Best Minecraft Pokémon Mods to Play With!

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
These amazing Pokémon Minecraft mods truly open up a whole new way to play Pokemon, they open a whole new realm to explore and present different depths and levels to the game we could only dream of accessing. No matter how good the games continue to be to this day, there is always something new and flashy to discover and whole new ways to play Pokemon! I absolutely love that there is always something new to discover and dedicate just over half of your life to. And then Minecraft. The game that constantly changes, but is still loved by millions of players all over the world for its endless creative possibilities. If like me you always wanted to fuse your favourite worlds together, wonder no more and get stuck in to these best Minecraft Pokemon Mods!

8. Pokéballs mod in Minecraft

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
No more primitive weapons, you will be sure to have entered a new age when you can fight mobs with a Pokeball! This is one of the best and most fun Minecraft mods, making a perfect jump from the Pokémon franchise, this Pokéball lets you capture any of the mobs in Minecraft and then spawn them at will, wherever you want. I’m not sure why it would exactly come in handy as the mobs aren't quite as cute and endearing as their Pokemon counterparts but it's definitely an entertaining option and a good way to intimidate your enemies!

7. PokémonMD Minecraft Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
The Minecraft Pokemon crossover is the best! This mod means that you can now craft actual Pokemon in Minecraft, which couldn't be better. The PokémonMD mod introduces several new items that can be used to craft not only select Pokémon to aid you in battle, but a variety of other creatures inspired by great gaming franchises like StarCraft and Final Fantasy, leaving you with endless play options. When worlds collide, Minecraft becomes better than ever and my inner child is squealing, alongside my adult self.

6. Pokécube Mobs Minecraft Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
This mod functions in conjunction with the PokéCube mod, and allows you to bring several different Pokémon into your Minecraft world! Not just reskins as you might anticipate, they are acutally fully functional creatures in their own right, complete with their own abilities. It's even possible to keep them as pets. All your Poke Minecraft dreams coming true at once! Just me? Though to make it ultra realistic, maybe Fire Type Pokemon should be allowed to set things on fire spontaneously every now and then, allowing for a whole new level of play (and potential frustration) in the game! If the creatures you encounter in Minecraft just seem to get a bit samey for you, get PokéCube Mobs.

5. PokéCraft Reforged (Catch Em All) Minecraft Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
A mod pack that is unreal amounts of cool and lets you create and curate your own Pokemon empire, your own Gym - whatever you may want, go crazy! - all within the Minecraft setup and interface. PokeCraft Reforged – Catch ‘Em All, like a few of the other mods on this list, introduces Pokémon battling and catching in Minecraft. But it does so with an interesting twist! Instead of making your Pokémon do all the hard work, you can fight alongside them using the all-powerful Magic Arts. If these creatures are really your friends, and not mere weapons, the time has come to show it to the world. Venture through the world and collect your Pokemon, and your gym badges, master Magical Arts to help fight those that your partner can't. Go forth and build your own awesome Pokemon Headquarters. Conquer the challenges you may face, catch the Legendary Monsters that roam the world. Most of all, enjoy your self! The perfect way to fuse the two games together and so so cool, I love the internet and its real life superheros!

4. PokéTournament Minecraft mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
This Minecraft Pokemon mod allows you and your friends to stage massive Pokémon fighting tournaments in Minecraft and exclusively runs on Pixelmon modded servers. So let’s say you’ve caught’em all. You’ve defeated all the Gym Leaders. And you think you’re done after playing all the main titles. The mod also has an anti-cheat system that will let you see if any of your friends happens to be a member of Team Rocket in disguise. Traitors.

3. Pokécube Slowpoke Minecraft Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
Battling is a huge part of the Pokémon experience. And its best Minecraft recreation is brought to you by Pokécube! Pokécube introduces Pokémobs who will fight you on sight. Pokemobs spawn and despawn in the way animals used to do before Minecraft Beta 1.7. Pokemobs can fall in love, but only with another Pokemob from the same evolution set and from the opposite gender. Baby (Pichu for example) and no-gendered pokemobs can't breed. The female will lay an egg and stay around it to hen, but it is possible to pick it up. You can then put it wherever you want by right click and it will hatch after a while. Breeding is something natural that can happen in the wild. It's not rare to find eggs or to meet weak Pokemobs newly born. You can also put a pair of mobs into a pen to make them breed. Beware though! A newly born Pokemob is never tamed, so it can attack you.

To begin a fight, there are two ways. The first one is to launch a filled pokecube against a wild Pokemob. The fight starts between the two mobs. The second is to get one or several of your friends out of their pokecube and to attack a wild Pokemob. The agressed Pokemob will defend itself and will be taken as target by all your loyal defenders. These mobs will not limit themselves to just unleashing their most powerful special moves, oh no. They’ll dynamically react to the flow of battle and the environment where you’re fighting. So they can take advantage of the terrain whenever they can, which is quite impressive.

2. Pixelmon Minecraft Pokémon Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
Gotta catch ’em all! Not just the Pokémon franchise catchphrase, now it can be the Minecraft catchphrase too, thanks to Pixelmon. It's hard to top this masterpiece of a mod, it truly is one of the best Pokemon Minecraft mods of all time! It's so incredibly intricate and a masterpiece in motion and a joy to play! Now transitioned into the “Reforged” version, Pixelmon brings every feature, every mechanic, and pretty much every Pokémon you can think into Minecraft. In the best possible way - and in ways I never imagined could be possible. It is your childhood dream reimagined. This gives you the chance to battle and catch Pokémon, enter Gyms to challenge its leaders, and rise as the best Pokémon Trainer of your world. Pixelmon Reforged would have been the ultimate end all Minecraft Pokémon mod, very nearly if it hadn't been for...

1. Pixelmon Generations Minecraft Pokemon Mod

Best Minecraft Pokemon Mods
Speaking of all your childhood dreams coming true, since watching the anime for the first time, this incredibly detailed Pokemon Minecraft mod makes all of your teenhood and adulthood dreams come true at the same time! How do you top a perfect recreation of the Pokémon experience in Minecraft? By replicating exactly each and every Pokemon ever and putting them in to Minecraft to let you catch ’em all! Pixelmon Generations includes all the Pokémon created so far, starting from the classic first generation and ending with the recent Pokémon Sword and Shield monsters. The sheer amount of work that went into this to perfectly replicate all of these creatures is incredible and can't be praised enough - but it is also of amazing quality that makes the game a sheer dream to run and allows for limitless play options while we enjoy capturing perfectly replicated Pokémon and challenging blocky Gym Leaders!

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