Best Fossil Pokémon From Every Game Ranked

Some could say the Pokemon world is an archeologist's dream, with the amazing possibility of bringing history to life, quite literally, in the form of ancient fossils of species that had been extinct in the Pokemon universe for millions of years. It's an incredible concept, to live among history, living history you might say, and being able to add these incredible creatures to your team. Like Captain America emerging from the ice, there's nothing cooler than these Pokemon. They’re all over every generation and once you find one, hook yourself up with a revival facility and your fossil Pokémon will come back battle-ready. A detailed look at the coolest Pokemon ever!

12. Relicanth

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
This fossil like creature maybe isn't technically truly a Fossil Pokémon, but definitely appears as like one. It is apparently very rare with just a 5% chance of you ever coming across one, and while it is thought to be extinct, this little sucker is still out there just waiting to be caught. An ancient Pokémon species that existed for a hundred million years without ever changing its form. It is known to feed on microscopic organisms, which may be the secret to its prolonged existance, who knows! Known as the Longevity Pokémon, this dual Water and Rock dual type formidable lifeform is known to inhabit the dark depths of the sea. It appears as a mysterious stone golem like fish that is pretty well camoflaged as a rock and its body is cleverly able to withstand the enormous water pressure of the ocean depths. It is said to be based on Coelacanth, a kind of prehistoric fish once thought extinct but rediscovered in 1938 after a live specimen was found in South Africa. Not only does it have a badass design but a pretty cool history too!

11. Tirtouga

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
A reptilian Pokémon resembling a baby leatherback sea turtle, its body is blue with black spots on the edges of its flippers. A Water/Rock type Pokémon introduced in Generation 5, it is known as the Prototurtle Pokémon and hence begins our run of revived-from-a-fossil Pokémon. Tirtouga is revived from the Cover Fossil and first appeared in Generation 5 games. Considered to be the ancestor of many turtle Pokémon and having once inhabited the ancient seas, it will evolve into Carracosta at level 37, gaining high defensive stats from its hard shell, rock-solid chest, and over-all chunky design.

10. Amaura

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
A Rock/Ice type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6, Amaura is an extinct Pokemon known to be resurrected from the Sail Fossil in Kalos’ X and Y. It's believed that Amaura is over one hundred million years old, possessing the fanciest eyebrows known to man or Pokemon, and is known as the Tundra Pokémon. Amaura is a quadrupedal, dinosaurian Pokémon that resembles a sauropod, light blue with a white underbelly. Its defining feature has got to be its mane of flowy, shimmery sails found directly above its eyes. When Amaura reaches level 39 under the majestic light of the moon, it evolves into the Aurorus.

9. Anorith

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
A fossil Pokemon from Generation 3, Anorith is an old shrimp creature that can be regenerated from the Claw Fossil in Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald - thus is known as the Old Shrimp Pokemon! A dual Rock and Bug Type Pokemon, Anorith used to thrive in ancient seas but the ocean composition has changed too much since its golden days for it to settle and increase its numbers in the modern Pokemon world. At level 40 it will evolve into Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon with a sweet-looking armor design. It’s a solid tank to have on your team and very reliable when it comes to defense and basic physical attacks. Armaldo also has a tantalizing Swords Dance to dizzy up its opponents. The bummer, though, is its speed and its vulnerability to common attacks since it’s a Bug-type Pokémon.

8. Cranidos

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
Known as the Head Butt Pokemon, from Generation 4, Cranidos is a fossil Pokemon loosely resembling the Pachycephalosaurus and appears as a grey, dinosaur-like creature. A Rock Type Pokemon, it appears from reviving the Skull Fossil in the Sinnoh region. At its golden age a hundred million years ago, Cranidos favourite thing was to pretty much headbutt everything in sight, so over time it evolved to lack in the intelligence department, choosing to use its head for fighting and attacking inanimate objects instead. It evolves in to Rampardos upon reaching level 30. In battle Rampardos can dish out devastating hits but this is balanced out a little by its low speed and super weak defense. With its accuracy poor, Rampardos relies heavily on its raw reckless power and pure strength, which is definitely handy to have in combat.

7. Omanyte

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
A really cute fossil Pokemon from Generation 1, Omanyte seems to be loosely based on an Ammonite fossil, as its name might suggest also. It is also known as the Spiral Pokemon for its swirly shell. Revived from the Helix Fossil which you’d pick up at Mount Moon, it’s one of the first Fossil Pokémon you would have come across in the series if you’ve been playing since the OG days. It appears as spiral snail Pokémon with tentacles and appears to resemble a prehistoric snail… but it has a very unique trick! You might be forgiven  for assuming Omanyte is one of the slowest Pokémon, as it certainly appears that way, however, it has the unusual ability to gain speed stats the more it gets attacked. Layers of its shell will fall off as it defends itself so the shell gets lighter, enabling faster movement, which makes the Lord Helix evolutionary line a solid choice for your team. If snails did this in real life there would definitely be no green plants left in your garden! Lettuce carry on...

6. Archen

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
Moving on from the dad jokes, Archen is is a Rock/Flying type Pokémon introduced in Generation 5. It is known as the First Bird, which may offer a clue as to the age of this critter, it has to be one of the oldest Pokemon in the franchise! Known to be extinct, Archen exists only in neatly preserved fossil form and is a part-bird, part-reptile creature that can be resurrected from a Plume Fossil in Generation 5. Despite being in the ground so long, it carries a brilliant colour scheme, along with some unique food demanding abilities that mean it will never starve! It can actually summon food! If it wants to eat berries, it just cries and a special berry-bearing plant will grow on the spot. If only it were like that for humans and ice cream! It also begs the question why this unique Pokemon went extinct in the first place. 

At level 37 Archen can evolve into the larger and flight-capable Archeops. Now that is a very versatile Pokémon. Big on attack, speed, and utility moves, plus it can fly you all over the region. Its stats look sweet on paper but here’s the catch. Archeops’ featured ability is “Defeatist”. This means that when its HPs fall beneath the half-way point, Archeops’ attack, special attack, and speed cut down to half as well. I can’t help but feel that Archeops would have made it higher in the list if it believed in itself more.

5. Shieldon

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
Happily known as the Shield Pokemon, this cute Rock and Steel Type Pokemon from Generation 4 has high defensive stats represented by the impenetratable shield surrounding its face, that makes it near impossible to damage head on, a very savvy trait to have (especially against Cranidos!). It can be obtained in the game by being resurrected it from the Armor Fossil in the Oreburgh Mining Museum in Sinnoh. It is known to carefully buff and polish its face against tree trunks to maintain its resplendent armor - a Pokemon with a skin care routine, kind of! - so that even its fossils show zero damage to the face. At level 30, Shieldon will evolve into Bastiodon, which is even more of a defense heavy Pokemon. It is known to be deeply protective and caring, using its sturdy and solid, compact form to protect its young and smaller critters from danger. Bastion’s build is sturdier and more compact so attacking it would be like driving straight into the jaws of a bulldozer!

4. Lileep

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
A funny looking but strangely magnetic and beautiful, ancient Pokemon introduced in Generation 3 that is known the Sea Lily Pokemon. A dual Rock and Grass Type Pokemon, it can obtained by being resurrected from the Root Fossil in the Generation 3 games. It appears as like a water anenome and some kind of sea floor underwater plant and possesses tentacles on top of its head, with stubby roots to anchor it to the ocean floor. It is known to cling to rocks on the seabed and when prey comes close, this Pokémon entangles it with its petallike tentacles, like scary carniverous seaweed! At level 40 Lileep will evolve into Cradily, a Pokemon with particularly crazy abilities. It can shoot acid, stick to anything with its suction cups, and has access to Storm Drain - meaning that when Cradily gets hit by any water move he just drinks it, such a badass move!

3. Kabuto

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
No one can say this Pokemon isn't cute. Just look at its eyes! At least I think those are eyes. Even if it looks a bit like a nit or a headlouse, it is strangely endearing. A dual Rock and Water-type Fossil Pokémon introduced in Generation 1, this classic shellfish Pokemon can be resurrected from a Dome Fossil and is known to be Omanyte's counterpart. It design is comparable to a horseshoe crab: flat, brown, and a hard shell protecting its body, but it undergoes a pretty powerful evolution at level 40. Kabuto’s evolved form, Kabutops, is a bit of a beast. Even though it may have low base HP, it more than makes up for it with strong attributes like speed, attack and defense, plus is incredibly intimidating with its sharp scythes, skeleton-esque body and extremely predatory temperment and history.

2. Tyrunt

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
Let's talk about this fossil monster Pokemon! As its name might suggest, it carries a fiesty and controlling temperment and is a dual Rock and Dragon type Pokemon from Generation 6, known to be revived from the Jaw Fossil which hails from the Kalos region. It appears as very much like a dinosaur in design, a bipedal Pokemon that resembles a theropod and is known as the Royal Heir Pokemon. Its appearance certainly demands regality as it is incredibly intimidating, with a huge rock like head and sharp fangs. Even though it may have been the King of the Prehistoric Pokémon era, Tyrunt comes in at a close second on this list. As if it wasn't strong enough, at level 39 it will evolve into Tyrantrum, one of the most powerful fossil Pokémon ever, that boasts attacks and abilities such Strong Jaw, Head Smash, and Dragon Dance, making it incredibly difficult to overthrow it in battle.

1. Aerodactyl

Best Fossil Pokemon Designs
Tyrantrum may be king but Aerodactyl earns first place on this list due to many reasons - the first being that it’s also the only Fossil Pokémon with the ability to Mega Evolve in to Mega Aerodactyl, it is an elusive fossil monster that is hard to get but amazing if you can manage to - and even the most powerful member of the Elite 4, Lance, has an Aerodactyl! This incredible dual Rock and Flying Type Pokémon, unlike the other Fossil Pokémon revived from rocks, was resurrected from Old Amber, a unique fossilized substance that you only get from the Pewter City museum. Aerodactyl’s appearance is quote imposing with its huge wingspan, a ridged snout, and a jaw full of serrated fangs. When it evolves in to Mega Aerodactyl with a Mega Stone, Aerodactyl’s already impressive base stats are taken to the next level, skyrocketing its attack and speed.

What's the best Fossil Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this definitely check out these Best Grass Pokemon Nicknames for your Green Pokemon, Best Salamence Nicknames for your Dragon Pokemon, Best Strongest Fairy Type Pokemon Moves and Best Water Type Pokemon Moves!

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