Sylvie Laufeydottir Costume Cosplay ideas

If you are looking for Sylvia Laufeydottir outfit ideas, you have come to the right place! This is perfect for you if you are looking for blonde Marvel Halloween costumes ideas, or blonde Marvel character cosplay ideas  - these Sylvie Laufeydottir Halloween cosplay looks and costumes will be right up your street and make you feel super powerful!

These also might be known as Sylvie Loki costume ideas - because Sylvie is also known as Lady Loki and demands a cosplay as iconic and badass as her name suggests. This is such an amazing, powerful and flattering cosplay look to try and is perfect for all ages and sizes. Just pair with gold jewellery!

This anime cosplay series intends to set eyes on some of the most amazing and incredible costumes from the most talented cosplayers. Definitely check out each of these artists and subscribe to their content and give them tons of love for the costumes you like! I hope you find your new favourite cosplayer to follow below!  

By @julsromanoff 👈🏻
This classic Sylvie cosplay perfectly recreates her outfit from the Marvel series and the iconic gold detailing 

By @hybridcia 👈🏻
Such an amazing female Loki cosplay! This look recreates every detail perfectly. 

By @coffeebeecos 👈🏻
This amazing Sylvie Laufeydottir inspired makeup look is stunning and perfectly compliments the costume! I also love the idea of incorporating deep green velvet, perfect for the queen that is 

By @iambatsamm 👈🏻
This is such a cool and brilliant take on Sylvie Laufeydottir, I love the way the outfit is put together and looks every inch as cool and badass as the ready made cosplay costume setups. This look is so iconic and really captures the essence of this powerful character.

By @itsspacewizard 👈🏻
I really love this Sylvie Laufeydottir cosplay and how it is kept simple, yet is so striking! I love how the dark turtleneck really makes the rest of the outfit details pop and it also gives me classy, elegant Audrey Hepburn vibes. It's such a cool take on this character and the hair and makeup capture her look perfectly!

By @iambatsamm 👈🏻
I really love the idea of using a gold or metallic choker necklace to represent the gold detailing in Sylvie's outfit. This cosplay is so creative and beautifully put together! I love the idea of layering a corset style piece over a green high neck or turtleneck. 

By @the_flying_cosplay 👈🏻
The coolest Sylvie Laufeydottir cosplay! The gloves fit perfectly and you could layer with the iconic green hooded cloak to keep warm in colder weather conditions. I love the idea of combining more biker chic items and pieces with this look; all the studs and buckles and trimmings!

By @ikaguracosplay 👈🏻
This classic Sylvie Laufeydottir costume look is amazing! I love how there are more accents of green here alongside the gold, such a winning powerful colour combination. I also love how the sleeves of the cape or cloak are shorter, allowing the amazing base layer sleeve details to be seen.

By @tinypaws_cosplay 👈🏻
The perfect female Loki cosplay, this looks so much like Sylvie herself!

By @hybridcia 👈🏻
Let your cloak do the talking with this iconic look! Why not pair with an all black base layer and let your cloak and head dress take centre stage.

By @cpt_eleanore 👈🏻
This look is just epic, I really love the cape or cloak with the full length sleeves, it just looks incredible. The use of props is so cool here too, I love the composition of the photos.

By @alynn.lau 👈🏻
This is how you do a princess of Asgard cosplay! Everything about this look is perfect, I love the attention to detail and the amazing photo effects.

By @shizaabi 👈🏻
This Lady Loki cosplay look is so cool. I absolutely love the smouldering eye makeup, it goes with the look perfectly!

By @latae_c0splay 👈🏻
This amazing cosplay features some genius DIY elements that take centre stage and this whole look is so cool and perfectly represents Syvlie Laufeydottir in the Marvel series.

Another great idea when looking to DIY your Sylvie Laufeydottir is to get your hands on or thrift a pair of second hand black overalls or a black dungaree dress - a black denim dungaree dress would work really well for this! - and DIY the gold details yourself. You could even turn it in to a top to wear over a black high neck top and pair it with black or dark grey leggings.

Although not technically an anime cosplay, we had to do a Marvel cosplay feature as part of our series! We meet Sylvie Laufeydottir, born Loki Laufeydottir, through the Marvel tv series Loki, as a Princess of Asgard who caused a Nexus event as a child and escaped the Time Variance Authority. A daughter of the Frost Giant King Laufey adopted by Asgardians, unlike most other versions of Loki, Sylvie was born as a woman. In the series Loki, we meet her as an alternate version of Loki who helps him fight to overthrow the Time Variance Authority.

Her appearance draws references from Norse mythology, as we might expect from a character hailing from the Thor and Asgardian realms. As the extremely capable and dangerous variant who happens to be another version of Loki, we see accents of green in her outfit, as well as gold, and she commonly wears a gold coloured horned headdress featuring the left horn broken off.

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