Best Poison Pokemon Nicknames Ever!

Best Poison Pokemon Designs
Best Poison Type Pokemon Nicknames ideas 101! A full list of name ideas for your Poison Type Pokemon     to freak out your opponents or charm them in to submission. These poison type Pokemon nickname ideas are perfect for your muk, venusaur, nidoking, toxicroak and more. These also make great Halloween Pokemon name ideas for your Dark Type Pokemon or great Ghost Type Pokemon nicknames too, as they bridge the gap between remedies, potions and deadly plants and doom and gloom. POV a dark academia potions lab at Hogwarts where you can conjure Pokemon. You're welcome! Below, you'll find good nicknames for specific poison type Pokemon, let me know which Poison Type names ideas to add to the list below!

Best Fire Type Starters in Pokémon Ranked

Best Fire Type Starters Pokemon Designs

Which is the best Fire Starter Pokemon?

A big question indeed! Whether or not you consider yourself a serious or casual Pokémon fan, you can probably recognize a few of these iconic starters. While the debate between who’s the best within generations is already harsh enough, fights between generations is something else.  Starting fights, not fires! (Dad jokes 101) Preferences generally range from memories, stats, and of course, cuteness. Just checking it against the Best Fire Starter Pokemon Thread here, we're not too far off from others suggestions!

Best Fire Type Starters Pokemon Designs

Best Rayquaza Nicknames for Dragon Pokemon

Best Rayquaza Nicknames for Dragon Pokemon
What are some good name ideas for Rayquaza - and what are some good names for a female Rayquaza? This post answers all, with all the good green Pokemon nicknames ideas and good Pokemon snake names too, to expertly suit your powerful dual Dragon and Flying Type Pokemon, names derrived from myth and legend you haven't heard of yet! This Generation 3 beast is known as the Sky High Pokemon and even possesses a Mega Evolution, so needs a name to suit both its formidable design and stats to match.

Best Water Starters From All Pokémon Games Ranked

Best Water Type Starter Pokemon
What is the best Water Starter Pokemon? It's definitely a good question and can be totally subjective, based on so many components! When any Pokémon journey begins, you’re given a single choice: grass, fire, or water. It may be the most important decision you’ll ever make in Pokémon. So which water starter is best in battle, statwise and ability-wise and makes for the best companion Pokemon?

Top 15 Best Tank Pokémon in Combat

Best Tank Pokemon Designs
Whether in the anime or through the games, here is my list of the best tankiest non legendary Pokemon, with the best defense, alongside other attributes like typing, moveset, and overall base stats that make them the tankiest Pokemon in battle! I wanted to take in to consideration a whole load of different features, rather than just a copy/paste of the highest base defense Pokémon in the series. There are a few candidates here that are super interesting and real wildcards, they might not be what you expect! Here there are no mega evolutions, Dynamax, or wormhole Pokémon, for the same reason as that, like legendries, they would surely fill up this list first and foremost! With Pokemon of all types from Pokemon Anime and every game, here are the best Tank Pokemon in Battle and beyond!

10 Best Ever Pregnancy Mods For Sims 4

Best Pregnancy Mods For Sims 4
Okay, it's the 21st century. And we are way more open about things like woohoo-ing, emotions around pregnancy and age (and marital status) of reproductive partners than our predescessors and previous generational counterparts. This post tackles the whole reproductive system of Sims, whether you're wondering how to breed Sims with a longer pregnancy duration, or wondering how to shorten a Sims pregnancy time, or make the whole pregnancy more realistic to fit your storyline, it’s always fun to better every aspect of the game. Here is a list of mods that improve pregnancy in the game, in one way or another, all of the pregnancy mods that made the cut. So I’ve filtered the best mods all related to pregnancy and ranked them here for you fellow Sims lovers!

There is a Sims mod for everyone here, whether you are looking to have ultimate control over your in game characters or want a mod to make the Sims more kid friendly, by allowing the characters to breed and have babies and start families without ever needing to woohoo (and thus the maybe too soon conversation about having to explain that to your child)! Each does serve a purpose and you’ll find them useful in one of two ways: by adding a bit of difficulty to the game, or simply by helping your Sim pass her pregnancy in a much more comfortable way. To make pregnancy more realistic on SIMS, because it just isn't like the real thing without all the unpleasant parts and extra parts that go with it.   

Best Houndoom Nicknames for Dog Pokemon

Best Houndoom Nicknames for Dog Pokemon
All the good Houndoom Pokemon Nicknames ideas 101! Haunted, scary and creepy Pokemon nicknames for your Dark Type Pokemon, name ideas inspired by all the dark and formidable things, dark and gloomy aesthetic names that are everything, whether you're looking for names for your female Houndoom or newly caught Pokemon puppy, here are some good names for your Fire Type Pokemon, such as Magma, Pyro and Hestia and Dark Type Pokemon such as Dante, Mordred, Hematite, Noir and Obsidian. I hope you enjoy!

Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods to Play With!

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
These amazing Pokémon Minecraft mods truly open up a whole new way to play Pokemon, they open a whole new realm to explore and present different depths and levels to the game we could only dream of accessing. No matter how good the games continue to be to this day, there is always something new and flashy to discover and whole new ways to play Pokemon! I absolutely love that there is always something new to discover and dedicate just over half of your life to. And then Minecraft. The game that constantly changes, but is still loved by millions of players all over the world for its endless creative possibilities. If like me you always wanted to fuse your favourite worlds together, wonder no more and get stuck in to these best Minecraft Pokemon Mods!

Best Anime Male Characters with White Hair

Anime Male Characters with White Hair
White haired anime boy characters 101! This is for you if you are a sucker for white-haired characters in anime, mainly when it comes to males! The ones below are all highly unique and artistically and aesthetically good too (aka handsome). These frosty looking fair haired anime characters are a powerful, loyal and intimidating bunch, but that's why we love them! Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my top 10 male characters with white hair!

Best Anime with OP MC to Watch!

Best Anime with OP MC
Anime and manga is well known for overpowered main characters. At first, when we meet them, many OP characters in anime are the weaker characters in the anime, only to grow much stronger in order to win against their nemesis. Then there are some OP main characters that seem never to lose a fight, making others pale in comparison! We like to watch anime vicariously through the characters and especially the characters who are perked up with things such as superpowers, magic, intelligence, and high technology, making the whole story more dramatic. These overpowered main characters are so impressive that they convincingly garner our attention to leave us awestruck.

Best Nicknames for Tyranitar in Pokemon Go

Best Rock Dark Type Pokemon Design
Tyranitar is a rock-solid Pokemon that deserves a great nickname! Not only one of the most popular Pokemon, it is one of the best rock type Pokemon ever and receives a very special mention in our best Dark Type Pokemon ranked post! This beast of a rock dinosaur Pokemon has a sweet design, pseudo legendary stats, an amazing movepool and even a mega evolution - it's definitely a popular choice for a team member during general gameplay and in competitive matches and needs a name to reflect its power and supremecy in combat! Scroll down for Tyranitar nicknames for your Dragon like Pokemon, that isn't technically a Dragon Type Pokemon, nicknames for Tyranitar to impress your fellow players can be found below...

13 Best Crab Pokemon Ever Ranked!

Best Crab Pokemon Designs
What is the best crab Pokemon? Here are the cutest sea dwelling critters, the coolest watery Pokemon you've never seen - never seen because they are probably hidden away in their perfectly camoflaged shells or tucked away in to a rock pool it managed to claim for itself! Here is a list for the best Crab Pokemon, design wise, stat wise and just in terms of general all round coolness. We hope you enjoy this crab Pokemon list, especially if you liked these best fish Pokemon or Best Water Type Pokemon moves. Here are the best crab Pokemon of all times ranked!

Best Hidden Abilities in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Best Hidden Abilities Pokemon Games
Let's talk hidden abilities! It used to be so difficult to get them and heck, it still is hard, but the ultimate power and prowess they wield is off the charts, they are actual firecrackers of abilities to discover! It stands to reason that these abilities take some effort to get is because of how powerful they are. Here is a list ranking the most powerful hidden abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the strongest hidden abilities to hunt down, for your entertainment!

Top Lewd Anime Series of All Time!

Everyone has a different cup of tea when it comes to anime - there are so many different themes and types, of romance, humour, isekai anime, anime with op mc and yuri anime shows, that there was bound to emerge some very sexual anime shows as well - and then there are some that are a different kettle of fish althogether. With topics and storylines that are bound to be 'out there', controversial and perhaps oversexualised, anime just isn't anime without these dirty anime series and shows.

Before the Isekai revolution, it was ecchi anime or lewd that dominated the anime landscape, often adult x rated anime that can be playful or explore difficult topics, may be considered to be some of the hottest anime shows to watch - or just the creepiest or weirdest anime shows! If you are looking for some sexy Lewd Anime recommendations you are at the right spot. So if you were curious, here is are the Best Lewd Anime and strangest, maybe perverted anime series to watch without your mum or dad in the room!!

Best Flower Pokemon that are Beautiful

Most beautiful Pokemon flower designs
These truly beautiful Flower Pokemon are often overlooked, but play a special role in making the Pokemon Universe so beautiful and such a fun place to live and explore. Here are the best flower Pokemon to draw, that have the coolest designs; these Pokemon look straight out of a Shakesperean play or a Tennyson poem! The prettiest Pokemon that could be existing secretly and hiding at the bottom of your garden. Here are some of the most beautiful Pokemon ranked, the best flower Pokemon designs to draw or swoon over!

  From Fairy Types to Grass Types and everything in between, here are the best Pokemon that resemble plants and flowers, all the best plant Pokemon for your entertainment!

Best Dark-Type Pokémon Ranked

Best Dark-Type Pokémon Ranked
Many of the scariest, spookiest Pokemon in the whole franchise can be found in the Dark Type category. These are Pokemon who are some of the most dangerous, chaotic, and overall edgy creatures we've ever seen, along with some of the creepiest and coolest designs. And it’s the type chosen by some of the most well-loved trainers ever to grace our screens, like Karen from Johto’s Elite 4 and the painfully cute Marnie from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

If you are on the hunt for the best dark type Pokemon, this article will help you find them. Dark type Pokemon are among the most popular and powerful types in the game, as well as the most edgy. They have the advantage when it comes to intimidating their opponents. We explore what makes these Pokemon so powerful and what movesets they should have to be successful in battle.

Best Dark-Type Pokémon Ranked

Best Flying Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Flying Type Pokemon Nicknames
These Flying Type Pokemon Nicknames are out of this world, well almost! Questionable puns aside, reach the outer-limits of the atmosphere with these high-altitude flying type Pokemon nicknames! These also make perfect names for your blue Pokemon, or nicknames for your purple Pokemon, with names such as Azure, Sky, Amethyst, Lavender and Tulle and even Harry Potter Pokemon names such as Quidditch and Snitch! From Air Element Pokemon names like Angelite, Celestite, Dusk, Gemini and Libra, to Weather Pokemon names like Cloud, Storm, Bluster and Cyclone, they are perfect for your Talonflame, Rowlet, Staraptor, Togekiss, Zapdos and more!

Best Fossil Pokémon From Every Game Ranked

Some could say the Pokemon world is an archeologist's dream, with the amazing possibility of bringing history to life, quite literally, in the form of ancient fossils of species that had been extinct in the Pokemon universe for millions of years. It's an incredible concept, to live among history, living history you might say, and being able to add these incredible creatures to your team. Like Captain America emerging from the ice, there's nothing cooler than these Pokemon. They’re all over every generation and once you find one, hook yourself up with a revival facility and your fossil Pokémon will come back battle-ready. A detailed look at the coolest Pokemon ever!

Best Grass Pokemon Nicknames

Good Grass Type Pokemon Nicknames
These grass type Pokemon nicknames are sure to grow on you! Get it?! You dig? Okay I'll stop! The Grass type is a type of Pokemon with a lot of diversity in appearance and personality. They are seen as the most peaceful and gentle group among all other types. Whether you are looking for a good name for your Ferrothorn, Leafeon, Serperior or Venusaur, here are tons of good nicknames for Grass Type Pokemon and all the best names for green Pokemon out there!

Best Salamence Nicknames for your Dragon Pokemon

Best Salamence Dragon Type Pokemon Nicknames
Looking for good names for your male or female Salamence Pokemon? You are in the right place, with some great unisex names for Heavy Pokemon, names derived from mythology and legend, Flying Type Pokemon names like Helios, Jet, Mesosphere and Zephyrus and Dragon Type Pokemon name ideas such as Emrys, Huzarlot, Warlock and Kilgharrah, that hail from a myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom - okay that's Merlin...

Best Grass Starters From All Pokémon Games Ranked!

Which Grass Type Starter Pokemon is best?

8. Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium Chikorita

Best Grass Type Starters in Pokemon
The Chikorita line sports some of the cutest designs for starter Pokemon, so you are definitely forgiven if you opted for these sweet little critters as your favourite Grass Type starter Pokemon. But compared to other Grass Type Starter Pokemon, they are on the weaker side (see all the Weakest Pokemon Ranked here - but Chikorita happily gets its own mention in our Cutest Pokemon Ranked list!)

 When it comes to the gyms and Elite 4, the Chikorita line is kind of bad. It only holds advantages against Chuck’s Poliwrath, Will’s Slowbro, Bruno’s Onyx, and Pryce’s team, only 6 Pokémon. But Pryce’s team is full of Ice-types, so they all also deal super effective damage to Meganium, as well as the fact that pretty every other gym or Elite 4 member also deals super effective damage or resists Grass-type moves.  Meganium happens to be just as bad competitively, making the Chikorita line one of the weakest Starter Pokemon lines. But we still love it, just look at that cute little face!

Best Strongest Fairy Type Pokemon Moves

Best Strongest Fairy Type Pokemon Moves
Quirky and mischevious are two great words to describe Fairy Type Pokemon - and they have some adorable and equally creative Fairy Type moves to match! Game Freak really outdid themselves with cute names for these Fairy Type moves, but as some (me) may say, names can be deceiving. If you are on the other end of any of these deadly damage dealing Fairy moves, it's anything but cute. Apart from the one where you get decorated like a cookie by Alcremie, but that's an exception. Despite only having a handful of moves to the type’s name, there are some seriously powerful fairy maneuvers, which means that Fairy Types are doing their bit to catch up with the OGs. To highlight just how strong some of these moves are, what better way other than to rank the absolute best fairy moves within Pokemon knowledge so far!

Best Strongest Water Type Pokemon Moves

Let's talk about the strongest Water Type Pokemon Moves of all time! The fact that STAB is a universally accepted phrase that we use in connection with Pokémon may sound a little strange, when you think about it. Sure, it stands for the Same Type Attack Bonus, but it still seems like we’re talking about stabbing Pokémon. So there you are! And onwards - our ranking of the best water moves in Pokémon...

23. Water Gun

Best Strongest Water Type Pokemon Moves
This gem may be here for sentimentality - if you were a Blastoise main back in the day, you might remember this move fondly! It only has a power of 40, but that was considered pretty good at that point in the original Red & Blue games and counted as the first pretty decent move your Squirtle learned; it may have single-handedly carried you through Brock’s gym if you had it at that point! It charges up water and then squirts it at the opponent, pushing foes away but does not deal damage. They were simpler times back then but they were good times!

Best Azumarill Nicknames for your Water Fairy Pokemon

Good Name ideas for Azumarill Pokemon
As one of the Cutest Pokemon ever (although its baby form just pips it to the post in our Cutest Pokemon Ranked list - it's very competitive okay!), everything about Azumarill seems beautiful and adorable. Known as the Aqua Rabbit Pokemon, from Generation 2, it gained its dual Water and Fairy typing in Generation 6 and was originally a pure Water Type Pokemon. Its special little quirk is that its long ears are indispensable sensors - by focusing its hearing, this Pokémon can identify what kinds of prey are around, even in difficult circumstances, such as around noisy and fast paced rivers.

Best Strongest Fire Type Pokemon Moves

Best Strongest Fire Type Pokemon Moves
Phoar! It's getting hot in the kitchen with these hugely powerful Fire Type Pokemon Moves that are carefully designed to knock the stuffing out of your opponents in every kind of combat. When it comes to Fire Types it's definitely go big or go home! For starters, there’s no denying that burn is easily the more powerful status condition in the Pokémon franchise. It also happens that the best fire type moves are built to have a percentage chance to burn. Check out this list ranking the strongest fire moves in Pokémon, with some of the most overpowered Pokemon moves ever!

Best Garchomp Nicknames for your Dragon Pokemon

Best Garchomp name ideas for Dragon Pokemon
Here are some epic Dragon Pokemon nicknames for Garchomp! These names have bite, a list of powerful name ideas for your Dragon Pokemon, such as Emrys, Cornelius, Smaug and Kilgharrah, with some good Ground Pokemon nicknames ideas in there too, such as Jasper, Sodalite, Lazurite, Unakite, Aragonite and Geode, nicknames perfect for an APEX predator that matches how JAW-some Garchomp is! One of the best Dragon Pokemon of all time, its appearance demands a name of regality, of greatness and strength! With an epic design, great stats, good typing, expansive movepool, a mega evolution, there are no limits to how impressive and powerful this beast can be! Rolling out all the Ground type Pokemon name ideas too, scroll down for some good Garchomp Nicknames and strong Pokemon names to choose from!

Bulbasaur Nicknames for your Bulbasaur Pokemon

Best Bulbasaur Nicknames ideas
Here are lots of cute Grass Type Pokemon nicknames for Bulbasaur that'll be sure to grow on you - you dig?! Bulbasaur is literally the #1 Pokemon in the National Dex and is one of the most iconic Pokemon and GameFreak creations - it's important to pick the best Bulbasaur nicknames for your little critters! It's so cute and lovable and evolves into one of the best non-legendary grass type Pokemon EVER! Scroll down to see our list of name ideas for Bulbasaur, nicknames that represent its cute, leafy design and best names for Grass Type Pokemon also - all the green Pokemon name ideas!

Best Yuri Anime Series You Can't Resist Watching!

Best Yuri anime series

What does Yuri anime mean?

What does Yuri mean in anime? Yuri anime involves a romantic relationship between girls or female characters and revolves around intimate relationships between girls. There are so many different kinds of yuri anime to watch, on Netflix, on Amazon, on Hulu, on Crunchyroll and many a best list of yuri anime to work through to find your favourites. There are harem yuri anime series, romantic yuri anime series - which often depict cute and wholesome yuri anime romances and romantic lesbian anime shows - funny yuri anime shows and fantasy yuri anime, a whole great range to watch!

Here is our list of the best yuri anime series to watch right now and all the beautiful yuri anime girls to follow! If you are looking for some LGBT anime series to watch you have come to the right place! Fall in love with these top Yuri anime!

25 Best Cats In Anime: The Ultimate List of Feline Characters

Cats are definitely more popular in anime than any other creature, it seems much more aligned to cat people rather than dog people. It seems like favouritism, sure you see a dog pop up here and there, but cats just dominate the medium. From talking cats to cat ears and adding nyan to everything they say, there’s an abundance of these furry creatures. With plenty of human like cats and spawns of Satan, here are all the best cat anime characters you never saw, the soppy ones, the fiercely protective ones, the fluffiest ones and all the cats in between! Cats also have a particularly special role as they help us understand people and have a special role in anime character development. This post is perfect for if you are searching for anime inspired cat names too, as there are so many cute anime cat names here. You might just find a new anime name for your cat!

Best Ice Type Pokemon Nicknames

Best Ice Type Pokemon Nicknames
These cool Ice Type Pokemon Nicknames will keep you busy naming your squad for years to come! These make good name ideas for Lapras, Weavile, Articuno, Mamoswine - and many more besides! There are so many icy themes to explore when looking for a good name for your Ice Type Pokemon, from Weather names to Pokemon Christmas names to Cute and Funny Snow and Ice Pokemon nicknames and everything in between! There are even Food themed Pokemon names, inspired by the many frozen desserts out there - plus, of course, some inspiration taken from the movie Frozen! We couldn't not!

Best Badass Anime Series to Watch

Badass Anime Series Characters
Let's explore some badass anime series that leave you feeling satisfied, invigorated and inspired! Like that scene in the first Spiderman film where we see Toby Mcguire get back at all those who overlooked him and become an actual force - or the scene of Captin America's transformation - those badass movie moments will always make us smile. So let's explore the best badass moments in anime, the best badass anime characters that have a transformation or are an integral part of action anime we all love! Here are the most gripping anime series ever and the coolest characters to watch too - hopefully you will have some new anime shows to add to your watch list. Here are the most 10 satisfying badass anime series to watch!

Best Nicknames for Charizard (What to Name your Charizard!)

Best Nicknames for Charizard Names ideas
Introducing all the best names for Dragon Pokemon since the Franchise began, specifically Fire Type ones! 

Here are nicknames for Charizard that are the hottest thing around! Charizard is a dual Fire and Flying Type Pokemon from Generation 1 and is known as the Flame Pokemon. With Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms available and such an iconic design, this mighty fire beast has been a fan-favorite Pokemon for over 20 years! Scroll down for some good Charizard nicknames to give your Dragon-like but not a Dragon Type Pokemon buddy!

Water Type Nicknames for Water Pokemon

Best Water Names for Water Type Pokemon
Looking for some cute Water Pokemon name ideas for your Water type Pokemon? These nicknames for water Pokemon are perfect for your Gyarados, Greninja, Kyogre and more! You'll spend hours grinding levels on the seashore, atop the waves and in gym battles, so it's important you get their name just right! Below, you'll find good nicknames for specific water type Pokemon, followed by a ton of more generic ideas that are clever, cute, cool and funny. Here are tons of good nicknames for Water type Pokemon!

Cute Nicknames for Pokemon (The Cutest Ever Nicknames!)

200+ Cute Nicknames for Pokemon

Introducing the cutest Pokemon nicknames of all time! There are so many adorable Pokemon characters (check out these Cutest Pokemon Creatures Ranked!) and we just want to do them justice with their name. Plus, thinking up cute nicknames for Pokemon brings them to life in front of our eyes and makes playing the games so much more fun and personal! Here are the best Pokemon names and tons of cute pokemon nicknames to use in games, to suit every personality and elemental type. I hope you enjoy this Pokemon nickname ideas list!

Just because it is hard thinking of good Pokemon names and they don't just grow on trees (apart from maybe nicknames for Grass type Pokemon), here are some of the best nicknames for Pokemon from the cutesy realms of candy, cookies and everything sparkly. Below, you'll find the cutest nickname ideas for specific Pokemon, followed by ideas for each Pokemon type in alphabetical order, good Pokemon nicknames you won't find anywhere else!

Best Gengar Nicknames for your Gengar Pokemon

Best Gengar Nicknames for Gengar Pokemon
It can be hard to think of Gengar nicknames that do this creepy character justice, it's forever been a powerhouse in battle, is known as the Shadow Pokemon, has amazing stats and is one of the strongest Pokemon of all time, as well as one of the scariest Pokemon of all time. Here are some spooky names for your Gengar Pokemon, befitting one of the most intimidating and spooky Pokemon of all time, that came dressed in its Halloween costume!

Good Nicknames for Pikachu and Electric Type Pokemon Names

Good names for Pikachu Electric Type Pokemon
What should I name my Pikachu? Although Pikachu is really its equivalent of a species, it seems hard to call this iconic little critter by any other name! Here are some good names for Pikachu you will absolutely love, unique and cute Electric Type Pokemon names that even incorporate references to old Pokemon folklore.

Picking a good nickname for Pikachu can be hard, why not try Electric type nicknames like Volt, Static, Proton, Pixel and Ion, cute Pokemon nicknames such as Ray, Sparkle and Pikasso, or yellow Pokemon names such as Saffron, Nachos, Topaz and Nugget. We hope you enjoy this cute Pikachu name ideas list for our favourite yellow Pokemon, all the good nickname ideas you could ever want!

Best Lucario Nicknames for your Steel Type Pokemon!

Best Lucario Nicknames for Steel Type Pokemon
What should I call my Lucario? Is an important question for sure. Definitely one of the most popular Pokemon and one of the best steel type Pokemon to have on your team, this critter is iconic in its own right! With a cool design, good stats, nice movepool and even a mega evolution, it can be hard to find a good nickname for Lucario that represents its power in combat and iconic presence. From cute names for blue Pokemon, like Cobalt, Genie (like from Aladdin), Larimar and Bleu to good names for powerful Pokemon, such as Tempest, Memphis, Hercules and Goku, you are sure to find the perfect nickname for Lucario! Scroll on down for Lucario nicknames, from the cute to the powerful.

Best Nicknames for Gardevoir Pokemon

Best names for Gardevoir Pokemon
What to call a Gardevoir? That is the ultimate question! By royal decree, you must pick a nickname for Gardevoir that's worthy of such beauty, power, poise and prowess. Here you will find all the best names for Gardevoir that respect its gorgeous design and amazing abilities, as well as good names for Psychic type Pokemon and cute names for Fairy type Pokemon! Grass type names are also somehow quite fitting too. All the best of both worlds with this one incredible critter, one of the best psychic type Pokemon and one of the best fairy type Pokemon too!

Best Fire Type Pokemon Nicknames for your Fire Pokemon

fire type pokemon nicknames
The best Fire type Pokemon names for your fiery friends! Here are some good nicknames for your Fire type Pokemon - nicknames that are LIT! There are so many cute fire Pokemon names, from food based Pokemon nicknames like Ramen, Cracker and Gingerbread, to powerful Pokemon names like Helios, Hephaestus, Hades and Venus to show off your Pokemon's strength in battle!

Below, you'll find good Pokemon nickname ideas for specific fire type Pokemon, followed by more generic ones that could be used for any fire Pokemon. Some are clever, some are cute and others are just plain cool!

Best Sylveon Nicknames and Names for your Sylveon Pokemon

Best Sylveon Nicknames for Fairy Pokemon

One of the most beautiful Pokemon, Sylveon makes its debut in the Cutest Pokemon Ranked list every time for its adorable and charming appearance! Not only pretty, Sylveon is also hands down one of the strongest Fairy types - it's hard finding a good name for Sylveon that is both regal and adorable, that represents its cuteness but is a good powerful Pokemon name too.

What is a good name for Sylveon Pokemon?

Sylveon boasts a cuddly design and looks super girly, like the Pokemon version or manifestation of a delicate French cake or pastry, thus you will find lots of cute food names for your Pokemon below! There are tons of dessert Pokemon names to choose from, plus some delicate and soft aesthetic Pokemon nicknames to enjoy. To represent its prowess in combat, amazing Hidden Ability in Pixelate, nice stat distribution and solid movepool, you might even want a more powerful name for your Fairy Type Pokemon, such as Selenite, Angelite, Titania, Oberon, Moonstone (loads of cute gemstone Pokemon names!)  
Scroll down for the best nicknames for your Sylveon!

The Best Sims 3 Mods Ever Ranked!

Between Pokemon and Anime lie a whole host of other fandoms that I can't help falling for and in many ways, Sims 3 offers something unique that no other Sims game provides to players - it's one of the coolest gaming experiences ever! Many have moved onto playing the Sims 4 since it has so many modern updates, but I am a Sims 3 gamer through and through for its charm, all the memories and unique quirks. There are so many fun mods to try too to spice up your game, you could spend your whole life inside this game! Check out these this list of the best Sims 3 mods that you can add to your game for the best Sims gaming experience ever, the Sims 3 must have mods 2020 - 2021 and beyond!

25. Ultra-Plain Eyes

Best Sims 3 Mods Ranked
 These Ultra Plain Eyes for Sims 3 will make the eyes of your SIM character appear super natural, to make it look far more human and more realistic. It changes the masks that EA uses for the vanilla game and makes them look so much better in terms of illumination and colouring. They are an amazing way to make your SIMS look more realistic. The changes are plain, but very easily noticeable - definitely download this mod and give it a try!

Slowest Pokemon Characters in the Franchise

Slowest Pokemon characters

It's usually all about the fastest Pokemon and the strongest Pokemon getting ranked - even the Ugliest Pokemon ranked (but we adore them completely!) but here is a little tribute post to those Pokemon who often get lost in the dust of their competitors - but each of these has their own unique talents and strengths! Sometimes it's not all about speed, but what you can do with your form. Here are the slowest Pokemon in the franchise, the slowest creatures you’ll ever see in any region of these games!

Best Grass Type Moves in Pokemon Ranked

Grass type Pokemon often get a rep for being predictable and mediocre but I'm here to tell you that isn't true! Grass are the dark horse of the competition and harness more power than anyone realises. There are some epic tricks to deploy and some seriously powerful moves. Move over Electric type Pokemon, Grass type is the new elemental wildcard! This roster of moves isn’t only more extensive than most of the other types, but there’s an ongoing theme of powerful moves with drawbacks - turning grass into possibly the hardest on-paper hitters in the entire Pokédex!

Weakest Pokemon in the Franchise Ranked!

Weakest Pokemon list ranked
Let's take a look at the weakest Pokemon in battle. With over 800 Pokémon released over many generations you’re bound to find some insanely powerful creatures, along with the opposite too! There are so many factors to consider when trying to draw up a list of weak Pokemon. In this article I will focus primarily on Pokémon that don't perform well in combat or in battle. It's really fun to consider the other talents they possess, as no Pokemon is truly weak in that they all seem to have special skills and unique traits to appreciate, but here are the worst Pokemon to have in battle. Which Pokemon are bad in battle? Let's read on to find out!

Best Cat Pokemon and Feline Pokemon

Cutest best cat Pokemon
The Pokemon universe, the only place where cats can hatch from eggs! Cats are known as mysterious creatures, so lets take the mystery out of the equation and take a look at the most elegant, the most ferocious and the cutest Pokemon cats from every region in the franchise. You'll definitely want to take them home with you - as the saying goes, one cat just leads to another!

Cutest Pokemon Characters of All Time

Cutest Pokemon of All Time
Possibly one of the greatest age old questions of all time, which is the cutest Pokemon - or which Pokemon is the cutest? Whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or one of the other dozens of Pokémon games, stats aren't only the unit of measurement on your mind. Sometimes it's all about which Pokemon you can fawn over and keeping those sweet little cuties in your collection is imperative as just seeing them brings a smile to your face. Forget 'Who is the strongest Pokémon?' or 'What are the best grass moves?' for a moment and revel in these adorable little critters with their unique and special talents, from rare Pokemon to baby Pokemon and everything in between! Having strong Pokémon is important, but there is always room in our collection for those sweet little babies we just don't want to evolve yet (ever!)

Best Fish Pokemon Characters of All Time

Cutest fish Pokemon in battle
Fish Pokemon often get overlooked in the Pokemon universe but they are some of the cutest, most crazy, cool and insanely clever critters in the whole of the Franchise! Just like in real life, sea dwelling critters seem like they are from a whole different world, a different alien planet. But which fishy Pokémon are good for catching and eating? Which are better suited for battle? And which one should you train as a companion?Let's take a trip under the sea and meet some of the most iconic Pokemon and most inventive Pokemon ever created!

Best Electric Type Pokemon in the Franchise

Best Electric type Pokemon in battle
Electric type Pokemon have a certain reputation for being a wildcard, with that certain little edge over their competitors. Looking at their unique talents, skills and quirks it's so easy to see why! From the most famous Electric type Pokemon, Pikachu itself, to bizarre yet wonderful electric manifestations such as a cable tie Pokemon, there are so many incredible critters to pick for your team and to steal your heart. If this sounds like a bit of you, you will be in your 'element' here! Check out these incredible electric Pokémon that you’ll find in any game.

Best Bear Pokemon in the Franchise

Best Bear Pokemon in the Franchise
The Pokemon universe, the only place where bears can hatch from eggs! These unique Pokémon combine undeniable strength with a calm and fuzzy demeanor, with some of the most adorable looks we've ever seen throughout the whole franchise. Even if they are hungry, clumsy and sleepy, that makes them extra special. Plus they are known for their loyalty and protective qualities, so amazing to have around, even if we can't get too close. Here are some of the best Pokémon that look like, or share a resemblance to bears.

35 Best Strongest Fire-type Pokémon From All Generations

Best fire type Pokemon in battle
One of the most famous starter Pokémon is the fire type critter. Fire types have enjoyed a special place in people’s hearts in almost every game thanks to their fiery nature, powerful moves, and all-around coolness. In the anime, despite Pikachu being his main guy, Ash always made sure that Charizard had a prominent place in his team. Other famous examples of fiery greatness are the remarkably stylish Malva in Pokémon X/Y’s Elite Four, and the recently retouched Flannery from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. If you want to hang with the cool kids, burning grass types and bug types to ashes for fun all while liking Team Valor Leader Candela’s Instagram feed frenetically, then you’ll love this list of our top fire-type Pokémon that you have to check out. What can I say except that it's 'lit'!

Best Water type Pokemon in the Franchise

Best water type Pokemon characters
Everyone loves a water type Pokemon, water is one type you can choose as a starter Pokemon at the beginning of each game and offer tons of possibilities when it comes to skills and types of attack in battle. It's fair to say they are decked out with some seriously cool stats too. They often make the best starters, often the cutest of the bunch and they’re definitely the ones you want around if you need to surf you way across an ocean. There are so many creative designs, borrowing aspects from different real life creatures, and some super cool backstories to geek out over too. If you are a lover of Water types, are after a totally water-based team like Cerulean City’s Misty, or identify most closely with this element you will feel right at home here. Introducing all the water critters and aquatic Pokemon from all generations you should meet...