transmit a message. Latios is a Pokémon with a birdlike body stylized after a plane. Its body flows slowly into a thick neck, giving it a bulky appearance and it was first introduced in Generation 3, known as the Eon Pokemon. 

6. Latias

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
On the same level as Latios is Latias, said to be the female equivalent to our flying friend. Just like its counterpart, Latias is one of the most intelligent Pokémon and like Latios, is highly sensitive to the emotions of humans. A dual Dragon/Flying type introduced in Generation 3, it is able to understand human speech and emotions but it takes communication a little bit further. While Latios puts images into our heads, Latias telepathy is more complex, able to put thoughts and words into our heads. You might also remember Pokémon 4ever and how a Latias passed as a human being to the point that we were not sure exactly where this happened at some points. That takes some super intelligence.

5. Mewtwo

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A legendary Pokemon from Generation 1, Mewtwo is a Psychic type often known as the Genetic Pokémon. Known to be created by genetic manipulation, created as a clone from Mew, the Pokédex stipulates that Mewtwo is a powerful being that only thinks about vengeance and battle, incapable of compassion. However, Mewtwo has also been shown to have some compassionate side, not least in the movie Detective Pikachu. Even if you agree with me or not, you have to admit Mewtwo shows a very large degree of intelligence and communication in these movies and even in the original games. He is known really as the “original legendary”, after all.

4. Slowking

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A dual Water/Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 2 that is known as the Royal Pokémon, perhaps related to the Shellder crown it wears on its head! But it is more than just aesthetically pleasing, Slowking’s shell actually injects a special venom in its head every time it yawns, making him smarter. What a superpower! Slowking also makes it high on this list because the Pokedex explicitly seeks to mention this guy’s depth of wisdom. A really good depiction of this creature to look at here is in the movie Pokemon 2000, where a Slowking became one of the wisest characters and was able to speak the English language perfectly. 

3. Uxie

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
A wild Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4 and known as the Knowledge Pokémon, Uxie is considered to be a “Being of Knowledge”, a revered Pokemon of legend. The Pokédex states it gave humanity its intelligence, in the Pokemon world, since it basically created the concept of it. In many discussions Uxie is considered to be the smartest Pokémon of all time, however if you consider that creating intelligence does not mean overcoming its limits, since previous experience has shown that the student of any subject can surpass the master, there is still room for it to be usurped by these next two. 

2. Metagross

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
Smart and super heavy - it gains a special feature in Top Heaviest Pokemon of All Time! - Metagross has some serious brains going on. This meaning it possesses four brains, that give it without a doubt a spot at the top of this list. The final stage of the Beldum evolutionary line makes this creature fuse together to evolve, so two Beldum make a Metang, and two Metang make a Metagross. Once fused together, these evolved forms retain all of their brains. So, to calculate, Metagross has 4 fully functional brains (at least according to the Pokedex entry). This makes it smarter than a modern supercomputer since it’s able to do complex calculations in seconds!

1. Alakazam

Smartest Pokemon ever ranked
It easily matches Metagross' abilities as its intelligence quotient is said to be 5,000 and we know that its brain can outperform a super-computer, according to the Pokédex entry for Alakazam in Pokémon Red and Blue. However I’d be willing to vouch it can be even more, as his brain is in a never-ending growth phase, allowing Alakazam to remember everything and constantly be increasing its knowledgebase. Combining together an IQ of that stature (5000!), the ability to outperform a supercomputer, and having a perfect memory, there really is no match for Alakazam, it is surely the smartest Pokémon of them all.

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