Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods Ever

Get ready for best Pokemon Mods for Stardew Valley 101! Here are tons of fun ways to create the most epic Pokemon Stardew Valley crossover and fuse your two favourite franchises together. There are so many fun ways for Pokémon fans to bring their fandom into as many games as possible, just check out these Best Pokemon Minecraft Mods, Best Sims 3 Mods and Best Pokemon Sims 4 Mods! A lot of different games have been invaded by these critters. And the results have often provided amazing cross-overs that are as fun as they look. Stardew Valley is happily an extremely modding-friendly game so has definitely received its fair share of Pokémon-themed mods that’ll make your farm feel right at home in Kanto. Here are the best Pokémon mods for Stardew Valley fans!

10. Pokémon Animals

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
This mod is so cool and allows you to change your horse into a Dragonite! The animations are super smooth and this is such a cool experience to add to your game. Ever wanted to ride a Dragonite as you check stuff around your farm? Even if you never dreamt of anything like this, it's a charming Pokémon Animals mod to make your game just that little bit more magical!

9. Pokemon RSE Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
A mod pack with 127 items taken from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, mostly furniture that you’d use in your secret base, that can now be used to customize the look of your house and farm. The only pieces that aren't included are the tents, stand, slide, boards, fences, and the breakable door. Oh, and the mud ball because... it's mud. Everything else is there, plus a bunch of overworld pokemon sprites and animated Sudowoodo! Nostalgia fans, it’s time to get together and celebrate some of the best Pokémon games ever on one of the greatest games ever. There are a few Pokémon sprites as dolls and beanbag chairs included for good measure, so the celebration can truly feel complete.

8. Growlithe Dog

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. If you agree with this you will love these Best Dog Pokemon (if you are more a cat lover, check out these Best Cat Pokemon Ranked and these Best Cats in Anime!) But, as much as I love cats, there’s no better Pokémon than Growlithe to replace the vanilla dog sprite. A dog that can breathe fire! Only in the Pokemon universe. Unfortunately, it cannot use Fire Spin, Fire Fang, or any of those moves we’ve grown to love, but it is known to be super loyal and will be sure to guard or protect your farm, no matter what.

7. Ponyta Horse Pokemon

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
This mod lets you replace normal virtual horses with Pokemon virtual horses, the best kind of upgrade if you ask me! With so many animal-based Pokémon, there are so many crossovers and swaps to be made. With its beautiful fiery mane, blazing red tail, and the burning trails it leaves behind, like a Phoenix but in horsey form, this Ponyta Horse mod replaces the game’s vanilla horses with a Ponyta sprite that looks just as gorgeous and iconic as those in the classic Pokémon games. Why not keep your own Ponyta in your stables? It's sure to be the fastest and prettiest horse all round.

6. Miltank Cow

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
Another Pokemon that you might expect to find on a farm in the Pokemon Universe is Miltank, its design based on a cow. In the Pokemon anime and game franchise, Miltank is known for producing a very nutritious and delicious milk that has retorative, soothing and healing properties. This Miltank Cow mod replaces all of the cows included in the base game with different coloured versions of the same Pokemon. While maybe not completely adhering to its original Pokémon roots, we always appreciate a bit of colour, flair and creativity - plus is the only way to tell each cow apart - which can be a slight problem in games like Stardew Valley or even the Harvest Moon series. Problem solved! Now where’s my Harvest Moon Miltank mod?

5. Mareep Sheep

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
These Pokemon animal mods swaps are so cool and cute too! Just right for if you ever wanted to keep a farm of Pokemon or give your Stardew Valley sheep a makeover - this is the mod for you! With its fluffy cream-colored wool, soft curls, and rounded tail, Mareep has captured the hearts of Pokémon trainers since it was first introduced in Generation 2. It is also good that in the Stardew Valley universe these sheep have lost their ability to shock trainers when their guard is down. This is very handy because sheep that can tazer farmers and sheepdog alike wouldn't be very herd-able or shear-able on a farm, and therefore might be impractical. They might just take over the farm else. I watched enough Shaun the Sheep to know. Since I don’t particularly like getting hit by a thunderbolt, I’m truly grateful that Mareep in Stardew Valley is just a tame little sheep that can be coddled without any danger.

4. Pokémon Retextures Mod Pack 1 Mod Pack 2

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
This mod is perfect for if you’re tired of having to download many different mods to make your farm a proper Pokémon farm and would rather have them all in one go. One of the best Pokémon mods ever created, this Pokémon Retextures mod not only changes many of the Stardew Animals into popular monsters like Pidgey and Vaporeon, but also makes it so they look like they’ve always belonged in the game. Pokemon Stardew Valley fans will adore this huge graphics overhaul with a true gamer’s theme. The perfect ever crossover between the two games, giving you the best of both worlds truly!

3. Pokémon Trainer Hat

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
This mod gives you the iconic Pokémon Trainer Hat worn by Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime show, the perfect accessory to knight you as a Pokémon Trainer in your own right. And now you can wear it in Stardew Valley!

2. Pokemon Dolls for Custom Furniture

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
These are so cute! This mod is perfect for any die-hard Pokémon fan wanting to show their love for the series any chance they get, Pokémon Dolls for Custom Furniture allows all wannabe Pokémon Trainers to decorate their houses and their farms with Pokémon dolls. Which is a lot cheaper than in real life, where official merchandise is pricey! The perfect way to celebrate your fandom without emptying your bank balance and making your space uber cute at the same time.

1. Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym

Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods
What's last on the list? A Pokemon Gym of course! No Pokemon game crossover would be complete without the most iconic Pokemon landmark and a real Pokémon Gym will provide some serious entertainment for your villagers. Sadly, this mod doesn’t allow battling between Pokémon right at the moment. Even though we may have to make do with just looking and dreaming about those epic matches that could change Pokémon, and Stardew Valley, forever, it may not be long until our dreams come true and we can hold real Pokemon matches in Stardew Valley!

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