Most Shy Female Anime Characters Ever!

Shy Female Anime Characters
Shy and introvert are an omnipresent trope in anime and characters with this trope are known as Dandere in the anime community. Such characters don’t share their feelings or emotions and feel more content with their inner thoughts and opinions. Anime has its fair share of shy or introverted characters dealing with loneliness, troubled pasts, and awkward life-situations. However, they’re also one of the quiet, calm, rational, and interesting characters you’ll come across. And there are plenty of shy characters interestingly enough. From shounen anime characters to shy tsundere characters, there is often a nervous and timid character in an anime series with challenging social barriers to overcome. Here are the best Shy Anime Girls and female characters, this time in no particular order as it is impossible to rank any of them over each other.

Here are the Best Shy Anime Girls and Dandere Characters. We can often see shy girls in anime in shounen anime, isekai anime, yuri anime all kinds of anime genres. Shy anime girls are so interesting because they are such multifaceted characters, they betray little of their complex and deep personality so when they afford you an insight, it's fascinating to watch. They are often the most relatable anime characters and the ones we resonate we the most and want to succeed. Sometimes they even end up as the most op mc in anime as it is often the timid or cautious protagonists that prevail!

Who is the shyest girl in anime?

01. Hitori Bocchi (Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Hitori Bocchi's name translates to being alone, or lonely. That fits with Bocchi's traits as she struggles with extreme social anxiety. She even gets leg cramps when she gets nervous. However, she tries her best to talk to new people and even prepares scripts for daily conversations. Having just graduated from elementary school and thrown into middle school, she suffers from extreme social anxiety: she faints when overwhelmed, vomits when nervous, and draws up ridiculously convoluted plans to avoid social contact. It does not help that her only friend from elementary school, Kai Yawara, will not be attending the same middle school as Bocchi. However, wanting to help her, Kai severs ties with Bocchi and promises to reconcile with her when she befriends all of her classmates in her new middle school class. Even though Bocchi has no faith in herself, she is determined to be friends with Kai again. Summoning all of her courage, Bocchi takes on the daunting challenge of making friends with her entire class!

02. Ritsu Kawai (Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou)

Shy Female Anime Characters
On the outside, Ritsu Kawai may come across to others as an anti-social girl, but the reality is that she is just desperately shy of other people in reality. In the anime, she is is a 2nd year high school student who came to live at the Kawai Complex after her mother went abroad to work. Her grandfather is the brother of the manager of the dorm where both she and Kazunari Usa are currently staying at. The manager also considers Ritsu as her relative. When the manager isn't at home, Ritsu is trusted with looking after the dorm. She also keeps multiple weapons around the house and she doesn't hesitate to use them if one of the guys crosses into the girls side of the house. She loves to read books to the point where she spends most of her time reading, even while eating. When reading, she is utterly unaware of her surroundings, which adds up to her anti-social persona.

03. Yunyun (KonoSuba)

Shy Female Anime Characters
A gentle and caring anime character, Yunyun is a member and future chief of the Crimson Demon Clan. But she struggles to be honest with her feelings and possesses a pessimistic outlook that makes it very difficult and challenging for her to approach people and make new friends. A friend and self-proclaimed rival to Megumin, she is also an arch wizard of the Crimson Demon clan. In the anime, she often gives out some chunibyo speeches because of her personality and of having an unusual common sense. Despite not having a lot of friends, she gets more new friends along the way.

04. Mahiru Inami (Working!!)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Inami is a timid, 17-year-old girl who joins the rest of the employees at Wagnaria. She has androphobia and is thus terrified of men; she punches any male that comes near her. This violent behavior arises from her belief that every man is ready to attack her, but instead she is prone to violently attacking men at a moment's notice due to this fear. This androphobia was caused by her father who did not want her to eventually wed due to jealousy and thus told her that males would attack her, which ended in her fearing men since then. As she and Souta usually share shifts, he takes the brunt of her attacks. However, she makes considerable progress with her fear of men by taking it out on Souta; she states that she is able to be about two meters close to guys without having the urge to hit them. Though this extends to only having fairly civil conversations (often ruined by Souta's rudeness) or if Inami launches an attack on him.

Accordingly, her weakness is feeling romantic tendencies for one boy in particular. It’s very interesting to follow Mahiru try to unlearn every prejudiced thing her father taught her, while also struggling to improve on her trigger-happy tendencies. She is such a multifaceted character and fascinating to watch!

05. Shiori Shiomiya (The World God Only Knows)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Shiori Shiomiya is a book lover and reticent bibliophile who spends most of her time in the library submerged in a pile of books. She has read every book in the library and remembers each one of them. But she is nervous and timid, often flustering and stumbling upon words. Before Shiori's loose soul was captured, she had trouble speaking (as she can't compile her thoughts and speak what she thinks) and rarely did so. When trying to speak to another she tends to waste time thinking to herself and then become flustered and stumble upon her words. In the anime Shiori longs to be able to express herself, but is too self-conscious to do so.

06. Sumi Sakurasawa (Kanojo, Okarishimasu)

Shy Female Anime Characters
A shy but determined girl in the anime, Sumi Sakurasawa has an extremely timid personality and is one of the main deuteragonists of Kanojo, Okarishimasu. She often talks with others in a soft-spoken manner and prefers communicating with others by nodding, smiling, and sign language. Despite being an introvert, she wants to change herself and is always planning ahead of time to make sure things turn out well. In the anime she slowly starts to open up the more time she spends with Kazuya. Despite her shyness, Sumi is also shown to be a very determined individual. She's realized that her shyness has become an obstacle in her day-to-day life, so to overcome it she started working as a rental girlfriend. Why not!

07. Nana Ebina (Himouto! Umaru-Chan)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Nana Ebina is a shy girl who struggles with her self esteem and doesn’t have much confidence in herself. When talking with other people, she stutters and blushes a lot. Her lack of confidence is the result of continually struggling and feeling left behind in school and sports. However, she still has an optimistic view of the world. In the anime, Ebina is Umaru's best friend and classmate; she lives in the same apartment complex as the Domas. She is very timid and self-conscious, especially around Umaru's brother.

8. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Even though she has always been destined for great things, being the rightful heir to the Hyuuga clan, Hinata was weak, timid, and didn’t have it in her to hurt others. Her younger sister Hanabi, who had her eyes on the prize and was determined to take over as heiress of the clan. It’s difficult to find an anime character who’s timider yet also as incredibly powerful as Hinata, who, by the way, ends up married to the protagonist and title character, Naruto. She definitely deserves her spot here of the best shy anime girls.

9. Mirai Kuriyama (Beyond the Boundary)

Shy Female Anime Characters
A complex character, Mirai Kuriyama comes from a bloodline of Spirit World Warriors that fight Youmu, strange creatures that roam the human world. Mirai is the sole survivor of a Spirit World Warrior-clan with the ability to manipulate their own blood - they were able to form weapons from their blood and use it as a corrosive spray. Mirai and Akihito meet for the first time when he sees her standing on the edge of his school's roof. Assuming that she is attempting to commit suicide, he runs to the roof to stop her. Upon seeing him, Mirai stabs him with a sword she conjures using her blood. Mirai has a similar personality as a Dandere, with a little bit of Tsundere. She is also awkward, even though she doesn't mean to be. She tends to withdraw and stay in the background and is known to be self conscious about her appearance, but secretly possesses a powerful voice and fierce intelligence. She rarely stands out in school and has a clumsy and awkward personality. She is also in constant fear of fighting a Youmu due to a past incident.

10. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Ochako Uraraka is the female lead of My Hero Academia although that doesn’t make her the leading lady to DEKU or Isuzu Midoriya. She did admit that she likes Deku, but with the way things are going, it will take some time before Deku himself confesses to Ochako if he will at all do so. Going back to Ochako herself, she’s the dandere who keeps her head cool and can be headstrong, unlike so many other shy anime girls on this list. She’s pretty powerful and resourceful. Plus, her determination prevents her from being seriously injured despite the many dangers she faced with the gang. I just wish she’s given more depth soon.

11. Mio Akiyama (K-On!)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Mio Akiyama is a bassist and second vocalist of the school band Ho-kago Tea Time. Usually, she acts calm and maturely but freaks out around gross and scary things. Because of her shyness, she even chose bass over the guitar to avoid any attention towards her. Mio is a shy girl who is in the light music club but does not like being center stage. She plays a left-handed, 3-Color Sunburst Fender Jazz Bass with a tortoiseshell pickguard, though is shown playing a Fender Precision Bass in the first manga volume. She is also known to be fiercely intelligent and gets perfect grades at school.

12. Megumi Tadokoro (Shokugeki no Souma)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Megumi is easily one of the most capable young chefs at Totsuki, but she is often dismissed as a weak student by her opponents because of her nervous tics and inability to do well under pressure. Whenever she feels intimidated or scared, she draws the kanji for ‘person’ on her hand and motions as if to eat it. Even then, Megumi manages to impress anyone who is lucky enough to taste her cooking. She wants to be just like her mother, whose impeccable cooking and hospitalism make everyone feel welcome and loved.

13. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Nagisa Furukawa is a sweet and kind girl who goes out of her way to help even a stranger. While she is selfless, she also thinks lowly of herself and values other’s happiness above her. She is an introvert but is full of energy when it comes to singing her favorite song. In the anime, Nagisa is the main heroine of Clannad, and the daughter of Akio and Sanae Furukawa. Though she is in her senior year, Nagisa is one year older than her classmates; she had to repeat her third year again after an illness that lasted nine months. Nagisa meets Tomoya on the first day of this year. Nagisa is very timid, and has a habit of saying the names of food that she wants to eat as a way of motivating herself. She wants to reestablish the suspended Theater Club, but does not have enough self-confidence to do so.

14. Tsukimi Kurashita (Princess Jellyfish Anime)

Shy Female Anime Characters
Tsukimi is an eccentric otaku girl who adores jellyfish and dreams of becoming an illustrator. She is one of five women who live at the Amamuzukan, an apartment building in Tokyo whose inhabitants all happen to be Otaku. Tsukimi is the youngest of the group, she loves jellyfish, something her late mother instilled in her, and wants to become the best illustrator in Tokyo. Unfortunately she is too shy and couldn’t even make it to an exhibition on Jellyfish in Art. She is very nervous and a shy, introverted character who is terrified of social interaction, making her a super relatable character for those watching who have suffered with social anxiety, something many often turn to Manga and Anime to escape.

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